Pamela Anderson did not give her consent to the making of Pam & Tommy

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Cover by Pamela Anderson did not give her consent to the making of Pam & Tommy

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee would very different opinions on Pam & Tommy, the Disney + miniseries starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan as one of the most transgressive and unfortunate couples of the 90s. The series tells how a private and home video with an erotic background shot by the two during the first year of their marriage became public after being stolen in November 1995. First best seller on the hard VHS circuit, then spread to the nascent Word Wide Web, that of Anderson and Lee is perhaps the most famous private sex movie ever. Its diffusion marked the end of the marriage between the two, involved in numerous legal events and depositions despite being the main victims of the affair.

On paper Pam & Tommy would like to give back to two public figures mocked because of this scandal dignity and respect, especially Pamela Anderson. In fact, the actress endured throughout the 90s to be the laughing stock of the whole of Hollywood: first because of her role as a sex symbol in skimpy red swimsuits in Baywatch, then as the involuntary protagonist of an explicit film seen from the middle. world, at some point even free of charge, online.


Pam & Tommy Pam & Tommy This comedy series tells the true story behind the release of the first viral video in history: the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape. Open tab

Even before the diffusion of the first episodes of the series (available in Italy on Disney +) many commentators and journalists wondered if the series it will not end up bringing new damage to the victim which he tries to rehabilitate, exposing it again to the media spotlight against his will. What do the protagonists think of this story? 

Pamela Anderson did not participate in the making of Pam & Tommy 

With the release of the first episodes of the series, many expect an official statement from the actress Pamela Anderson, who has not yet publicly announced that she thinks about it. However, it is not difficult to guess that her judgment regarding her is strongly negative. 

What we know for sure - for now - is that the Baywatch actress did not take part in any way in the making of the series: he hasn't read the scripts, he hasn't supervised the production nor given his green light to his portrait and the whole operation. Regarding this situation, actress Lily James said the production has tried "desperately" to get in touch with the actress and that her aim was to "portrayed as faithfully as possible". In these hours, however, numerous newspapers report rumors and confidential testimonies of people close to Anderson who attest that the actress live with great anguish the return to the limelight of a traumatic event for her. 


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Pamela on the set of Baywatch
Pamela Anderson has not given her consent or approval for the making of the Pam & Tommy series

Already in 2018, when the news was leaked that a series based on the story was in progress, the singer Courtney Love, friend of Anderson, he had harshly attacked everyone involved in production, accusing them of wanting to destroy a woman's life again. As already mentioned in the review of the series, it is very impressive to see the series knowing that whoever made it carried it forward knowing that Pamela Anderson did not agree, or at least had not given her approval.

Tommy Lee confronted Sebastian Stan 

The point of view of the other protagonist of the story is different, the drummer of Mötley Crüe and ex-husband of Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee. The musician had already made it known years ago that he had reviewed the film and found it "a normal shot of a married couple's vacation", without seeing anything scandalous. 

Lee he therefore gave his consent to make a series, saying not to worry about it, while not taking part in the realization in any way. The drummer also has agreed to confront Sebastian Stan, who plays him in the series, to help prepare the part.


It has been pointed out in many quarters that the series glosses over the most controversial passage concerning Lee. The man allegedly assumed violent attitudes against the ex Pamerla Anderson in front of the couple's newborn son. The series shows an argument in which Lee throws objects, but in reality he is wound up on trial for assaulting her wife while she was trying to protect the seven-week-old son she was holding in her arms. The musician remained in prison for six months. 

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