Rapunzel: The order in which to watch Disney movies (and TV series)

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Rapunzel Cover: The order in which to watch Disney movies (and TV series)

You know that princess with long blonde hair, locked up in a tower in the heart of the forest? The story of Rapunzel, born from the pen of the Brothers Grimm, it became a Disney animated film in 2010, thanks to the double direction of Nathan Greno and Byron Howard.

The origins of the story of Rapunzel date back to 1632, as it belongs to the writings of Giambattista Basile: in "Lo cunto de li cunti" it was told the history of Petrosinella, daughter of Pascadozia, who was crazy about parsley and ended up in the hands of an orca "inside a tower". And it is from this starting point that the tale of the Brothers Grimm was born.


Rapunzel - The intertwining of the tower is the XNUMXth Disney classic and was the most expensive to make so far, with a budget of 200 million dollars. Accompanied by a soundtrack created by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater, with the voice of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi (in the original language), the Disney film also has many differences with the original fairy tale. An example? In the fairy tale, Rapunzel's parents are very common peasants (while in the film they are King and Queen): the mother, expecting her first daughter, develops an obsession for Rapunzel in salads and her husband, to get them, yes. sneaks into the garden of the Witch Frau Gothel. The first evening he succeeds in the coup, but the second time he is crushed by the witch who offers him a pact: his rapunzel in exchange for his firstborn. The man accepts and, when the child is born, the witch kidnaps her and calls her Rapunzel.

In addition to the feature film, Disney also made a short film about the brave princess with thick hair and, in between, developed a television series. Let's see the chronological order to follow to look at Rapunzel's story.

Rapunzel - L'intreccio della torre

It was 2010 and Walt Disney was adding another film to its collection of classics. Rapunzel's story starts with a feature film, The Intertwining of the Tower, whose villain is the lady Mother Gothel. The woman found a drop of sunshine from which a luminous flower with magical powers of her was born that allowed her to keep her youth for a long time. Then, in a distant kingdom, the pregnant Queen fell seriously ill, the King unleashed the soldiers to find her magic flower and restore health to his wife. They found the flower and the woman was cured: a beautiful little girl with beautiful blond hair was born and she was given the name of Rapunzel. The child was unaware of her enormous power, held in her golden hair. When Gothel found out, he decided to kidnap the princess, knowing that having her with him he would hold onto her youth.

Years later, Rapunzel is now grown up and lives locked up in an isolated tower in the middle of the woods. Her curious soul often leads her to get into trouble, while her long blond hair, never cut, has exceeded 20 meters in length. Gothel is a strict mother, and when she glimpses magnificent lights in the sky from afar on her birthday, Rapunzel expresses a desire to see them in person. Gothel, without admitting the truth, denies it the possibility.

The story of the princess (unaware of her origins) is intertwined with that of Flynn (whose real name is Eugene), a villain who, after stealing a diadem from the castle, sought shelter in the high tower believing it was uninhabited. While Gothel is out on a journey, Rapunzel comes to make a deal with the criminal: if he helps her escape from the Tower and takes her to see the lights, then she will return the tiara that Flynn stole. This journey will test their survival instincts: despite Gothel on her heels, Rapunzel will discover a genuine feeling towards Eugene and, when she has to choose between freedom and save his life, the princess will not need to think long because in the his heart the answer is already clear.

Eugene kisses Rapunzel
Eugene, Rapunzel and

Like any Disney classic, Rapunzel's story also ends with a happy ending: Gothel thinks he has the princess in the bag, but Eugene slyly cut the princess's hair putting an end to their magic. As a result, Gothel loses her youth and, destabilized, falls from the tower and dies. Eugene, wounded, is about to die but Rapunzel saves him with a tear, strong with that magic that was once enclosed only in his hair.

Rapunzel - Before yes

You know the "and they all lived happily ever after"? For Rapunzel, the end is yet to come. With the movie Before Yes, Disney wanted to make a television movie that would act as a background to the television series dedicated to Rapunzel and her return to the palace. The goal of the film is to explain why Rapunzel has long blonde hair with magical powers again. As you well remember, at the end of The Intertwining of the Tower, Eugene to save her from the clutches of the witch Gothel cut the princess's hair, depriving them of their magic: as a result, Rapunzel had short brown hair.


Rapunzel with short brown hair dancing with Eugene
Rapunzel's helmet

In the TV movie, which aired on Disney Channel in 2017 before the television series, the princess has her magical hair again. This is because, before being officially crowned, Rapunzel fled with her handmaid Cassandra to reach the clearing where the golden flower once was born. And there her hair grows back, returning long and blond.

Rapunzel: The series

The television series, also known by the title The adventures of Rapunzel, arrived on the small screens of Disney Channel in 2017 and chronologically ranks after the films The intertwining of the tower and Before the yes, but before the short film The Incredible Wedding.

The story of the television series in fact starts from the defeat of Mother Gothel. Rapunzel can finally reunite with her biological parents and, once back at the palace, King Frederic and Queen Ariadne (from the small kingdom of Corona) want to see Rapunzel adjust to life as a princess. Beside her there will also be Eugene, who will have to give up his vocation as a thief for a greater good. We will also see the chameleon Pascal and the horse Maximus, making room for a new character, the handmaid Cassandra, who will help her discover some mysteries: first of all, the return of her long blond hair.


Disney Channel
Rapunzel, Eugene and Max the horse
Rapunzel and Eugene in the tv series

The television series is made up of three seasons: the first two consist of 21 episodes, while the third only of 17. Further addition to the series are also some special episodes, lasting one hour each: Regina per un giorno, Il sun drop secret, Beyond the walls of Corona, Rapunzel and the Big Tree and Clash of Destinies.

Queen for a day

The first special episode of Rapunzel - The series is titled Queen for a day, lasts an hour and aired for the first time on the Disney Channel in 2017 (both in the United States and in Italy). The plot of the episode starts with King Frederic and Queen Ariadne who leave the city to celebrate their anniversary and Rapunzel becomes queen for a day in their absence. This is her first experience as a ruler, but also her first day on her throne as an official princess and she is sure she knows how to get by. Unfortunately, when a terrible storm threatens the kingdom of Corona, the princess is forced to make difficult decisions.

The secret of the sun drop

The second special episode of Rapunzel is titled The Secret of the Drop of Sun and concludes the first season of the TV series. Aired for the first time on January 13, 2018 in the United States on Disney Channel (in Italy it arrived on July 15 of the same year), the episode therefore concluded the first, great adventure of Rapunzel on small screens. The episode revolves around a great test to face for the princess with long blonde hair, the most difficult of all. Varian, in an attempt to save father, decides to kidnap her Queen and make her her prisoner.

Beyond the walls of Corona

The third special episode of Rapunzel's TV series is titled Beyond the Walls of Corona and opens the second season. While in the United States it aired on June 24, 2018, in Italy it always arrived on Disney Channel only on February 2, 2019. As you can guess from the title, the young princess has left the walls of the kingdom behind her and begins a long journey following the path traced by the black rocks, starting a new season.

Rapunzel and the Big Tree

The fourth and penultimate special episode of Rapunzel's TV series is entitled Rapunzel and the Big Tree, an episode that aired for the first time in the USA on March 17, 2019 and arrived in Italy only in August of the same year. The one-hour episode tells of Rapunzel's umpteenth difficulty. The princess, forced to face Hector, realizes that he is too difficult an opponent to beat and it is at that point that she, in order to defeat him, the princess decides to use the spell of the moon.

Clash of Destinies

The last special episode aired is titled Clash of Destinies and completes the second season, representing the finale. Aired in the United States on April 14, 2019 and arrived in Italy on August 31 of the same year, the episode sets the stage for a new season. The princess is attacked by a mysterious new adversary and, haunted by a dire prophecy, she leads her team into the final stretch of the journey to the Dark Kingdom.

The short films

Rapunzel's world is also divided into short films. There are many taken from the animated TV series and only one instead follows the vicissitudes of the 2010 animated film: it is called The Incredible Wedding and it is a perfect sequel to crown the dream of love between Rapunzel and Eugene. 

The incredible wedding

In 2011, a sequel short film arrives from the same directors of the animated film. In fact, the incredible wedding follows the events of L'intreccio della torre. The kingdom is celebrating after Rapunzel's return home, the people are ready to celebrate the princess's wedding with Eugene. But, during the ceremony, the chameleon Pascal together with the steed Maximus lose their faiths. Thus begins a desperate search, before anyone notices the absence of the rings.

Rapunzel's two adventure companions will combine a lot of messes before finding their wedding rings and allowing the two future spouses to crown their dream of love with the longed-for "yes, I do". But, not happy, they will also hit the table where the wedding cake stands. Nonetheless, here perhaps Rapunzel will finally be able to stop at “and they lived happily ever after”.

The shorts of the TV series

Small short films were also born from the television series. Let's start with the first, entitled Check mate (in original Check Mate language), released in 2017 and starring the nice Pascal who tries in every way to teach the horse Maximus the game of chess. The second short film is titled Sweet escape, always arrived in 2017 and tells the story of another secondary character who long ago, to get his friends out of prison, decided to go to cook. The third short film, entitled Give me a smile, is still dated 2017 and tells of the old Mrs. Crauli who never smiles, Rapunzel however is convinced that the woman is capable of it and does everything to make her smile.

The fourth short, entitled Inner peace, is the last one made in 2017 and sees Rapunzel struggling with an adorable bunny: the princess has offered to look after him, because his master is busy, but the animal will decide to escape and Rapunzel will then have to find him.

Max and the mosquito instead it is the first short film of 2018 (the fifth of the TV series), followed by I can't hiccup (the sixth), Snowball (the seventh), Cutting by mistake (the eighth) e The missing unicorn (the ninth and last short film).

Rapunzel: live-action coming?

Did you know that Disney was considering making a live-action film of the princess with long blonde hair? The project would not follow the example of Lady and the Tramp, a product made for Disney +, but it should arrive right on the big screen, like Mulan and The Lion King to be clear. As reported by TheDisInsider, Ashleigh Powel would be handling the script of the live-action.

What do you think of Rapunzel's animated film? What about the television series? Would you like live-action?

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