What is Haki in One Piece? The types of Ambition (and who knows how to use them)

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With the arrival of the second part of the manga of One Piece, which roughly coincides with the two-year time skip and departure for the New World, an important concept is introduced within the work of Eiichiro oda, Namely the Haki or Ambition, as translated in the Italian version of the manga. This power is like a kind of spiritual energy that allows you to use fighting techniques never seen before. The fundamental use of this power, however, is to be able to fight on equal terms with those who use the Devil's Fruits, especially against those of the type Logia, that is, the elemental fruits that transform its users into the element itself, such as Ace's Foco Foco fruit or Aokiji's Frost Frost.

Up to that point, those who used a Rogia seemed unbeatable if not with some specific trick, such as water against the sand of Crocodile or the rubber of Luffy's body against Ener. Thanks to the Haki it is now possible to hit these powerful opponents even without having to think about certain tricks, making the Rogia-type fruits less omnipotent in appearance. But what is Haki specifically and how many types are there? Here are all the secrets about the powerful Ambition revealed.



What is Haki or Ambition

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Luffy vs Doflamingo Hak

This particular power has been present in One Piece actually since first chapter. When Shanks scares the Lord of the Seas who wants to eat little Luffy he clearly uses Ambition, only at the time it was too early to understand. He only started talking seriously about what Ambition is during the Sabaody Archipelago and Amazon Lily saga. Only after the Marineford War Silver Rayleigh, former deputy captain of the crew of Gol D. Roger, explains to Luffy what Haki is before the two years in which the protagonist will train himself to use this new power. To explain what Rayleigh is he uses these words:

Ambition is a latent power that all the people of the world have in them… something comparable to the aura, energy and charisma, which are concepts more familiar to human beings.

The concept behind it is very similar to that of the Chinese qi, ie of the spiritual force that flows inside human beings, often used in different martial arts. The Japanese word Haki is in fact made up of two kanji: the first meaning to conquer, supremacy and the second instead is precisely the Ki, that is the spirit, which is the same character that the Chinese use to indicate Qi and has the same meaning in Japanese as well.

The Haki actually appeared already in skypiea, the island of heaven, with the name of Mantra, a technique used by several warriors of Ener and by the self-styled god himself. In reality, despite in One Piece, it has become used by almost all the characters present in the New World after the time skip, Ambition is little known in the first half of the Rotta Maggiore. In the first part of the manga there are few characters who use it, and those few who manage to use the Haki in battle are all veterans and bigwigs in the world of One Piece. Brook is also amazed to see Rayleigh block a kick from Admiral Kizaru, with the power of the Rogia fruit of light, without going through it as it usually did. Brook is a pirate who, thanks to his fruit, has sailed for many years, yet having never been to the New World he had never heard of Ambition.

During Rayleigh's explanation to Luffy about what Haki is, the former deputy captain of Roger's crew tells of the existence of three different types of Ambition: that's what they are.

The three types of Haki

Despite being present in all people, it is not easy to be able to use the Haki in battle at will, and only a few chosen people are able to use it without any kind of training. Generally to use Ambition you need hard training or some shocking event that you bring out this power by force. Each person is also more inclined to use one of the three types of Ambition than another. Let's discover the particularities of each type.

 The Ambition of Perception

Shueisha / Toei Animation
One Piece perception ambition

In Japanese it is called Kenbunshoku no Haki and it is the first type of Ambition. Thanks to this ability it is possible perceive the presence of the surrounding living beings and once refined it also allows you to increase perception until you feel living beings far from your position and understand their number and intentions. Those who are very inclined in this type of ambition can even do it predict enemy attacks feeling the intention of each attack which is usually enveloped by an aura.

Charlotte katakuri, one of the three generals of Big Mom's crew and perhaps the most powerful member of the family since the Empress herself, has taken the Haki of Perception to new levels by managing to see even a few seconds into the future. Thanks to this ability he was able to predict every enemy hit, even if he was unable to understand how the future would change after his intervention. Luffy, during the epic battle against Katakuri, managed in part to learn this skill managing to greatly enhance his abilities to use the Haki of Perception.

Shueisha / Toei Animation
One Piece Ambition Katakuri perception

Despite the usefulness in battle of this type of Ambition, this one it is certainly not invincible. To use Perception skills you need a certain calm, moreover if there is no intention in the opponent's attack it is not possible to predict where he will strike. Luffy for example bounced his fists off a wall to prevent Ener from understanding the direction of his attacks with his Mantra. Also, even if you can figure out where an attack will hit, you still have to be quicker than the hit to avoid it. Luffy was able to hit Hancock's sister Sandersonia with Gear Second Boa speed during her first visit to Amazon Lily Island, despite her being able to read her moves.

The Ambition of Armor

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Luffy Ambition Armor

The Japanese name is Busoshoku no Haki and it is one of the most used ambitions within One Piece. Basically, the Ambition of Armor is capable of empower the user's body and attacks, making it even more durable. This level of use of the Haki of Armor is enough for being able to hit a user of Rogia fruits, able to make the body intangible by becoming the very element of its fruit. An attack made with this type of Ambition succeeds in striking the real essence of the opponent's body, ignoring changes due to Devil Fruit abilities. This also works on those who have a Paramisha fruit like Luffy's, who have seen the protective effects of his rubber body vanish in the face of such an attack.


Those who are more experienced in using this type of Haki are able to concentrate it in certain parts or throughout the body for harden it. When this happens the hardened body part acquires a typical shiny black color, which allows the body to be much more resilient and to inflict much greater damage than normal. The use of the Ambition of Armor does not negate that of the powers linked to the Devil Fruit, for example Luffy enhances all the shots of him in Gear Second and Third thanks to this type of Haki.

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Zoro Haki Armor

Another advanced way of use is called "infusion”And allows you to coat a weapon or object with this type of Haki. Zoro for example is able to coat his swords by making them turn black, making them both more resistant and powerful at the same time. Those who use this type of Haki make the weapons both more resistant and able to hit those who use Rogia fruits. The first use of this power was when Amazon Lily's Kuja warriors upgraded their arrows with Ambition of Armor to make them more powerful. In the Land of Wa this technique is widely used by swordsmen and is called Ryuo.

Finally, there is a last method of using the Haki of Armor, and this allows the issuance of the Ambition so as to strike from a distance. Sentoumaru of the Navy, used this type of Haki the first time he collided with Luffy, sending him flying away without even touching him. This technique is then further developed in the Land of Wa, where Luffy trains to be able to transmit his Haki inside the objects or the body of the opponents to hit them from the inside. According to the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates this is the key to being able to defeat the fearsome Kaido, one of the Four Emperors.

Ambition of the Conqueror King

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Ambition of the king One Piece

If the two previous Ambitions are possessed by anyone, the third is instead a prerogative of a few individuals all over the world. It is said that only one in a million people is able to use the Conqueror King's Ambition, which in Japanese is called Haoshoku no Haki. In fact, in One Piece only a few individuals such as Luffy, Shanks, Kaido, Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard can use it. This is also the first form of Ambition to appear in the manga when Shanks uses it in the first chapter against a sea monster.

The Conqueror King's Haki is a power linked to domination, it is said that in fact only those who are inclined to command or to be king can use it. When someone with this power appears, the World Government begins to keep an eye on him because he could become a threat to the whole world if he learns how to use it effectively. Unlike the other two types of Ambition, that of the Conqueror King you can't train normally, but it is related to the development of the individual's willpower.


Shueisha / Toei Animation
Luffy subconsciously awakens Haki

Those who are inclined to use this form of Haki can succeed dominate animals and beasts of all sizes only with the gaze, while if used at a wide range it can do instantly fainting anyone who does not have good willpower. Those who are expert in its use can direct this power towards specific targets, avoiding, for example, making their allies faint. Luffy, for example, was able to use this power unconsciously during the Marineford War by causing several people to swoon indiscriminately. Shanks, on the other hand, showed full control during his visit to Whitebeard, knocking out several simple pirates of the great Emperor's crew. After the two-year time skip, Luffy has shown that he can use this power at will, such as being able to easily control the fearsome Kraken while he went with his crew to the Island of the Fish Men.

When two powerful users of the Conqueror King's Haki collide with each other, this ability is powerful enough to create a storm in the battle zone which destroys everything around the battle zone. The first time this phenomenon was witnessed was in the battle in the Dressrosa arena between Luffy and Chinjao, but a more concrete example is during the flashback of Oden during the saga of the Country of Wa during the clash between Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, who created a rift in the sky and a storm so strong that it almost destroyed the entire island.

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Haki King Conqueror battle

A new method of using the Conqueror King's Ambition was recently discovered in the One Piece manga, they follow spoiler.

Spoilers alert! Click to reveal In the fight between Luffy and Kaido, the Straw Hat pirate discovered that Kaido infuses this type of Haki into his attacks and once he understood he began to replicate the same thing in his blows, finally managing to injure the fearsome Emperor. At the moment it appears that this infusion is similar to that used for Armor Ambition, the shots can hit even from a distance without physically touching the opponent and generate a kind of black lightning when they hit. This effect was also seen in the battle between Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard. The power generated with the Conqueror King's Haki infusion is immense, and is far superior to even the most powerful uses of Ambition Armor. In fact, Luffy using the Armor could barely resist the blows of Kaido, while now he manages to defend himself very well, also managing to counterattack and injure his opponent. This is probably just the beginning of the true capabilities related to the Ambition of the Conqueror King, which for the moment is the one that has been least shown in all of One Piece.

The main users of Haki

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Luffy Haki Gear Fourth

With the arrival of the Straw Hat crew in the new world, the users of Haki have increased dramatically. All the most powerful characters in the manga now know how to use it, but not only. In elite crews like that of Big Mom or Kaido, even many lesser members are able to use at least the basics of Perception and Armor Ambition. Since there are so many users of Haki in One Piece let's analyze the main characters who know how to use it.

Luffy's crew

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Luffy Wano Haki

In Luffy's crew the main users of Haki are Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. Also Usopp he managed to awaken the Haki of Perception abilities during the battle of Dressrosa, managing to hit Sugar from a huge distance after having distinctly perceived his presence along with that of Luffy and Law.

Luffy he is the best trained in the use of Ambition. In fact, he manages to use both that of perception and that of armor very well. Thanks to his knowledge of Haki he managed to create the Gear Fourth, which mainly uses the skills of the Ambition of Armor. Luffy is also one of the few characters able to use the Conqueror King's Ambition, although for the moment she is the one she has used least in major battles, but that may change with the battle in the Land of Wa.

Zoro he specializes mainly in the Haki of Armor; being a swordsman he is able to best use the infusion of his Haki into his swords to make them more powerful and resistant. Despite this he has shown that he can also use the Haki of perception on some occasions, even if he is not as good at using it as Luffy. It also seems that Zoro may still hide some surprises in the use of these abilities according to the events in the saga of the Country of Wa.

Dreams he is instead very expert in the use of Perception Haki, in fact he is able to easily dodge even gunshots at close range, as demonstrated during the Whole Cake Island saga, and is also able to perceive the true emotions of those who faces and is able to distinctly perceive the presence of allies and enemies even at long distances. Sanji is also able to use the Haki of Armor by empowering his legs to make his kicks even more powerful.

Marina Militare

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Marina Ambition

Within the Navy there are many who know how to use Haki, especially in the upper echelons. All Admirals they are able to use the Haki of Perception and Armor at high levels, although until now Kizaru, Akainu and Aokiji have mostly made use of the powers of their Devil Fruit. The new admiral Fujitora, being blind, he has shown a great talent in using the Haki of Perception, with which he is able to perceive everything around him even without sight.

Smoker and Tashigi also became able to use the Haki after the two-year time skip. Smoker is very skilled in the use of the Haki of Armor, with which he is able to dress his peculiar weapon, while tashigi She is not yet in full control of her abilities, although, being a swordswoman, she seems primarily inclined to use Ambition of Armor, infusing it into her swords. Also Kobi and Hermeppo, who appeared as Navy recruits at the beginning of the manga and became more and more important within the organization, are able to use at least the Ambition of Perception. Kobi was able to unlock this ability in the shock of Marineford's great war. In the end garp, Luffy's grandfather, is renowned for his skill with the Haki of Armor.

The Four Emperors

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Haki Big Mom Armor

All the Emperors of the New World they master Haki at a high level, and all are also gifted with the Conqueror King's Ambition. Big Mom, Kaido, Shanks, and Whitebeard manage to use all three types of Haki at very high levels. After Whitebeard's death, Blackbeard has taken his place, but his ability with Haki is still uncertain as he has never seen himself fight seriously.

Big mom he is very skilled above all in using the Haki of Armor with which he is able to enhance his fists to inflict lethal blows. Kaido he is able to use the Haki of Armor just as effectively and is able to use to make his blows more powerful even that of the Conqueror King. We saw then Shanks use only the Conqueror King's Haki at the moment, but it seems obvious that he knows how to use the other two types well as well.

Furthermore, many underlings of the Four Emperors are able to use Haki at high levels such as for example Katakuri previously mentioned, Charlotte Cracker, Perospero and Smoothie of the Big Mom crew; The Tobiroppos and All Stars of Kaido's crew are also able to master Ambition. We have also seen in Blackbeard's crew Jesus Burgess to Dressrosa to fight using the Haki of the Armor, confirming that in the most powerful crews in the world of One Piece the use of the Haki is a foregone conclusion.

The Supernova and other pirates

Shueisha / Toei Animation
Law vs Vergo Ambition

Among the other most important users of Haki we find several members of the Worst of Generations along with Luffy and Zoro. Eustass Kid according to Kaido, he should be able to use even the Conqueror King's Haki; Trafalgar law instead he used the Haki of Armor in battle, a skill also used by X Drake. Basil Hawkins, on the other hand, saw himself using the Ambition of Perception.

Among the other pirates to use the Ambition are also many members and former members of the Fleet of Seven. jinbe, a former member of the Starfleet and now an ally of Luffy, is very skilled in using the Haki of Armor. Boa hancock he was one of the first members to demonstrate his skill with the Haki, even being in possession of that of the Conqueror King. Also donquixote doflamingo He was shown to have all 3 Ambition types during the Battle of Dressrosa, proving particularly adept with the Armor type. Even if he has not yet fought in a serious manner it is obvious that too Dracule Mihawk he is very experienced in the use of Haki having taught it to Zoro during the two years of time skip.

There are probably still many characters who have to demonstrate the full power of Ambition, such as many members of the Revolutionary Army, at the moment we have mainly seen Sabo able to use the Haki of Armor, but we are sure that in the future there will be many more characters with interesting new techniques.

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