Will Tom Hiddleston really be the new 007? The actor's response

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Will Tom Hiddleston's cover really be the new 007? The actor's response

#No Time to Die will, in fact, be Daniel Craig's last appearance as the secret agent James Bond 007 (expected in Italian cinemas next 30 September). It is still unclear who will take Craig's place as the interpreter of the most famous British spy in the world, although fans have repeatedly mentioned the name of Tom Hiddleston, interpreter of Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The British actor, interviewed by Empire Online, has now discussed the possibility of one day being able to take on the role of the iconic British secret agent, while always remaining on the side of mere speculation.


What can I say that is not known already? Interestingly, he has become fully aware of what I am saying. Whatever I say is always taken literally. Each of my statements generates more and more questions.

Hiddleston therefore seems to be fully aware of the fact that there are many who would like to see him in the role of His Majesty's spy, although his every statement is often read according to the wishes of the general public (and the press).

In any case, the English actor has already dressed the role of a master of espionage in The Night Manager, 2016 mini series directed by Susanne Bier in which Hiddleston plays the role of Jonathan Pine, a former British Army soldier hired by a secret service agent.

There is however a second name for the role of Bond in the next films of the franchise, and that is that of Regé-Jean Page. As reported by the Daily Mail, the former Duke of Hastings star in the Netflix series Bridgerton would be an ideal candidate to play 007.

Page in fact, he will not be present in the cast of the second season set in the world of London high society, something that has skyrocketed the odds that he could be the new interpreter of secret agent James Bond.


In fact, bookmakers have drastically reduced the odds that the actor will be chosen to play 007. But not only that: rumors have increased after discovering that one of Page's next projects will be a high-budget spy thriller directed by the Russo brothers, The Gray Man, alongside actors of the caliber of Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. 

Returning to Hiddleston, the actor finally spent a few words about the awaited Disney + TV series dedicated to the God of Deception, #Loki, which will see Thor's half-brother will face the fearsome Time Variance Authority, also known as TVA.

It is an organization that governs the temporal order. A truly great institution. Its purpose is to ensure that the passage of time occurs along predetermined lines. On the one hand we have an institution that represents order and on the other a character who embodies chaos. The drama starts right here.

Finally, Hiddleston described Loki's evolutionary arc as "touching and full of pathos", explaining that his affection for Thor has come into conflict with the sense of jealousy and resentment due to the fact that he is, in fact, the heir to the throne of Asgard.


His transformation into a real antagonist also exposed the real vulnerabilities of the character, unable to hide deep pain and loneliness. Loki is expected on the Disney + catalog starting from 11 June 2021.

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