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When the nationally known idol, Kusakabe Yuka, suddenly decided to leave the scene, it shocked the entire show business and devastated his countless fans, especially the teenager Kosaku Hata. Kosaku was Yuka's number one fan and her farewell plunged him into a deep depression. Now his friends from Tamo Nourin Koko (upper sole of Tamo agraria), after countless attempts, have finally managed to get him out of his room and bring him back to regular classes. But twist, Kusakabe Yuka aka Kinoshita Ringo, has just transferred to their school. Kosaku realizes that a more unique than rare opportunity to personally meet the girl of his dreams. Thus, together with her group of friends, the boy will try to find out why the former idol is at their institution, and while he's at it, he will try to become something more than just a friend for she '

Genres: Entrainment Comedy Romance