One Piece: Sanji's limited edition watch arrives in Japan

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One Piece, the manga of records thanks to its 440 million copies sold worldwide, has always inspired a wide range of products dedicated to its characters. We are not just talking about action figures, posters or t-shirts: in Japan everything was really created with the protagonists of the series created by Eiichiro Oda. Among the strangest products we have: umbrellas, toothbrushes, drinks, rugs, sheets and even toilet paper, all with a One Piece theme.

Among the many products made, Imperial Enterprise has partnered with the One Piece anime franchise, creating a brand in Japan called One Piece Premium Collection, which has so far made bags, wallets, earrings, necklaces and even watches.


The latest product in this collaboration is a wristwatch inspired by Sanji Vinsmoke, the famous cook of the Straw Hat crew. The clock is called All Blue and will be produced with an edition of only 999 pieces. The name of the watch is inspired by the legendary sea that Sanji wants to find, where all the seas of the world come together and where all kinds of fish can be found.

Imperial Enterprise's official online website, called PREMICO, began accepting pre-orders from July 16 for a price of around 265 euros per piece. The watch will be shipped to all who bought it in mid-October of this year.


As we can see in the images, the watch will be available with two types of straps, one in metal and one in leather; the price will remain unchanged regardless of the choice. On the face of the clock we see the restaurant symbol cheapness, where Sanji worked at the beginning of the series; then we notice that the hands have the shape of a fork and a knife and, finally, the figure of Sanji is drawn on the back of the object.

Sanji recently had a very important role in the manga. The latest saga just ended, that of Whole Cake Island, saw him among the main protagonists, as it was discovered all about his past and his family. The cook of Luffy's crew belongs to the Vinsmoke family, at the head of the independent kingdom called Germany 66. The Vinsmoke family is made up of mercenaries among the most powerful in the world of One Piece, who use genetic modifications and technological equipment to create the best soldiers.

What do you think of the watch dedicated to Sanji, would you buy it as a fan?

Source: Crunchyroll

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