Star Wars 8: Josh Gad questions Daisy Ridley on the meaning of "The Last Jedi"

Author: Sandra Martone ,

Movie stars are also affected by Star Wars mania.

It was to prove it Josh Gad who is currently on the set of Assassination on the Orient Express together with the protagonist of the new Star Wars trilogy Daisy Ridley.


The actor, who in the transposition of the most famous of the novels of Agatha Christie he will play Hector MacQueen, in fact he invited his colleague into his dressing room with an excuse to question her on the meaning of The Last Jedi, the recently made official title of chapter 8 of Star Wars.

The questions Josh asked Daisy are the same that fans of Star Wars have been doing for days now:


Who is the Last Jedi? Mark [Hamill ed]? Is it The Last Jedi or The Last Jedi? Is it you and Mark? Are you the last of the Jedi?

As expected and as shown by the video that Josh Gad posted on social media, the beautiful Daisy did not answer any of the questions and rather hit him with a dry:

We're not shooting this Josh.

Despite the apparent - and decidedly professional - detachment that Daisy Ridley held in front of Josh Gad's pressing questions, the actress actually has widely revealed in other venues that she is very enthusiastic about the title that was chosen for Star Wars VIII:

What do you think of Daisy's reaction? What other Star Wars questions would you ask if you had the chance? Let us know in the comments!

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