The series to (re) see if you liked the last season of Pose

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On Netflix on September 23 the curtain fell on Pose, a series on LGBT culture created and produced by Ryan Murphy. The last season, which has suffered several delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has put an end to one of the truest series that has hit TV in the last three years. Set in New York, between the 80s and 90s, Pose photographed all the most particular nuances of the gay world and Trump's rise to power.


The third season, consisting of just 7 episodes, with some small burr, wrote a very consistent ending with the initial intentions, but leaving an unbridgeable void in the hearts of the fans. Pose arrived on TV at the right time, just as the whole of today's society has found itself fighting for equal rights and duties for all. For fans of Ryan Murphy's pop series, here's what's on TV in the absence of Pose.

pose pose The series, set between the XNUMXs and XNUMXs, looks at the juxtaposition of different segments of life and society in New York: the rise of the luxurious Trump-era universe, the ... Open tab

Love, Victor

Conceived to be the TV spin-off of Tuo, Simon - the 2018 blockbuster directed by Greg Berlanti - the series which is available on Disney + lives a life of its own, giving audiences a contemporary fresco of a boy who discovers himself homosexual in a world in constant motion. Two seasons so far produced for a sweet and charismatic series. A third has already been confirmed for a broadcast in the course of 2022.

Love, Victor Love, Victor The series follows the story of Victor, who has just arrived at Creekwood high school, and his journey to discover himself, struggling with family problems, a new city ... Open tab

The story focuses on the life of Victor Salazar, a new student of Creekwood High School, who moves to Atlanta after a childhood spent in Texas. His life is literally turned upside down when he meets Benji, a classmate of his, for whom he immediately feels disproportionate attraction. For the young Victor begins a long journey to discover himself.

Tales of The City


The 2019 miniseries that is available on Netflix reimagines the stories and characters of a novel of the same name written by Armistead Maupin. In fact, Tales of The City is as if it were a kind of new equel of the TV miniseries produced during the 90s that, for a short time, were available on Netflix. And it's about Tales of The City, More Tales of The City, Futher Tales of the City. 


Tales of the City Tales of the City Mary Ann, a middle-aged woman, returns to San Francisco and reunites with the eccentric friends she had abandoned. Series with Laura Linney based on the books of Armistead Maupin. Open tab

The story is set in San Francisco, believed to be the most LGBT city in all of America. And she tells the life of Mary Ann who, in midlife crisis, she returns to that condominium where she spent her youth in search of a new joy of living. Here she is reunited with her daughter and ex-husband and all the inhabitants of Barbary Lane. Intense and moving, the Netflix series offers the public a glimpse of homosexual life in an era of great social and cultural conflicts.

Transparent watercolor ground

Transparent watercolor ground
Transparent watercolor ground Open tab

It was one of the first TV series produced by Amazon Prime. A series of unprecedented success, but destroyed by some accusations of sexism and inappropriate behavior on set that forced the show to one sudden cancellation.
Played by a masterful Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent tells the life of Mort and his dysfunctional family. As a loving father, the man discovers that he is transsexual and begins his journey to become a full-fledged woman. Other than that, the series reflects on the importance of being father, parent and husband in a multi-ethnic Los Angeles. There are 4 seasons produced plus a TV film that worthily closes the events.

Will & Grace


At the end of the 90s it was the first comedy to have made fun of - with sarcastic and biting jokes - about the world homosexual and politics with stars and stripes. Will & Grace was one of the comic series most successful in America (and in Italy) who talked about being gay without being afraid to prove it. Aired on NBC from 1998 to 2006, a revival was also made from 2017 to 2020.

Will & Grace Will & Grace Will, a gay lawyer, and Grace, an interior designer, have been best friends since time immemorial. Together they share daily life and their follies in the company of the bizarre Karen Walker ... Open tab

The Will & Grace of the title are two longtime friends who share the same apartment and are both looking for true love in sprawling New York. The first is a successful lawyer, the second is an insecure and clumsy interior decorator. They are joined by the charismatic Jack, friend of Will, and Karen Walker, a bleak woman married to a very rich man. Not to be missed because it is a balm for the heart and mind.


In the panorama of LGBT series it is impossible not to mention the TV miniseries which in 2020 was produced by the prolific Ryan Murphy. Available on Netflix since March last year, Hollywood is one intense and uplifting tale which tells of an America in search of its own identity in an era of great social, political and cultural change.

Hollywood Hollywood An ambitious group of aspiring actors and directors in post-WWII Hollywood will go to great lengths to make their dream in show business come true. Open tab

The director opens a long parenthesis on the cinema of the 40s, on the golden age of Hollywood, where many tried to achieve success and live in the limelight. The show focuses on a group of young actors, directors and screenwriters who write a uchronic page on the universe of cinema, lifting the veil of respectability that there was on the entertainment world. 

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