The truth behind Pamela's abortion in the fourth episode of Pam & Tommy

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The third episode of Pam & Tommy it ended with Pamela Anderson's discovery that she was expecting her first child from her husband Tommy Lee. Thus, at the beginning of the fourth, we find the couple struggling with the first ultrasound. Excited beyond words after hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time, the two protagonists are completely unaware that their serenity will soon be taken away from them by the news of the spread of the sex tape stolen by Rand Gauthier.

When Pamela catches the insiders on the set of Baywatch watching the video, she realizes that the situation is out of control and that the footage of her wedding night is now in the public domain. Pamela feels humiliated and terribly uncomfortable, she fears for her reputation, she fears that, from now on, she will be given a label too heavy to carry, which will also have repercussions on her acting career .


During the episode, after a furious argument with Tommy Lee, who does not seem to understand the gravity of the situation, Pamela falls ill and is immediately taken to the hospital by her husband. Here he discovers that he has suffered a miscarriageprobably due to the enormous stress she had been subjected to in the previous days.

But is it a fact that really happened or a fictional event? Well the answer lies somewhere in between. Here's how it went in reality.


Pam & Tommy Pam & Tommy This comedy series tells the true story behind the release of the first viral video in history: the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape. Open tab

Reality and fiction in the fourth episode of Pam & Tommy

Sadly, the real Pamela Anderson actually suffered a miscarriage during her marriage to drummer Tommy Lee, just not when it happens in Pam & Tommy.

In the ultrasound scene, in fact, a date appears on the monitor with the baby's heartbeat: January 8, 1996. In reality, the actress who lent her face to the lifeguard CJ in Baywatch had an abortion in June of '95. The robbery, on the other hand, took place in November of the same year (therefore after the loss of the child), while the disappearance of the safe was only discovered in January 1996, when Anderson was pregnant again, this time with her first son, Brandon. given birth five months later, on June 6, 1996.

Despite chronologically, reality and fiction do not coincide, the series showed well how intrusive the paparazzi were in that delicate moment. In the biography of Mötley Crüe (The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band) Tommy Lee described that moment recalling that the paparazzi were so intent on taking pictures of them that they stopped the ambulance over and over again.

The question now arises: why did Pam & Tommy choose to change the date of Pamela Anderson's miscarriage as if to suggest that it happened due to the discovery of the theft and the spread of the sex tape? The only answer we can give is that we have probably chosen to change the chronological order of events for purely dramatic purposes. Another controversial enough issue for a series that, due to the lack of Pamela's consent to the realization of the same, has already aroused numerous controversies.

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