With Star Wars Andor, the Rogue One legacy is safe

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This review, or rather, these first impressions are based on watching the first 4 episodes of the Star Wars Andor TV series. The show is a prequel to the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and - as the title of the series suggests - tells the story of the character Cassian andor, who is still played by Diego Luna.

The events of Andor aim to tell how the rebellion was formed in the galaxy of Star Wars and the fundamental role that the character played, still after 6 years, by Diego Luna. The first four episodes of Andor in fact tell of how a chance has led the protagonist in a direction from which, as we already know, he will never return.


Obviously, watching 4 episodes out of 12 it is not possible to understand if the narrative lines will satisfy the palates of Star Wars fans, but it is possible to foresee and hope that the tone set in this first part of the TV series Andor will remain the same for the remaining 8 episodes. . Rogue One's deeply dramatic tone is found in Andor at a time when the Empire is expanding and laying the foundations for its strict rules.

The series is to be identified as one spy / dramatic thriller, in the first four episodes the tension is very high and there are no jokes of any kind. Andor creator Tony Gilroy said the thriller is the perfect genre to carry on the Cassian Andor story, because it delves deep into the psyche and behaviors of the characters who, of course, are "neither white nor black ": they have facets and particularities and they are all different from each other. From the very first minutes, thanks also to the magnificent music, photography, design and stylistic choices, you understand the tone of the show, which makes everything real and far from the concept of science fiction to which a franchise like Star Wars is normally associated. In Andor, you fight for your life and conspire for something higher like freedom: rebellion is brewing (and it's a beautiful moment).


Another aspect clear from the start is that being Andor a prequel to Rogue One it is clear that there is a point at the end, in the history of Cassian. This then focuses the attention on the journey of the main character, making sure that the development of the episodes does not have to be somehow focused on what is going to happen but on what is happening in the present of Andor. There is therefore in the Lucasfilm show a careful writing of the characters, their dialogues and above all their actions. Also for this reason almost all the characters of Andor often have unexpected implications.

In short, those who start well are half done and it seems that Andor is on the right path to be one of the best Star Wars TV series along with The Mandalorian.

Andor will have a 12 episode second season, the timeline of the first and second season is explained in our article Star Wars Andor, here is the timeline of seasons 1 and 2.

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The first 4 episodes of Andor convince from all points of view.
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"We've all done terrible things in the name of rebellion," Cassian Andor says in the thrilling Andor trailer. This new original Disney + series will hit screens on September 21, 2022 and will be a prequel to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016. To learn more about this show that promises great emotions to the public, you can read our article on the Andor trailer at D23 Expo.
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