4 essential questions to know Skaar, the son of the Hulk

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The post-credit scene from the final episode of the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series introduces a new character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Skaar, the son of the Hulk aka Bruce Banner. It cannot be said that this is an unexpected event: the She-Hulk commercial that showed a spaceship from Sakaar, published in August 2022, had given rise to some hypotheses. Of the latter, the main one was that the spaceship was led by Skaar, the son of the Hulk, an important character in the world of comics, or alternatively it brought news about him. In this article we analyze the character of Skaar, trying to answer the main questions of the MCU fans.


Who is Skaar's mother?

When the Hulk introduces his son to cousin She-Hulk and her family, he doesn't say who the boy's mother is. Marvel fans will probably have to wait a little longer to find out. 

In the world of comics, Skaar's mother is Caiera, an alien from Sakaar with whom Banner was in a relationship. During their history, Caiera becomes pregnant, but some time later a terrible explosion occurs on Sakaar. The Hulk believes that in this accident his beloved is dead, and that he has lost his son as well.

What the Hulk doesn't know is that Caiera managed to save the baby by wrapping him in a protective lump.

Marvel Comics
All you need to know about Skaar, the son of the Incredible Hulk
Caiera together with Hulk

Skaar in Marvel Comics:

  • First appearance of Caiera: Incredible Hulk volume 2 number 92, released in the United States in February 2006
  • The explosion on the planet Sakaar: Incredible Hulk volume 2 number 105, released in the United States in April 2007

How old is Skaar?

One of the reflections that originate from the vision of the last episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law concerns the apparent age of Skaar. His appearance is not that of a child, and he may appear to be between 16 and 18 years old. So we ask ourselves: in what year was Skaar born, and how old is he?

In the MCU, the Hulk is shown on Sakaar in 2017, in the course of the movie Thor: Ragnarok. The superhero claims to have been on the alien planet for about two years, and this matches the MCU's timeline.

The previous appearance of the Hulk in the cinematic universe corresponds to 2015, the year in which the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron are set.


In one of our articles we wrote when She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is set: it should be 2023. Between the arrival of the Hulk on Sakaar and the scene in which the hero introduces Skaar to his family, about 8 years pass. Why doesn't Skaar look like a child?

In the world of comics, Skaar's physiology is very different from that of a human. As the son of an alien and a man with superpowers, Skaar is definitely different from a normal person on planet Earth, and his growth has gone through completely different stages.

In the comics it is not well explained how long Skaar remains in the cocoon with which his mother protected him, but it is shown when he comes out, and he does not look like a newborn but an older child.


A year after coming out of the cocoon, Skaar looks like an 18-year-old, just like we saw him in the She-Hulk series.

It can be speculated that Skaar's physiology in the MCU is very different from that of humans, and his growth has been greatly accelerated, just as is the case with his comic book counterpart.

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics | Skaar: Son of Hulk number 1 | The appearance of Skaar when he comes out of the cocoon, he looks like a child of over 6 years
Skaar: Son of Hulk number 1 | Skaar's appearance as he emerges from the cocoon

Skaar in Marvel Comics:

  • Appearance of Skaar in Child and Young Adult Form: Skaar Son of Hulk Issue 1 Released in the US in June 2008

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Does Skaar have superpowers?

From what is seen in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law it is not possible to understand if Skaar has superpowers as the young son of the Hulk appears in a fairly short scene.

However, assumptions can be made. In the Marvel world in general, the children of superheroes in the majority of cases also have superpowers. Skaar is certainly no exception, having notable superpowers in the world of Marvel comics.

I superpowers main of Skaar in the world of adventures on paper they are undoubtedly an exceptional force, very similar to that of his father the Hulk, and almost total invulnerability. Skaar's strength grows when he is angry and includes strength in his legs, which allows him to perform jumps that cover long distances, just like those of his father. Green Goliath Hulk.

In addition to the powers of the Hulk father, Skaar also inherited from the mother Caiera the Ancient Power (in the original Old Power language) which allows him to harness the energy of a planet to harden one's skin or to control the soil.

Skaar in Marvel Comics:

  • Skaar Uses Ancient Power: Skaar: Son of Hulk issue 8, released in the US in April 2008

What is the relationship between Skaar and his father the Hulk?

In the post-credits scene where Skaar first appears in the MCU, the boy is alongside his father. While the Hulk looks quite serene and smiles slightly, Skaar looks a bit awkward and intimidated by the situation. There seems to be a fairly relaxed relationship between the two and no hard feelings.

In the world of comics, the relationship between Bruce Banner and his son Skaar is more complicated. In fact, Skaar has felt abandoned by his father, and hatches his resentment when he meets him. This feeling, later on, carries Skaar to fight against the Hulk, a clash that also puts a building full of civilians at risk. The Hulk cares for them and puts them to safety. Skaar, now defeated, realizes that his father is not the monster he thought. The two reconcile and hug each other crying.

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics | Incredible Hulk volume 1 number 611 | Hulk and Skaar hug each other crying
Incredible Hulk volume 1 number 611 | Hulk and Skaar hug each other crying

Skaar in Marvel Comics:

  • Skaar confesses to his father that he felt abandoned: Skaar: Son of Hulk issue 12, released in the US in August 2009
  • Skaar and Hulk fight and eventually reconcile: Incredible Hulk volume 1 number 611, released in the United States in October 2010
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