One Piece: the official Monopoly dedicated to the famous manga arrives

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One Piece cover: the official Monopoly dedicated to the famous manga arrives

[Editorial Update, 16/10/2019] New images of the One Piece Monopoly.

The game in the version inspired by the manga and the anime of Eiichiro Oda can already be bought online in the English, German or French localization, while some online stores also give availability in Italian starting from 31 October or from the month of November 2019.


Recommended product € 46.08 from The Amazon € 45.55 from Winning moves

From the previews available on Amazon we can take a closer look at the board with the Straw Hat crew and some of the enemies and allies encountered throughout history up to the Dressrosa saga.

The One Piece Monopoly board
French edition of the board

From the images, we also see a preview of the special edition banknotes, and of the Unexpected and Probability cards that depict the characters and objects of the world of One Piece.

Unexpected and Probability: One Piece Monopoly cards
French edition for the Unexpected and Probability cards

The pieces, nine different, are instead inspired by Luffy's crew.

These are real miniatures with the features of the protagonists, instead of the traditional placeholders that we might have expected:

One Piece Monopoly Pawns: Luffy, Usopp, Nami, Sanji, Zoro, Chopper, Robin, Brook, Franky
Crew members become pawns

Will you play a match with the crew of the future King of the Pirates?

[Original article] The Monopoly it is undoubtedly the best known board game in the world, and at one time or another in life everyone has played it at least once. In recent years, several versions re-adapted and dedicated to famous franchises have begun to come out, and recently here are also the anime versions.

In recent months we have seen many different versions of Monopoly, from Stranger Things to Avengers: Endgame, up to some manga and anime such as Sailor Moon and My Hero Academia.

Finally, the version of the board game dedicated to the best-selling manga in the world has also arrived: One Piece.

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The AmiAmi site has put an image in its online shop dedicated to One Piece Monopoly, official product that will be on sale soon.


We still don't know if this variant of the classic game will have special rules and no pictures of the contents of the box have yet been shown, but the game will arrive in late September this year at a price of about 35 euros. Pre-orders are already open.

From what we can guess from the box, it can be seen that the characters will appear in their post-timeskip versions, as evidenced by their clothing and Zoro and Luffy's scars.

So we just have to wait for more details on the operation of this particular version of the Monopoly, given that we doubt that Luffy and the others will be able to arrive at Victory Park with their ship.

One Piece characters

One Piece is a manga born from the pencils of Eiichiro oda in 1997. In over twenty years it has reached the incredible number of 93 volumes still in continuation, becoming the comic created by a single best-selling author in the world with over 430 million copies. An equally long-lived anime was drawn from the manga, which this year celebrates twenty years from the first airing, and several animated films, of which the latest One Piece: Stampede, will be released in Japan this summer and in October. in Italy.

What do you think of One Piece's Monopoly, would you like to play with it?

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