Norman Reedus talks about The Walking Dead on The Tonight Show

Author: Rina Zamarra ,

#Norman Reedus has pleased all fans of #The Walking Dead participating in The Tonight Show and letting slip some information about the series. 

#Jimmy has he perhaps managed to unravel the secret of secrets, namely who will die in the new season of the series? 


Not exactly, Norman just said that not all fans will be happy! 

Norman Reedus guest by Jimmy Fallon

Therefore, no mystery has been revealed, but Norman has lent himself to rise to the chair and to assign virtual prizes to his fellow series. 

For example, who is the colleague who needs only one take because the first one is usually good? It is a tie: Danai Gurira (#Michonne) and Andrew Lincoln (#Rick Grimes)!

Who is the best at memorizing the part? Norman had no problem admitting it: him!


Who's the best at hitting the dance floor at cast parties? Alanna Masterson (#Tara Chambler), at least according to Norman.  

And who is the most skilled at keeping The Walking Dead's secrets?

It seems that the one you will never know anything from is Lauren Cohan (#Maggie Greene)!

The cast of the TV series The Walking Dead

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