Stranger Things, How Does Will Use The Lights To Contact Joyce?

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In the first season of Stranger Things, a Netflix exclusive series, the whole story originates from the mysterious disappearance of Will. In the first episode, titled The Disappearance of Will Byers, the boy after a normal evening with friends Mike, Lucas and Dustin, sets out on his bicycle home. The next morning, however, Will is not in his bed, and this causes great concern to his mother, Joyce. The young protagonist has disappeared, and no one can find him, despite numerous searches.

The audience discovers in the second episode, titled The Wacky of Maple Street, that Will ended up in the Upside Down, that is another dimension with a dark and disturbing atmosphere. Fortunately the young man manages to communicate in some way with his mother, making his voice recognizable on the phone but also checking the house lights. In fact, in the third episode of the first season, entitled Christmas Lights, Joyce realizes that her son can turn the light bulbs in the Byers house on and off. This happens without the boy, still missing, being at home, as if his ghost or an invisible version were operating the lights. The woman then decides to use Christmas lights, attributing a letter of the alphabet to each light. In this way, Will's mother creates a system that allows her son to communicate with her, turning on one after another the lights that correspond to the letters of the sentence he wants to "write" to his mother Joyce.

Stranger Things | Season 1 | Joyce holds the Christmas lights in her hand
Joyce communicates with her son Will using Christmas lights

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, some scenes allow us to better understand how it was possible for Will to influence the lights at his mother's house, managing to turn them on and off, despite being in a different dimension. In the seventh episode of season 4, titled The Hawkins Laboratory Massacre, a group of Nancy, Steve, Eddie and Robin manages to enter the Upside Down thanks to a dimensional gap. Here the guys find that the Sottosopra represents an obscure version of their small town, Hawkins

The four friends reach Nancy's house, where they can hear the speeches Dustin, Lucas and Erica are having in the same house, but in the original dimension. Looking for a way to communicate with Dustin and the others, Steve and Nancy discover that approaching the lights they manage to turn them on, and this has an effect on the corresponding chandeliers in the dimension in which Dustin is, causing alterations in the brightness of the lights.

Stranger Things | Season 4 | Nancy Eddie Steve and Robin find out how to use the lights in the Upside Down
Nancy, Eddie, Steve and Robin find out how to use the lights in the Upside Down

So this is exactly how Will was able to talk to his mother in the first season, thanks to the Christmas lights that Joyce had placed on the wall, assigning a different letter to each light on the wire. Will could hear her mother Joyce when she was in the corresponding house in the Upside Down, and when Joyce said aloud the letters assigned to the fairy lights Will was touching, the boy could memorize them and follow the alphabet to form complete sentences.

How does Will go to the Upside Down?

As previously written, in the first season of Stranger Things Will disappears after spending an evening in the company of friends Lucas, Mike and Dustin. It does not disappear of his will: Will has been kidnapped by a frightening creature, which has dragged him into the Upside Down.

Stranger Things | Season 1 | Will right before he was kidnapped
Will just before being kidnapped by the Demogorgon

The moment of the passage to the dark dimension is not seen, but subsequently a series of passages between the terrestrial dimension and that of the Upside down are shown in various episodes, which the Demogorgons use to pass between the two worlds. In the eighth episode of the first season, titled The Upside Down, Joyce and Sheriff Hopper cross a gap to look for Will.
Stranger Things | Season 1 | Joyce and Hopper cross the gap to enter the Upside Down
Joyce and Hopper cross the gap to enter the Upside Down

When in the Upside Down Will spends most of his time in hiding, terrified of the terrible creatures that haunt the place. Fortunately, Will is very good at hiding, as his mother Joyce often says. Only in the eighth episode of the first season, which we mentioned previously, Will is found by Joyce along with Sheriff Hopper, and the two manage to save him and bring him back to his original reality.

Who brought Will to the Upside Down?

When Will is kidnapped, in the first episode of the first season of the Netflix series Stranger Things, the person responsible is a truly hideous creature: the Demogorgon. This name is given to the terrifying monstrous being by Dustin and his friends, borrowing it from the RPG Dungeons & Dragons.
The Demogorgon in the world of Stranger Things is a monstrous creature, very violent and very strong, who attacks to kill. Her face opens like a 5-pointed flower showing a long row of sharp teeth and a huge mouth.

The demogorgon in attack in a scene from Stranger Things
The Demogorgon in attack position

After four seasons and six years elapsed, viewers were able to discover the precise mechanism of the Christmas lights, thus unraveling one of the mysteries of the Netflix series Stranger Things. Unfortunately, new concerns await the intrepid protagonists, who in the season 4 finale find themselves in a very difficult situation: the Upside Down is beginning to invade the real world. Vecna's orchestrated real-world invasion will lead to Stranger Things season 5 storyline, which should be one of the main enemies

Stranger Things will be one of the series presented at the Netflix TUDUM 2022 streaming event, on September 24th.

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