Sam Raimi didn't want the Zombie Strange

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In an interview with Polygon Doctor Strange writer in the Multiverse of Madness Michael Waldron has revealed a very interesting detail about Doctor Strange in zombie version.

Attention Spoilers about Doctor Strange 2 follow!


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Stephen Strange has terrible nightmares, in which an alter ego of his escapes with a girl in a surreal scenario. He tries to reach an arcane white paper, but a demon wants ... Open tab

In the third and final act of the Marvel Studios movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the protagonist played by Benedict Cumberbatch must find a way to reach his friend Wong and the evil Scarlet Witch on Mount Wundagore. Strange is in another universe but he has access to it the Darkhold or the book of the damned. This tome allows him to perform the black magic of Dreamwalking: the magician who performs it can take possession of a body present in another universe and act in that universe.


Doctor Strange does Dreamwalking on a dead creature that he himself had buried in his world aka Earth-616. The body possessed by Strange is that of another Doctor Strange, called Defender Strange. Well, on the screen this possessed Defender Strange appears as a very powerful demon / zombie with great scenic effect. But it seems that the director of the film Sam Raimi did not want to include it.

The reason was explained by Waldron:

I wrote with Sam Raimi in mind the whole time. I had watched all of his films. I tried to understand the dialogue in his films well, because I wanted it to feel like a Sam Raimi film. But Sam, to his credit, had no interest in coming to Marvel Studios to just replicate his hits. Sam didn't come and tell me, 'I need you to make me a zombie.' And in fact, when I introduced him to the idea of ​​the Strange Zombie, there was a real hesitation on his part, because he didn't want it to seem like he just wanted to self-quote.

Sam Raimi rightly didn't want fans to think he wanted to celebrate himself for the whole movie and the Strange Zombie actually appears to have come out of one of his horror films. But, as Waldron explains, Sam Raimi then agreed to include the Undead because he was consistent with the plot he was working on.

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Captain Marvel's strange death in Doctor Strange 2, explained

Find out how Captain Marvel can be crushed to death by a statue in Doctor Strange's fight in the Multiverse of Madness.
Author: Mauro G. Pozzuoli ,
Captain Marvel's strange death in Doctor Strange 2, explained

The battle between Wanda and the Illuminati in the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is certainly one of the most exciting, but also terrible moments, seen recently in Marvel films. The ease with which Wanda / Scarlet Witch gets rid of powerful characters like Captain Carter, Black Bolt and Captain Marvel has been the subject of numerous discussions among fans on the internet. In particular we want to answer the question: because a powerful superhero like Captain Marvel muore crushed by statue, which represents a cult character of the 90s, that Scarlet Witch drops on her? Shouldn't she be invulnerable or nearly invulnerable?

Looking closely at the fight scene in the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Scarlet just seems to absorb all of Maria's superpowers. In fact, looking carefully, you notice that the helmet worn by Captain Marvel vanishes just as they are fighting. Later, when Wanda hits Captain Marvel with a blast of energy, the color of the energy is orange. This indicates that Wanda uses the energy she stole to Captain Marvel for its powerful attack, in fact if it were Chaos Magic energy, its color would be red and not orange. For this reason, when Scarlet crashes the statue on Captain Marvel, the latter is found without powers and therefore without its super-strength. Now defenseless, Captain Marvel cannot survive the collapse.

Who is the Captain Marvel fighting with Wanda?

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the fight between Wanda and the Illuminati we refer to does not take place in universe 616, the one in which the Marvel Studios films are set, but in another universe called universe 838. In this reality , alternative to that known of the universe 616, the supergroup of the Illuminati he is very powerful and has even defeated Thanos. In addition to Captain Marvel, this supergroup includes Professor X, Captain Carter, Black Bolt and Mr. Fantastic. When Wanda proceeds with her plan and is faced with the group of superheroes, does not hesitate to attack, starting the battle.

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