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Mix: Meisei Story


The story focuses on the 3 Tachibana brothers, sons of Mayumi and Eisuke: the two older brothers, Touma and Souichiro, both 13 years old and attending the second year of middle school, and the younger sister Otomi, 12 years old and about to start the first year of the same institute, which is none other than the Meisei, the same school where, 26 years earlier, the adventures of Tatsuya, Katsuya and Minami of Touch had begun. However, it is immediately pointed out that the two brothers, born on the same day of the same year, are not only not twins, but they don't even look alike, suggesting that they are not blood brothers. Touma and Souichiro are also among the starting members of the baseball club, respectively third base and catcher, although it is immediately noticeable how Touma is decidedly more skilled than the starting pitcher, a wealthy third-year giant, towards whom everyone shows a condescending attitude and almost fearful.

Genres: Entrainment Drama