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Gundam Build Fighters


Although Gundam Plastic Models, better known as Gunpla, exploded in popularity with the release of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series, their presence vanished before being resurrected with a new purpose. Thanks to the power of Plavsky particles, fans are now able to pit their Gunpla against others in a virtual reality-style battle with the best competing at the annual Gunpla World Tournament. Sei Iori, whose father was once a finalist in the competition, dreams of one day winning the competition himself. However, while Sei is an expert Gunpla builder, he lacks the ability to effectively fight his creations during the actual battle. Enter Reiji, a mysterious boy who is curiously oblivious to society but quickly demonstrates to Sei tremendous skill in Gunpla battles. The two boys decide to join forces to wipe out the Gunpla World Tournament and take the Gunpla world by storm.

Genres: Entrainment Comedy Family Kids Sci-Fi & Fantasy