When marriage is a perfect crime scene, the new Disney + series [TRAILER]

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It is entitled Wedding Season - Till dead you don't part them and is a sparkling original Disney + TV series. The Walt Disney Company has released the official trailer, which shows a tight montage and well paced by the music:


The plot revolves around Katie and Stefan: the two fall in love but she already has a boyfriend and is ready to get married. But during the festivities, something goes wrong and her betrothed and his entire family are killed! Hence a wild search to find the culprit, while the two boys Katie and Stefan return to be together.


The biggest problem is that Katie thinks it was Stefan who killed her boyfriend and his entire family, while Stefan thinks it was Katie who orchestrated the murders in order to get rid of a future, which she didn't really want.

Both will have to prove their innocence in some way, not only to each other but obviously also to the police.

Judging from the trailer, it seems that the 7 episodes of Wedding Season - Until Dead Do Not Separate Them will not give the viewer a breather. There seems to be a lot of action and a lot of fun. The mysterious yellow vibe mixed with a sense of English humor could be a big surprise.

The Wedding Season Cast - Til Dead Don't You Part

  • Rosa Salazar is Katie. Protagonist of the film Alita - Angel of the battle
  • Gavin Drea is Stefan
  • Jade Harrison
  • Jamie Michie
  • Callie Cooke
  • Bhav Joshi
  • Ioanna Kimbrook
  • Omar Baroud
  • George Webster

When and where to see Wedding Season - Til dead don't you part

Wedding Season - Til Dead Don't You Part will be available in streaming within the Disney + programming calendar from 8 September with all 7 episodes of the first season.

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Christian Bale: "Cut the most extreme scenes of Thor 4"

Find out what Christian Bale said about his character's scenes cut from the final version of Thor: Love and Thunder.
Author: Mauro G. Pozzuoli ,
Christian Bale: "Cut the most extreme scenes of Thor 4"

Christian Bale played Gorr in the film Thor: Love and Thunder, fourth installment of the Thor franchise. Many Marvel fans have praised his portrayal of him and count him among the most memorable villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In a recent interview with reverse, the Oscar-winning actor has unveiled that some scenes that he had shot have been cut from the final assembly, because they are too strong and extreme.

Bale did not reveal precisely what happened in the deleted parts of the movie Thor: Love and Thunder. The famous performer said that in moments on the set he improvised, taking his character as a villain to such extreme points that Chris Hemsworth worried. Bale described the colleague's eloquent glances, which seemed to mean that those scenes would make the film off-limits. So the scenes were cut, but Bale didn't regret shooting them, and said he had a lot of fun acting them and that it was a joy to have the chance to push his character to the limits, even if they weren't there. many chances that the parts in question would remain in the final version of the film.

The moment in which Christian Bale was cast to play the role of Gorr. The actor worried because in the comics Gorr has a physique almost as massive and imposing as Thor, and he didn't think his physique was comparable to that of Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the MCU movies. So Christian Bale asked the director, Taika Waititi, to adapt Gorr for the cinematic world by making him a little different: thin and almost slender, a character that could seem to have come from a world of shadows. This statement made by Bale in the interview agrees with a precedent from the actor himself, in which he said that he had examined Gorr's strange costume in the comics, and was concerned about proposing a cinematic image of Gorr in a thong. The team working on the movie Thor: Love and Thunder started from these considerations to develop a new look for the villain, which was less muscular and less undressed, but still very disturbing. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is available on the Disney + streaming platform, along with a special from the Assembled series that shows behind the scenes of the film.

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