One Piece: chapter 974 sheds light on an important betrayal

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One Piece cover: chapter 974 sheds light on an important betrayal

The Wa Land saga continues its run within One Piece, which in recent months has seen a long flashback that has clarified many obscure points both on the history of the current island, obviously inspired by Feudal Japan, and touching on very important aspects for the general history of the manga created by Eiichiro oda.

Il chapter 974 is the latest release, and with this the long flashback linked to the story of kozuki oden, father of Momonosuke and former member of the crew of Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, and who also showed the rise to power of the evil Kurozumi Orochi, the current Shogun of Wa. In this chapter we have finally discovered a detail about a suspicion that had existed for a long time, namely the presence of a traitor which was confirmed right between the pages of the comic.


Shueisha / Toei Animation
One Piece anime Wa no Kuni

If you are interested and want to find out who is the traitor from you, then you can read chapter 974 translated into English on the pages of MangaPlus of Shueisha, or go ahead and read.

Spoilers alert! Click to reveal The flashback has finally ended, revealing really important details even in its last pages. We found that Kyoshiro the mad, leader of the criminals of Wa and apparently faithful subject of Orochi, is none other than Denjiro, one of Oden's main underlings, who deceived the Shogun and took care of Hyori, the second daughter of Oden and Momonosuke's sister. The assassination seen in the previous chapters had been planned by the two so that Orochi could not get his hands on the courtesan. Denjiro now is waiting for nothing but the right moment to take revenge together with his companions for the death of their beloved leader Kozuki Oden, which came at the hands of Orochi and Kaido. Kin'emon and the other samurai. The day of the battle arrived and everyone was ready to storm Onigashima to challenge Kaido and Orochi, but the forces of 4200 samurai did not show up and neither did the ships that were supposed to carry them. In desperation, Oden's remaining underlings embark on a small boat to continue their plan to assault the island. Doubt assails them given the unforeseen events that just happened, and Kin'emon wonders if they are among their ranks a traitor is hidingUnexpectedly right Kanjuro, the one who seemed to be one of Oden's most faithful men, present alongside Luffy and his crew since the Dressrosa saga, turns out to be the traitor. His real name is indeed Kurozumi Kanjuro, belonging to the Kurozumi clan just like Orochi. Belonging to a family of actors of the Kabuki theater, his parents were killed during their show by the crowd because they belonged to the clan that has, in ancient times, tried to assassinate the Shogun despite their only fault being having the same surname as their evil one. ancestor.
Shueisha / Toei Animation
Kanjuro the traitor
The traitor Kanjuro
After this tragedy the young Kanjuro was approached by Orochi, which convinced him to play the role of faithful servant of the Kozuki family, in order to become a spy for him even willing to die in playing that perfect role. Kanjuro, no longer a reason to live, accepted with great joy Orochi's proposal so that he could find a place where he could die. Upon hearing these words, Kin'emon tries to kill what he once considered his ally by cutting off his head, but the traitor is not with them as the one just hit is actually an animated drawing. We recall in fact that Kanjuro ate a Fruit of the Devil which allows it to animate whatever it designs. Until now all of his allies were convinced that he was bad at drawing and that his creations were flawed, but apparently even his inability was just another deception.The real Kanjuro is actually still on the mainland and holds in your own hand Momonosuke, declaring that he will take it to Orochi to ensure that the lineage of the Kozuki clan can be extinguished. Hope now seems lost, in fact different warships of Kaido's crew arrived ready to sink the small samurai lifeboat, when suddenly one of them is hit by a cannon.
Shueisha / Eiichiro Oda
One Piece Japan art
Luffy, Trafalgar law and also Eustass Kid, the three pirates of the worst generation, arrive on their ships starting the counterattack; Kanjuro is also surprised by this arrival as he hasn't heard anything like it. Luffy, speaking to Kaido's men, tells them to leave the samurai alone, because at sea you fight against pirates. Finally the final battle begins.

One Piece is currently arriving at the 95 volume in Japan, in the middle of the saga of the Country of Wa, one of the most important ever made by Eiichiro Oda who pits Luffy's crew against Kaido of the Hundred Beasts, one of the Four Emperors. 

You have read chapter 974, what do you think?

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