Thor will no longer have bacon in Love and Thunder: is getting him back in shape the right choice?

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Il Thor: Love and Thunder teaser revealed a myriad of news and details on the fourth film dedicated to the God of thunder. A detail emerged from the first promo, perhaps inevitable, caused more discussion than expected: Chris Hemsworth will play again the muscular version and in perfect shape of the character. Surprisingly though more than one voice she stood up expressing some doubts about this decision.

The physical form of the Marvel superheroes e the narration linked to their bodies - masculine and feminine, made hyper-toned by training and often the subject of sequences fan service - has always been at the center of discussions and reflections. One of the most surprising and disruptive elements of Avengers - Endgame had been its own Thor's unexpected physical form.


In the film, the most statuesque superhero appeared overweight, with a prominent "beer belly", muscles no longer defined. The weight gain coincided with a moment of grief, grief, and profound bewilderment for the Avenger. Surprisingly Thor was back on the battlefield deadly and powerful, with all his extra pounds. For many he had been a proactive choice, which displaced the character from the perfect physical equation - successful man.

Thor: Love and Thunder could take a step back in this sense.

Thor gets back in shape in Love and Thunder, but not everyone agrees

In the Thor: Love and Thunder teaser we see a very short clip in which the god of thunder trains with huge chains to find the shape. In the next sequence she sports a t-shirt from which we notice that the belly is greatly diminished. In the rest of the trailer we find Hemsworth in all his "divine" physicality. It can therefore be assumed that the character will get back into shape in a classic intensive and accelerated training montage, perhaps with epic music or some comic drift, considering the taste that Taika Waititi has already shown in this sense.

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Thor: Love and Thunder - Thor trains with chains

For many, however, this is a missed opportunity. From the teaser we clearly understand that Thor is ready to bury his self built by the expectations of others, the superhero and the warrior. He leaves the ax behind him, adopts a adventurous and light approach to life, abandoning past responsibilities and traveling the universe with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Since his debut in the MCU we have seen him grow a lot: from capricious heir to the throne to a son mourning the death of his family and the genocide of his people, to a disabled warrior, consumed with remorse for failing.

Throughout this Endgame talked about his weight gain in conjunction with a psychological difficulty and the other characters tended to worry about him for this very reason. A much discussed choice but often appreciated, precisely because it tried to remove the stigma from fatness as a failure indicator, albeit with some slips.

Thor: Love and Thunder is presented as an adventurous, comic, playful film: why not keep a more relaxed Thor, a cross between the one in crisis and the one in his maximum physical shape? Among the disappointed voices there are those who note that by doing so he will return to the inside of the enclosure so fat is a symptom of failure, not to mention that a sudden and sudden weight loss strengthens an unrealistic view of how to cope with being overweight and obesity: with a gradual, physical but above all mental work.


The Marvel movies
Thor: Love and Thunder - Thor shows weight loss

There will be those who will dismiss it as "political messages attached to a product of entertainment", but it is a view that does not take into account the power of Marvel in the world today. Marvel movies and characters have a huge impact on society and on his sensitivity, for this reason every action of theirs has no small consequences. Thor's bacon it hit the audience deeply, holding the ground for months in online discussions.

In a Hollywood where actors like Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem panic for some bacon in view of the return to the set, Thor's weight loss is a sensitive topicit is important.

The hope is that the film, arriving in theaters in July, will tackle the issue in a non-stereotypical and surprising way, without giving up the comic verve of the characters, perhaps taking advantage of it to launch a few jabs at the many prejudices on the subject. We have faith in Taika Waititi.

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