What if ...?, Why was the Universe destroyed? The explanation of episode 4

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The fourth episode of #What if ...? transports us to a timeline where the car accident involving Stephen Strange does not cause him to lose the use of his hands, but the woman he loves, Christine Palmer.

The Nexus event of What if ... Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands? it is Christine's presence in the car with Strange at the moment of the collision on the highway, a seemingly insignificant detail that leads, however, to dire consequences.


The death of his beloved pushes Stephen to take an interest in the mystical arts, and initially it seems that the path taken by the character is almost the same as that seen in the 2016 film: after defeating Dormammu, Doctor Strange earns the title of the new Sorcerer Supreme of the New York shrine.

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Christine Palmer's death: a fixed point in time

Things start to go differently when Strange decides to use the powers of the Eye of Agamotto to go back to the moment of the accident and thus save Christine. His countless attempts are in vain since the woman continues to die with each reset.

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Christine's death is an absolute point in time in What if ...? episode 4

The reason for this is explained by the Ancient, who appears in front of Strange and tells him that Christine Palmer's death symbolizes a fixed point in time, a fundamental event that cannot be changed in any way if it is not intended to cause the collapse of the whole temporal reality.

Despite the Ancient One's warning, after learning that he can gain the power to change an absolute event by absorbing the power of numerous mystical creatures, Strange pushes himself beyond his limits in order to create a temporal paradox that allows him to save Christine and , at the same time, to preserve the universe from destruction.


The two Strange

In order to stop the new version of Stephen, the Ancient uses the power of the Dark Dimension and performs a spell that intersects two timelines: that of Supreme Strange, which has now become a monster, and one in which the protagonist has accepted the death of Christine.

By channeling the two parallel worlds into the same universe, the Ancient One hopes to limit the power of the evil Doctor Strange through the intervention of his good version. The situation, however, does not come to an end in the best way because Supreme Strange kills and absorbs his counterpart after the latter refuses to join him.


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The clash between the two Stranges

The evil Stephen Strange at this point is so powerful that he tries once again to bring his beloved back, but just when he seems to have succeeded, here is that Christine faces death again. And with her, the whole universe collapses on itself and dissolves into nothingness.

Repenting, the sorcerer turns directly to the Observer, desperately seeking his help. The mighty being, however, refuses to help him for fear of putting the multiverse at risk. Thus Strange remains the only survivor in a destroyed universe.

The explanation of the ending

The fourth episode of What if ...? it is nothing more than a warning of what the Observer professes since the first episode of the series: every decision, even the most apparently harmless one, can have dire consequences on the fate of the universe.

Strange's path to evil is a prime example, and the episode's finale leaves no doubt about the show's premise: altering the fixed points in time means causing the total disintegration of reality.

However, it is necessary to make a clarification: absolute points are absolute points only in some time lines. In fact, if we think of the stand alone film dedicated to Strange, it is clear that in that universe Christine's death does not have the same weight as it does in episode 4 of What if ...?, And we can therefore assume that in the reality of the film with Benedict Cumberbatch the fixed events are different.


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