The Boys renewed for another season

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The Boys cover renewed for another season

Prime Video has today, June 10, 2022, officially announced that the live-action TV series The Boys has been renewed for a fourth season. If you were wondering if The Boys 4 is going to do it, then the answer is yes.

Show creator Eric Kripke said:


We are thrilled to continue Butcher's and The Boys' fight against Patriot and Seven and at the same time to have our say on the crazy world we live in. Also, this is the first time in history that the genital blast has brought even more success

The third season, which consists of 8 episodes, is currently airing on Prime Video. The first 3 were made available together on June 3, while the subsequent fourth to eighth are available - according to the complete calendar - week after week every Friday.


When does the fourth season of The Boys come out?

Prime Video has not yet formalized a release date for the fourth season of The Boys and has not even announced the plan for filming. In all likelihood, however, the fourth season of the TV series based on the Garth Ennis comics should debut on Prime Video in the summer of 2023. The start of filming of the new episodes of The Boys is expected to be scheduled for the warm months of 2022 .

Please note that the series is recommended for an adult audience, given the explicit content regarding sex, the incredible staged violence (often in a splatter manner) and foul language.

In addition to the three seasons of The Boys, there is also an anthological animated series not directly related to the main plot which is called The Boys Presents: Diabolico !. The show is also available on Prime Video, but has not yet received an official renewal for the second season.

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A-Train talks about the violence in The Boys 4

Here's what the A-Train performer said in an interview about the violence to be expected from Season 4 of The Boys.
Author: Agnese Rodari ,
A-Train talks about the violence in The Boys 4

The TV series The Boys, by Prime Video, has made itself known a lot thanks to its satirical component and the exaggerated violence staged by its characters that are anything but heroic. In fact, these peculiarities have made it gain entry into content prohibited to minors under 18 years of age. This is a feature that has only increased the public's interest in the product. The brutality of the series is considered by fans to be so important and entertaining that it has led them to wonder at what level it will be amplified in the fourth season, which is currently shooting in Toronto.

Collider co-producer Perri Nemiroff had the opportunity to meet and interview Jessie T. Usher, actor who plays A-Train, the super fast member of the evil Seven. In the interview on Collider Nemiroff teased the actor by mentioning a Twitter from The Boys' official account, which had posted a photo dating back to early September 2022 along with others. shots on the set of season four and depicting A-Train with his face covered in blood.

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