The Tonight Show: Saturday at 21.00 on FOX the episode with Obama and Madonna

Author: Chiara Poli ,

It is not for everyone. Not everyone would have had the irony (and sense of rhythm) necessary to get involved as he did Barack Obama, the President of the United States.

The most important man in the nation was a guest at the #Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon, to talk about politics and current affairs "in music".

Reiterating clearly that "Orange is NOT the new black", to make fun of the candidacy of Donald Trump as his successor, and to urge the Americans not to vote for him.

Supported by the show's band and Fallon himself, Barack Obama has done his part to make TV history and to make this episode of the Tonight Show a cult episode.

Together with the other guest: Madonna.

Thanks to the musical performance with Borderline, a song from her first album (dating back to 1983), Madonna - promptly "supported" by #Jimmy Fallon even if you have to throw yourself on the ground and roll - he was able to meet President Obama.

Claiming to have realized a dream thanks to Fallon.

One who, in fact, realizes many dreams ... Even if it is just a matter of spending an hour in joy, never getting bored and with brilliant gags.

This memorable episode of the Tonight Show will air this weekend on FOX (Saturday at 21.00), to celebrate #EmmyDays and the program's nomination for the upcoming Emmy Awards Sunday.

And from Monday, don't miss the daily appointment with Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, exclusively on FOX.

Simultaneously with the US, in the original version subtitled in Italian ...

And with some unmissable first guests: Hillary Clinton and Miley Cyrus!

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