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Prisma is the new Italian Prime Video series, directed by Ludovico Bessegato, written by Bessegato himself in collaboration with Alice Urciolo. This team talks about young people by focusing on a cast of prepared and convincing actors, who have put themselves at the service of the history of the young Roman protagonists. Bessegato and Urciolo are able to tackle very current issues in an engaging way and this represents a great strength in the Prisma series.

Prisma: themes and flashbacks

Prisma tells of boys towards the end of adolescence, on a journey towards life. The TV series touches on various important themes, sometimes focusing on them, sometimes simply showing how they fit into the lives of the protagonists. Use of drugs and dealing, discovery of one's own sexuality, hazing in the sports world, disability, use of social networks are all issues that are addressed to tell the children who are immersed in it, without ever forgetting the stories of love and friendship that they are intertwined at such an important age for the formation of the person. I think that the themes of this series are dealt with effectively, giving the right space to study but also using only hints as appropriate, avoiding problematizing every theme that the series wants to tell.


Prisma has an interesting narrative aspect: there are many flashbacks in the series, ie scenes set in the past that are always introduced by a precise caption, which can be "three months before" but in some cases even "eight years before" which, in the in the case of 17-year-olds, it means telling some things they experienced when they were only nine years old. The use of flashbacks is done in a captivating way, as it manages to add depth to the events and characters of the characters. I appreciated this way of telling, because it makes the story and characters less obvious and adds strength to the tone of the TV series.


Prisma, episodes and colors

The series consists of 8 episodes to which the seven colors of the rainbow have been assigned, with one exception: the first is called Red and the seventh is called Viola, in the middle there is all the chromatic range that is obtained when a prism refracts the light. Only the eighth and final episode does not follow this rule, with the title White.

The cast of Prisma

The cast is made up of young boys who act naturally, without forcing. The proof of the leading actor Mattia Carrano in a double role is truly remarkable: the twins Andrea and Marco are very different, and Carrano manages to make them vivid on the screen with sensitivity and skill. Caterina Forza is perfect in the role of Nina, the enemy-friend with a strong character; a special mention also goes to Lorenzo Zurzolo, who plays Daniele, a somewhat grim character who with difficulty makes an evolution in the course of the episodes, making his way through the difficulties and conflicting feelings. I also find that the trap singer LXX Blood, in the role of Vittorio, a professional worker and a hobby musician, has provided a good debut performance.

I recommend watching Prisma because it is an Italian series that keeps away from the clichés of television dramas and is capable of entertaining the public, encouraging them to continue with the episodes to know how the story continues. The adolescent protagonists are able to make the public of the same age identify with them, while the slightly older viewers will be able to discover what the world reserves for children who are today 17 years old, a bit as if one were secretly reading a child's diary, or of a younger brother. Prisma is a series of a good level, which can remember Skam Italia, that is the TV series on which Bessegato and Urciolo worked for the Netflix streaming platform.

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An interesting series that intrigues until the end.
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