The Italian Morbius is coming: here is the trailer for Dampyr [VIDEO]

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The cover of Arriva il Morbius italiano: here is the trailer for Dampyr [VIDEO]

Eagle Pictures has released the first trailer for Dampyr, which will be in cinemas from 28 October 2022. The film inspired by the Bonelli comics of the same name tells the origins of the main character by setting the story in the early 90s during the war in the Balkans. The Dampyr is half human and half vampire, who will have to try to do the right thing to save a village. The Dampyr Harlan Draka will have to understand his nature, be able to manage it and understand the origins.


The plot centers on Harlan, a guy who poses as a Dampyr (half man, half vampire) but who is actually really a Dampyr and doesn't know it. When Harlan finds out the truth, his life is changed forever. 

The images of the trailer are very reminiscent of the comic from which they take inspiration, but from what you see the film could have a classic plot of origins: who knows if the Bonelli Entertainment product will be able to surprise both readers and cinecomic lovers and, why not , even vampire fans.

Dampyr was created by Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo.


The cast of Dampyr

  • Wade Briggs is the protagonist Dampyr 
  • Stuart Martin is Emil Kurjak, a former soldier
  • Frida Gustavsson is Tesla, a renegade vampire
  • David Morrissey puts his face to Gorka
  • Sebastian Croft as Yuri
  • Luke Roberts gives Draka his face

Eagle Pictures' press release points out that Dampyr was shot entirely in English even though the crew and production are completely Italian. The film has a cost of 15 million dollars.

Dampyr at Lucca Comics & Games

Dampyr will be released in cinemas on 28 October 2022 and at the same time will also be on view at Lucca Comics & Games. The cast of Dampyr will be present at the premiere.

The best images from the Dampyr trailer and poster

Eagle Pictures
Dampyr, demonic creature

Eagle Pictures
Dampyr, the enemy

Eagle Pictures
Dampyr, landscape in flames

Eagle Pictures
Dampyr, the protagonists in the trailer

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