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After twelve years of airing on the small screen, the TV series The Walking Dead has come to its conclusion. With eleven seasons and 177 episodes under its belt, On November 21, 2022, the Disney+ streaming service released the long-awaited final episode of one of the most loved, but also the most discussed TV series of the last decade.

An ending that closes the circle of the mother series with a happy ending. But the story of some of the historical characters of The Walking Dead continues with spin-offs and other unreleased future content. In what has for years now become a real franchise in the wake of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


How does The Walking Dead end? Before continuing with the reading of this article, if you want to make up your mind, we advise you to read ours summary of the walking dead 11.

Warning: Below are spoilers about The Walking Dead episode 11x24.

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Pamela's strategy

AMC Studios
The Walking Dead - Pamela speaks on the radio

In the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead 11x23, the reckoning has come. After the deaths of Lance and Sebastian, Pamela Milton remains the only real enemy that the group of survivors led by Daryl must face in the Commonwealth. The Governor's intrigues have been exposed. And now that all the residents of the community also know the truth, they are on a war footing.

But a new enemy of humans is on the horizon due to Pamela Milton. The latter on two separate occasions, used walkers as a weapon to restore order to the Commonwealth, sending hordes of the dead towards the community. All this for the sole purpose of interrupting citizen protests, thanks to its isolation protocol that is triggered when walkers get too close to the perimeter. 

In short, when the residents for some reason are enraged against those in charge, The Governor pretends to save them from an oncoming herd of zombies to restore the image of a "good" leader. As a result, the inhabitants are grateful that she "saved" their lives and lose sight of the object of the earlier protest.


Zombie variants

In the mad scheme with which he maneuvers the walkers at will, Pamela has reckoned without the innkeeper, because she doesn't know what among the walkers of The Walking Dead there are also so-called variants. That is of zombies who are still able to make human gestures such as grabbing items, opening doors, and climbing walls and handholds. For this reason her plan backfires on her and the whole Commonwealth becomes a death trap, in which the dead begin to have the upper hand over the living.

In all this Pamela she thinks only of saving herself. And during the confrontation with Daryl's group, he involuntarily hits little Judith with a firearm. The survivors are in trouble and divided on several fronts: on the one hand to try to avoid the zombies, on the other to save the life of young Grimes in a race against time towards the hospital.

In the general confusion Luke and Jules are grabbed by walkers and lose their lives. While once they arrive at the hospital, Daryl and the others discover that the building is empty: all medical supplies have been collected by the soldiers and taken to the Governor's residences. 

Judith's secret

After that Judith was hurt by Pamela, she is knocked unconscious a couple of times. During delusions due to the state of semi-consciousness, he reveals a secret he's been keeping for some time. In the tenth season of The Walking Dead, Michonne sets out to find Rick, after finding traces of him on the island where Virgil lives. Only Judith knows where her mother really went and to the rest of the group she tells that Michonne is helping people elsewhere. This time she unwittingly tells the truth in front of Carol and Daryl, who he discovers that his best friend is still alive.

Rosita's death 

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The Walking Dead - Rosita hugs Coco and cries

Among the hundreds of walkers that have invaded all neighborhoods of the Commonwealth, they are still to be found Gabriel, Eugene and Rosita and I'm looking for Coco, the daughter of the latter. The trio manages to find her little girl and together with her, they also find two other children who they rescue.


On the way back However, Rosita is overwhelmed by some walkers. Immediately she reacts and it seems that she came out unscathed. While later she reveals to her companions that during that fall, she was bitten on the shoulder. A point on the body that unfortunately cannot be amputated. So Rosita resigns to her fate, but with the awareness of leaving her little girl in good hands.

Mercer's help

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The Walking Dead - Mercer standing still looking into the distance

After Eugene is sentenced to death during Sebastian's murder trial, Mercer frees him and sides with the group. When he is discovered, Pamela has him arrested for treason. In the final episode of The Walking Dead, Max along with Princess manage to free Mercer from prison. Finally, the two women can count on a precious ally to help the rest of their companions.

Mercer he still has many loyal soldiers on his side, and he also knows the community and the resources available well. In a short time he manages to gather the rest of the group and escort them where other people have taken refuge. Among these there is also Tomi, Yumiko's doctor brother. The surgeon immediately lends aid to Judith and Lydia is also medicated on duty, after that due to being bitten by a walker earlier her arm was amputated by Aaron and Jerry.

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The clarification between Maggie and Negan

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The Walking Dead - Maggie and Negan sitting across from each other

In the revolt against Pamela, Negan tries to convince Maggie that the best thing to do is kill the Governor. Because many people are still loyal to her and one cannot find a common point. In that context Maggie and Negan have a decisive confrontation in which they finally talk to each other with an open heart.


Negan regrets what he did to Glenn before. Now that he, too, has a new wife and a child on the way, he can truly realize what the loss he caused her means to Maggie. For his part Maggie knows he's sincere, so she would like to forgive him putting a stone on their past.

But sadly every time Maggie looks at Negan, she sees her husband's death. That moment when the former leader of the Saviors not only slaughtered Glenn. But he also mocked and humiliated him before finishing it. In spite of everything, Maggie he turns the other cheek. On one side he decides to team up with Negan to take out Pamela. From another, she explains to the man that he is welcome in his group, but he can't promise to be able to look at him with different eyes.

Pamela's arrest

AMC Studios
The Walking Dead - Pamela looks away with an angry face

The group of protagonists is all reunited thanks to the intervention of Mercer, but a new problem arises. The Governor has barred the gates of his residences, since he has decided to leave thousands of defenseless citizens outside while the horde of the dead is coming up behind them. Mercer decides to intervene because he still believes in his role as an army general, regardless of Pamela's deceptions. 

In the end everything the group, following Ezekiel's input, decides to unite to intervene. Pamela immediately tries to stop any attempt by aiming her weapons, but some members of the group know how to strike the right chords to avoid the worst. In particular Daryl uses a historical phrase that in The Walking Dead comic, from which the series is taken, is said by Rick Grimes

We are not the walking dead.

His speech manages to bring reason to the rest of the soldiers, and they therefore pass to the side of Mercer e they arrest the Governor. A phrase simple but effective which encompasses all the sense of the story of The Walking Dead. Because the dead are zombies and they remain everyone's common enemy, especially now that among them there are also dangerous and unpredictable variants. The same speech Rick makes when on that hill many years ago, he decides to spare Negan's life as the beginning of a better world.

The conclusion of The Walking Dead

AMC Studios
The Walking Dead - Yumiko and Magna kiss

After Pamela's arrest and defeat against the walkers, the survivors are all gathered to have a moment of serenity following recent events. Negan again chooses to go his own way, in order not to affect Maggie's life. Rosita enjoys her last hours with Coco and the rest of his family. dog, to the delight of the fans who feared for his fate, is alive and enjoys a small treat offered by Judith. While Magna and Yumiko, after an estrangement due to a long period of misunderstandings, they finally meet

The time jump

In the ending of The Walking Dead after the living have won against the dead, there is a time jump of one year. A few things have changed during that time.

Eugene and Max have become parents of a little girl who is named Rosie in memory of Rosita. Ezekiel and Mercer became the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth: a renewed community without soldiers and social classes, but made up of all the same people who form a large family. Maggie decides it's time for everyone to explore what's going on in the rest of the world. While in the meantime every other community has returned to shine and to have commercial exchanges. Daryl can finally set off in search of Rick, while Carol has taken Lance's place in the community and prefers to devote himself to others, rather than run away from everything as he did in the past.

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The extra scene in the ending of The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead - Close up of Rick

The Walking Dead could not be concluded without at least a hint at the one who gave it all away. The much loved deputy sheriff Rick Grimes

In the final part of The Walking Dead episode 11x24, there is a cutscene set in a different timeline. They appear Rick and Michonne, both looking for each other while their path to reunite presents obstacles.

Rick in episode 9x05 of The Walking Dead is taken away by helicopter by Jadis, which is connected via radio with a community that is not shown in the series. While the face of who is behind these aircraft is revealed in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the second spin-off of The Walking Dead.

In this interlude where Rick appears, it is revealed that he managed to escape by the community that held him captive. But it is found from one of the helicopters and then caught again. before giving up, Rick throws a backpack with some items into a ship. Among them are her boots and a cell phone with pictures of Michonne and Judith drawn on it.

These objects are the same ones that Michonne finds on Virgil's Island and for which she decides to search for Rick. As seen in The Walking Dead's finale, Michonne is on her way to try and find Rick. For this reason it's not really the end, but just a goodbye.

Rick and Michonne return to 2023 in a new spin-off dedicated to them. As well as Daryl returns in another spin-off again and the same goes for Maggie and Negan, as can be seen in the first trailer for their spin-off Dead City.

The moral of The Walking Dead

AMC Studios
The Walking Dead - Connie shoots a zombie

The Walking Dead from day one he taught that man's real danger is man himself. But at the same time proved that if men work together, they can do great what's this. And together, nothing is impossible. 

The Walking Dead is a great love story which begins with a man on horseback going in search of his family. A family that he finds together with other people, who become more and more over time, forming a unique force guided by love. Where everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves to allow others to survive. Because as they recall the final images of episode 11x24 "we are the ones who survive".

The Walking Dead TV series can be streamed with all eleven complete seasons on Disney+. From 21 November 2022 The spin-off Tales of The Walking Dead is also available on Disney+, with the first season consisting of six episodes releasing weekly every Monday.

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