The Midnight Club: all about Mike Flanagan's Netflix Horror series

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The Midnight Club cover: all about Mike Flanagan's Netflix Horror series

Mike Flanagan it never stops. Each time she doesn't even wait long enough to finish filming a TV series, which has already set the idea for her next job in the pipeline. It was so with his successful Netflix works such as The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass. And finally between one project and another, he is now almost everything ready to be able to give us another of his (yes hopes) horror masterpieces: namely The Midnight Club. While the latter series is preparing to make its debut on the small screen, as Flanagan never stops, in the meantime it has finished filming another upcoming TV series, based on a tale of terror by Edgar Allan Poe of the 1839: The fall of the Usher house.

While Flanagan continues to produce, here's everything we know about his new Netflix original series, The Midnight Club. This article is constantly updated.


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The plot of The Midnight Club 

The Midnight Club story is set in the clinic Brightcliffe, an institution run by a mysterious doctor and in which eight adolescents suffering from terminal illnesses are hospitalized. The building consists of an ancient manor, used as a place to assist patients in their last moments of life. While waiting for their destiny, to defeat the fear of death, they begin to gather together every evening after midnight, to tell each other stories of fear and mysteries. Hence the title of the work The Midnight Club which literally means "The Midnight Club".

Precisely on the occasion of one of these nocturnal meetings, one evening the young protagonists decide to seal a pact: who among them will die before the others, will have to make sure to return from the afterlife to give a signal to their companions still alive. Strange phenomena will therefore begin to manifest themselves in the manor, but it will not be easy to understand what is really real, as the boys are in therapy with heavy drugs given their conditions and also considering that they could be influenced by the situation created by themselves.

The Midnight Club trailers

event Netflix Geek Week 2022, on June 6, the first teaser on The Midnight Club was released, made available as usual on the Netflix YouTube channel.

Official teaser of The Midnight Club in original language:


In the short but intense teaser of The Midnight Club, Mike Flanagan's touch is immediately evident with a creepy atmosphere, flawless photography and thrilling music. Although the protagonists are young boys, once again the choice of the cast seems to be very convincing and spot on. The Midnight Club makes a toast by reciting a sinister nursery rhyme, dedicated to all those who have been in that place before them, to the current present and to those who will be part of it in the future, including those who are not physically in the manor but are spiritually. Just at the end of a toast as thunder and lightning are heard, a hooded figure appears for a few seconds that perhaps could hide another mystery in history. Or he could anticipate to the viewer the death of one of the protagonists, who has actually returned from beyond the grave to greet - or even scare - his friends. This scene is also a reference / tribute to the cover of Pike's novel from which the series is based: in that context the hooded person is one of the guys in the group, who is telling the others a scary story using themed clothing. 

On September 20, 2022 Netflix released the first official trailer of The Midnight Club, both in Italian and in the original language. 

The Midnight Club Official Trailer in Italian: 



Compared to the first teaser of The Midnight Club, which was aimed more than anything else at introducing the protagonists through a short presentation, in the trailer we get to the heart of the story with a general overview. In addition to the group of boys, the actress is also shown Heather langenkamp in the role of the doctor who runs the clinic. Through the hospitalization of a new patient in the structure, from the images of the trailer it is possible to better understand how the whole daytime organization works when the boys have to follow the rules of the place and what happens instead at night, when the group meets in secret.

The Midnight Club images

Le first promotional images for The Midnight Club, they were released from Netflix Geeked official Twitter profile on 18 August 2022:

From the mind of Mike Flanagan, a new series coming October 7th.


The Midnight Club cast

Below you can view thecomplete list of the cast of The Midnight Club. The main protagonists and guest stars were announced by Mike Flanagan himself through a tweet on his official Twitter profile, on 2021 February XNUMX:

As we approach the start of production on Intrepid's new Netflix series, The Midnight Club, based on the work of Christopher Pike, I am honored and thrilled to announce our cast: playing the club of young patients is a fantastic group of young people. actors. The Midnight Club is made up of Adia, Igby Rigney, Ruth Codd, William Chris Sumpter, Aya Furukawa, Annarah Shephard and Sauriyan Sapkota. In addition to them, I am thrilled to welcome back some familiar faces such as Zach Gilford, Samantha Sloyan and Matt Biedel who are joining the cast in supporting roles. (Other familiar faces from previous Intrepid projects will appear as guest stars along the way.) And finally ... I'm honored to welcome Heather Langenkamp, ​​who comes aboard the show as the enigmatic doctor who runs this teenage shelter. . For horror fans like me, Heather is a queen and I'm so excited to be working with her.

Main protagonists

  • Igby Rigney
  • Ruth Codd
  • Aya Furukawa
  • William Chris Sumpter
  • Sauriyan Sapkota
  • Postpone
  • Annarah Cymone
  • Heather Langenkamp as Doctor Georgina Stanton. The actress is known for playing the role of Nancy Thompson in the movie Nightmare - From the depths of the night of 1984 and in subsequent chapters of the saga such as Nightmare 3 - The Dream Warriors of 1987 and Nightmare - New Nightmare of 1994. The roles played by the other cast members of The Midnight Club have not been revealed.

Secondary characters

  • Zach Gilford
  • Samantha sloyan
  • matt biedel

Recurring guest stars 

  • Robert Longstreet 
  • Crystal Balint
  • Patricia Drake
  • Nick Preston

Other characters

  • Iman Benson
  • William B Davis
  • Larsen Thompson
  • Yuki Morita
  • Ranjit Samra
  • Virginia Penney
  • George Haralabopoulus
  • Emily Piggford
  • Parmiss Sehat
  • Taylor Dianne Robinson
  • Justin Derickson
  • Shalyn Ferdinand
  • JJ Harris
  • Kenneth Liu
  • Marlee Grace Becker
  • Jordan Gooden
  • Matheus Severus
  • Aidan Wright
  • Taya Seaton
  • John Andrew Vaas
  • Shoanna Morgan

Some of the aforementioned actors who are part of the cast of The Midnight Club, have already worked with Flanagan in other TV series of the author:
Nick Preston starred in The Haunting of Bly Manor.
Patricia Drake, Igby Rigney, Annarah Cymone, Zach Gilford, Matt Biedel, Crystal Balint, Robert Longstreet and Samantha Sloyan starred in Midnight Mass.
While Ruth Codd, Sauriyan Sapkota, Zach Gilford, Matt Biedel, Crystal Balint, Robert Longstreet and Samantha Sloyan are also in the cast of The Fall of the Usher House. A new TV series also by Flanagan, in post-production after filming concluded in July 2022. Samantha Sloyan, in addition to Midnight Mass, The Midnight Club and The Fall of the Usher House, also starred in The Haunting of Hill House.


How many episodes of The Midnight Club are there

The Midnight Club is made up of ten episodes lasting about an hour each. 

Where and when to see The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club will be available from 7 October 2022 in the Netflix catalog with the release of all ten episodes simultaneously. The announcement of the debut of the TV series on the streaming platform took place during the event Netflix Geek Week along with the first teaser above. Netflix is ​​also visible on Sky Q and via application on Amazon's Now Smart Stick and Fire Stick.

The development of The Midnight Club

The 5 May 2020 Variety announced that Christopher Pike's 1994 novel, The Midnight Club, was to have a television adaptation. Mike Flanagan as a boy was a huge fan of the writer and read all of his books along with his friends. It was Pike's lyrics that made him face adolescence and grow up with all that that age group entails. One book in particular had always remained in Flanagan's heart, namely The Midnight Club and he always wanted to make a themed film on the subject. He has tried several times to contact Pike but without success; until in 2019, after the debut of The Haunting of Hill House, he wrote Pike the following message, as reported by Vanity Fair:

I'm a big fan of yours. I'm not sure I would have embarked on the same career and path that I chose to take, if I hadn't fallen in love with horror genre and fiction as a boy. And it was all about your work. I've made some TV shows for Netflix and I think they could win over a young teen audience, in case you're interested.

Pike was skeptical about it and took some time, but later the two authors came to an agreement. Mike Flanagan on May 6, 2020 also confirmed on his official Twitter profile, that in The Midnight Club there will also be references to other Christopher Pike books for lovers of the genre:


Oh and for you other Pike fans out there ... the article is telling the truth, we will be incorporating many of his books into the series. So if you have a favorite Pike book, there's a chance it's part of the show.

The novels in question that will be covered in the TV series The Midnight Club are: Witch of 1990, Gimme to Kiss of 1988, The Wicked Heart e Road to nowhere both from 1993.

Filming of The Midnight Club

Principal filming for The Midnight Club began on March 15, 2021 in Burnaby, British Columbia. Production originally planned to finish them on September 8 of the same year, but eventually ended on September 10. The start of filming was announced the same day by Mike Flanagan on his official Twitter profile on March 15, 2021:

And it begins! # day1 #midnightclub

The novel from which The Midnight Club is based

Christopher Pike (aka Kevin McFadden) is an author of so-called books young adult: that is, content for children and adolescents who have now left the world of childhood and are getting closer and closer to that of adults. Pike's novels are thriller, detective and science fiction genres and the story of his novel The Midnight Club is about a group of sick teenagers living in Rotterdam Home, who try to defeat death together in the clinic where they live.

The writer was on the crest of the wave in the nineties and had several fans among the very young, including a terminally ill girl. When the disease began to take place, the girl's parents turned to Christopher Pike to ask him for the pleasure of meeting her daughter, as her last wish. At the time, a meeting was not possible for Pike due to the considerable distance that separated them, but in return he began a long-distance friendship through letters and phone calls.

During these conversations Pike learns that the girl with other little patients had created a book club to talk about her novels where they met together every night, in the hospital where they were hospitalized. The writer has thus decided to dedicate a story about this book club, but modifying the part in which the protagonists read his books and replacing everything with horror stories of another genre. He also invited his "number one" fan to read the chapters as he finished them. The girl preferred instead to wait for the complete book to come out, but unfortunately she lost her battle against the disease before the work was finished.

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The Midnight Club filmmakers

The Midnight Club TV series is a production of Intrepid Pictures, a company that signed a global deal with Netflix in 2019, along with Field House Productions. The Midnight Club is co-produced by Mike Flanagan with Leah Fong, both executive producers with Intrepid's Trevor Macy, Julia Bicknell and Christopher Pike himself. The screenplay was written by Leah Fong, who also worked on The Haunting of Bly Manor, Elan Gale, James Flanagan and Chinaka Hodge under the supervision of Adam Fasullo, TV vice president of Intrepid Pictures. The director includes Axelle Carolyn, Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Michael Fimognari, Morgan Beggs and Viet Nguyen. Flanagan helped direct the first two episodes of the series. The announcement of the directors who are part of the staff, was given by Flanagan in his official Twitter profile, on June 13, 2021:

I am honored to announce the directors of The Midnight Club. Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Axelle Carolyn, Viet Nguyen, Morgan Beggs and my dear friend Michael Fimognari will direct all episodes. I am grateful and fortunate to collaborate with such amazing artists.

Short biography of the author of The Midnight Club

Mike Flanagan is an American director, screenwriter and editor born in 78 in Salem, Massachusetts. Since childhood he has shown interest in cinema and in particular in the horror genre, thanks to the novels of Christopher Pike. Flanagan started as a child to record short films on videotape, while later he improved his technique and knowledge through studies and practice. 

  • In 2005 he directed the short film Oculus: Chapter 3 - The Man with the Plan for which he has received several awards at international film festivals
  • In 2011 he directed Absentia, his first feature film thanks to which he gained notoriety in the cinema sector and various awards
  • In 2013 he directed the film instead Oculus - The reflection of evil which is based on his short film Oculus: Chapter 3
  • In 2016 he began working with Netflix, through which he directed the horror film The terror of silence and later in the same year, he directed Ouija - The origin of evil, the 2014 Ouija prequel
  • In 2018 came the first of his big hits, the TV series The Haunting of Hill House based on the novel by Shirley Jackson, The Hill House Nightmare. For this series Flanagan has also received compliments from the king of horror Stephen King, across the official Twitter profile of the latter, who commented in a post on 17 October 2018:

The Haunting of Hill House, revised and remodeled by Mike Flanagan. I'm not usually interested in this kind of adaptation, but this one was great. It touches on genius, really. I think Shirley Jackson would approve, but who knows.

The Midnight Club, all the details on the Mike Flanagan series: continuously updated article.

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