Prime Video, all the series and upcoming news [LIST]

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Prime Video cover, all series and upcoming news [LIST]

What's coming to Prime Video next fall? Among original Italian productions, confirmations of the shows already launched and some juicy news Amazon has announced further 15 new productions.

As happened in recent days for Sky, Prime Video also presented his schedule for autumn 2022 and winter 2023. The confirmations of the talents launched and relaunched by Prime Video stand out with its flagship shows (first of all LOL - Who laughs is out) but also the launch of some important collaborations with talents from the Italian scene and the desire to focus on original series from breath and international ambitions.


During the presentation event of the schedule, the point was also made on the new one graphic interface also coming to Italy and the one on the updated program of matches of the Champions available exclusively on Prime Video. 

Let's find out what we will see soon on Prime Video Italia. 

Prime Video: the 2022/2023 schedule

Prime video


Celebrity Hunted - Manhunt - 3 Season

The third season of the show where the stars must escape undercover from a group of experts trying to capture them will be set in Rome. They will be chased by some of the best known professional analysts and investigators, cyber security experts, profilers and human trackers from law enforcement and military intelligence services.

Celebrity couples on the run will be made up as follows: Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, the comedians Ciro Priello, Katia Follesa and Fabio Balsamo, The actors Salvatore Esposito and Marco D'Amore, the singers Rkomi and Irama. The presence of many guest stars is also expected. In a presentation clip, the contestants of the Gomorrah cast are seen asking for a hand to the actors of Romanzo Criminale to hide and move around Rome. 

Celebrity Hunted - Manhunt - Season 3 will arrive in Fall 2022 on Prime Video.

LOL Xmas Special: Who laughs is out

Prime Video
Prime Video - the cast of LOL

A multi-hour, movie-like LOL Christmas special, which points to a "repatriation effect". Fedez will be the host of the special and of the third season already announced by Prime Video. The Xmas Special will be a tasty appetizer for fans of the show before the new season. 


In the special we will see the return of some comedians from the first two editions. Mara Maionchi will return to the program, but as a competitor. Among competitors will return to challenge: Maria De Biase, Lillo, the Forest magician, Michela Giraud, Frank Matano, Angelo Pintus. The winner will donate a prize money of one hundred thousand euros to charity. 

LOL Xmas Special: Who Laughs Is Out will arrive at Christmas 2022 on Prime Video.

Dinner Club - Season 2

Carlo Cracco announces the second edition of Prime Video's cooking travelogue, naturally sitting at the table with his guests. Many new entries: the comics Paola Cortellesie the colleague Antonio Albanese, the actors of the Rai fiction Luca Zingaretti and Marco Giallini. Two returns: that of Luciana Littizzetto and that of the reigning champion Sabrina Ferilli.

Dinner Club takes guests and spectators to discover the recipes and the most hidden treasures of our country. Destinations of this new journey are the Sila in Calabria, Romagna, South Tyrol and Sicily.

The 6 episodes that make up the second season of Dinner Club will be exclusively on Prime Video in the 2023.  

The shows

Try Try Sa Sa

Frank Matano hosts an original format of Prime: Prova Prova Sa sa is a comedy show focused on improvisation and entertainment live. The fixed cast is made up of 4 exceptional comedians: Maccio Capatonda, Maria Di Biase, Edoardo Ferrario and Aurora Leone.


In each episode the four comedians have to perform without plot, following the challenges launched by the conductor or the public, sometimes individually, other times working in groups. The show will be available on Prime Video in late 2022.  

Comedy Specials

Is Prime Video testing the path of Italian stand-up comedy? In fact, they will soon be available on the platform a series of shows starring some of the Italian comedians more known and loved.

Here are the first protagonists announced and their release dates:

  • Alessandro Siani - July 26, 2022
  • Lillo and Greg - autumn 2022
  • Angelo Pintus - Coming soon
  • Enrico Brignano - Coming soon
  • Francesco Cicchella - Coming soon
  • Maurice Lastrico - Coming soon

The series


A project dedicated to the story ofinclusiveness and diversity. From the clips shown it looks like a series dedicated to a group of teenagers along the lines of Skam Italia. 

The 21 September 2022. 

Me Against You - The Royal Family 

Comes to Prime Video a series with protagonists Sofia and Luigi dei Me against You. Directed by Gianluca Liuzzi, the series will open a new chapter for the duo who creates content for the little ones on YouTube and which has already landed with great success also in the cinema.

In The Royal Family we will meet new characters from the world of Luì and Sofì, in a different format from the one seen so far on social media. In the first clip shown to the press, the high production level impresses, with external shots near a large villa: Luì and Sofì arrived by carriage to meet the royal family and are nervous and excited by this perspective. The plot of the series in fact provides that in this adventure He and Sofì are invited to the Queen's palace in Ardesia to meet her three wild grandchildren. 


Me Against You - The Royal Family will arrive on Prime Video on 30 September 2022. 

The Bad Guy 

Luigi Lo Cascio is the protagonist of this new Prime Video production. A mafia story which has at its center a bad man immersed in a crazy and wacky world, with a humorous streak. An honest and upright judge who seeks a super wanted is forced to change identity and to become quite different from who he was, pretending to be a criminal to the point of taking pleasure in playing his new role. 

The Bad Guy will be launched in all territories where Prime Video is present in theautumn 2022.

I'm Lillo

After the career relaunch obtained thanks to LOL, Lillo Petrolo becomes the protagonist of a series co-produced by Lucky Red and Prime Video.

It will be an alternative version of Lillo that of Sono Lillo. The showman plays a comedian who has not been successful except for the character of Posaman, from which he would like to break away but cannot. Everyone wants him as Posaman and he, who has begun to hate the character, ends up never being able to get out of the character, exasperating his wife Marzia who decides to leave him. The series tells of how comedians are perceived by the public and how they perceive themselves, among so many delusions and tics. 

In the cast also Pietro Sermonti in the role of the protagonist's agent, Corrado Guzzanti, Sara Lazzaro, Valerio Lundini, Emanuela Fanelli, Emanuela Girauld, Caterina Guzzanti. 

Sono Lillo will be available exclusively on Prime Video in 2023.   

Everybody Loves Diamonds

One series and one heist series starring Kim Rossi Stuart in the role of Leonardo Notarbartolo, daring thief from Palermo who stole a millionaire heist in Antwerp by stealing a large quantity of diamonds. The original hit came in 1952, while in the series it is set in the contemporary era. The cast will also include Anna Foglietta, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Carlotta Antonelli and Leonardo Lodi.

Everybody Loves Diamonds has a international cut, with many locations around Europe (starting from Antwerp) and part of the dialogues spoken in English. The cast includes two international actors of the caliber of Rupert Everett and Malcolm McDowell.

Everybody Loves Diamonds will arrive on Prime Video a spring 2023.

The documentaries

Kobe - An Italian story

Prime Video dedicates a documentary to the basketball legend Kobe Bryant. The Italian production will focus precisely on the years of childhood and adolescence spent by the champion on the Italian playgrounds.

Kobe - An Italian Story will arrive on Prime Video in 2022.  

Mahmood - Ja ti la Crediasa Crasa

After the doc dedicated to Laura Pausini, Prime Video has made a documentary that follows the two-time winner of Sanremo Mahmood. The documentary will follow the fabulous year of the artist launched in the Olympus of Italian music, also revealing some aspects of his private life.

The feature film was shot long all his European tour, telling the story of one of the most loved Italian artists. Mahmood-Ja ti la Crediasa Crasa explores Mahmood's most intimate relationships with people who have left a mark on his personal life: family, friends, collaborators.

Mahmood - Ja ti la Crediasa Crasa is coming to Prime Video soon.



Prime is also producing a thriller set in a near future where the old prisons are just a memory starring Stefano Accorsi.

The alternative to detention is a state of deep sleep in which to serve the sentence. Hypersleep is an efficient, economical and reliable system, at least until a psychologist in charge of monitoring the mental state of inmates is confronted with an inmate with no history. 

Hypersomnia will be available on Prime Video in 2022.  

Suddenly Christmas

Prime Video will give away to its subscribers a Christmas film starring Diego Abatantuono. Suddenly Natale tells the story of a little girl named Chiara. The little girl sees her grandfather Lorenzo only at Christmas, when the family goes to visit him in the mountains. But now the parents have decided to go to him in the summer, to ask him for help on how to tell the little girl that they are about to separate. But Lorenzo also has his own problems, but he is determined to give his granddaughter the last happy Christmas ... on August XNUMXth!

Suddenly Christmas is coming to Prime Video at Christmas 2022. 

Never say Kung Fu - Big trouble in the Esquiline

Lillo's second project with Prime is a film set in Rome. This is the official synopsis:

Davide, a shy 12-year-old boy forced to face the neighborhood's evil bully while trying not to make a bad impression on Yasmin, the girl he likes. To do this once and for all, he decides to turn to a bizarre Kung Fu master, Martino, a former B-Movie star now in decline and broke. Between unlikely training sessions, daring escapes and a few blows, Martino and Davide will grow up together and learn to face their fears.

Never Say Kung Fu - Big Trouble in the Esquiline will be available exclusively on Prime Video in 2023.  

The new film with and by Maccio Capatonda, produced by Lotus Production, a Leone Film Group company, in association with Medusa, will be available exclusively on Prime Video in 2023.  


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