The true story of the real Mandarin, as explained in Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings

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Who is the Mandarin? Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings finally sheds light on the issue, putting order between the numerous references and interpreters linked to one of the most famous villains of his stable. With the appearance of Tony Leung As the leader of the Ten Rings army, Marvel puts a firm point on the matter, establishing that it is Shang-Chi's father who is the "real" Mandarin and the bearer of the Ten Rings. 

Not only that: as already mentioned from the promotional partner, the film also appears character by Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley) the actor hired by Aldrich Killian (Guy Pierce) to play the Mandarin in Iron Man 3.


Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings Xu Shang-Chi is the son of a powerful Chinese criminal. Growing up in a complex isolated from the rest of the world, he was trained in martial arts and developed skills without ... Open tab

 The film takes the time to tell the hitherto unedited story of the real Mandarin and his rings (very different from that of the comic world, where the Mandarin is not Shang-Chi's father) and fix the MCU continuity related to this antagonist. 

The true story of the Mandarin revealed by Shang-Chi

Spoilers alert! Click to reveal The history of the Mandarin begins thousands of years ago when a warrior finds in undetected circumstances a magical artifact known as the Ten Rings. Man acquires enormous powers by wearing rings, similar to those of a god. In addition to allowing him to defeat any enemy army, the rings stop its aging making it immortal. That man is obviously the Mandarin, the character played by Tony Leung. The Mandarin gathers around itself an army called the Ten Rings (of which he is the head) and creates a military and economic empire in the shadows, along the lines of what has been done by Red room in Black Widow. By carrying out assassinations on commission and indirectly exerting his political and military influence, the Mandarin becomes a mighty and feared man, For centuries.
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The Mandarin tries to enter Ta Lo
The Mandarin discovers Ta Lo in the 90s
The first precise time reference that is given in the film is the year 1994, when the Mandarin manages to trace the entrance to the legendary village of Ta Lo. Here he meets the mysterious Jiang Li (Fala Chen), who manages to beat him in a duel and prevents him from entering Ta Lo. The two fall in love: Jiang Li leaves Ta Lo, the Mandarin renounces immortality by stopping wearing the rings. From their union Shang-Chi and Xialing are born.

The Mandarin kidnaps Trevor Flattery

Spoilers alert! Click to reveal A few years later Jiang Li is killed by a local gang who wants to take revenge on the Mandarin, with whom he has had disagreements in the past. Distraught, the widower returns to wear the rings and avenge the death of his wife. He also begins to train his son Shang-Chi to become his successor, entrusting him to the care of Death Dealer. As a woman, Xialing is excluded from training, but she will engage in martial arts in secret. Once he becomes a teenager, Shang-Chi is commissioned by his father to kill the man who ordered the murder of his mother. The boy carries out the order but is shocked by his actions and decides to escape to San Francisco and change your life. The Mandarin, however, knows her position and receives constant updates on her life and on that of Xialing, who fled six years after her brother's escape to Macao and became head of a clandestine gambling den of fighting.
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The Mandarin and Jiang Li fight
The Mandarin's life was changed first by his meeting with Jiang Li and then by his death.
Meanwhile Trevor Flattery is hired by Aldrich Killian (Guy Pierce) to play the Mandarin, an evil Asian terrorist who terrorizes America. The scam is discovered by Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. The real Mandarin manages to reach the crook e has him imprisoned in his estate, in China. Here Trevor fraternizes with the militants of the Ten Rings by acting for them and discovers that he is able to communicate with a puppy of a fantastic animal from Ta Lo. The Marvel film about the Ten Rings covers the events in the life of the Mandarin from the reunion between Shang-Chi and the Mandarin until the latter's death. 

Who is the real Mandarin of the MCU?

He is the character played by Tony Leung, the owner of the Ten Rings and father of Shang-Chi.

Why didn't the real Mandarin intervene in Iron Man 3?

The character in the Shang-Chi movie explains it: The Ten Rings are a powerful organization that influences nations and governments in the shadows. The Mandarin therefore preferred to remain in the shadows while Trevor Flattery stole his identity and terrorized the United States.

He later had the actor kidnapped and imprisoned, who currently lives with the Ten Rings army.

How old is the Mandarin?

It is not known, but the Rings allowed him to live for thousands of years without aging.

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Fake Mandarin Trevor Slattery is ready to return, here's where

Find out which top secret Marvel Studios series would be preparing according to Variety, with Ben Kingsley called to play Slattery.
Author: Mauro G. Pozzuoli ,
Fake Mandarin Trevor Slattery is ready to return, here's where

The actor Ben Kingsley will return as Trevor Slattery. Trevor is the character we have seen in Iron Man 3, professional actor, hired to play the part of a terrorist known by the name of Mandarin. Slattery is back as a co-star in the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. As reported by Variety, Ben Kinglsey as Trevor Slattery is expected to join the cast of Wonder Man, a new TV series Disney + exclusive which is currently in the works in secret.
Marvel Studios has not released any statements on possible projects not yet announced. There is no statement on the matter by Ben Kingsley or a representative of him.

Who is Trevor Slattery

Trevor Slattery's story in the Marvel Studios movies is a bit complicated. In 2013 in Iron Man 3 he is presented as the leader of a terrorist organization responsible for deadly attacks. But Tony Stark / Iron Man, investigating, discovers that Slattery is an actor from a career in decline, who plays the part which was entrusted to him by the true villain of the film: Aldrich Killian, the evil scientist who plots revenge against Tony.
Kingsley reprized this same role in 2021 in the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. In this film we discover that Slattery was captured and imprisoned by Shang-Chi's father, Wenwu. The latter is the leader of the criminal organization called the Ten Rings and forces Slattery to perform as a court jester. Fortunately, thanks to Shang-Chi's intervention, along with his sister and best friend, Xialing and Katy respectively, the unfortunate Slattery manages to escape from the criminal organization.
After escaping Trevor takes part in the adventures of Shang-Chi and arrives in Ta Lo, a magical village located in another dimension. At the end of the Shang-Chi film, Trevor Slattery remains to live in Ta Lo.

If a series about the superhero Wonder Man were actually in the works, it could enter the official Marvel / Disney announcement list at Disney+Day, on September 8, 2022.

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