One Piece reaches the milestone of 1000 episodes and announces the arrival of a new film

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One Piece has reached a very important milestone for the anime, in fact in Japan it has just aired episode number 1000. There have been many celebrations around the world, especially by fans for the achievement of the thousand episodes. For the occasion, the new episode has re-proposed the historical theme of the anime "We Are!", The very first theme song of the anime in its Japanese version, updated however at the current moment in the history of the anime, with the whole crew complete including the newcomer Jinbe.


Among the other tributes dedicated to reaching the 1000 episodes there is a new artwork dedicated to the protagonist Luffy and a video created by Crunchyroll, platform that is currently broadcasting the anime in simulcast all over the world, which has made a video in which it is included a second of each episode from the very first one up to the number 1000. The length of this video is a good 17 minutes and beyond, just to make it clear how long the One Piece anime is. The series in fact began in Japan in October 1999, and it aired without interruption for 22 years in a row telling us the incredible adventures of Luffy and his crew.


However, the series is getting closer and closer to the finish line, currently in fact, both in the anime and in the manga the final part of the Saga of the Country of Wa, very important for the purposes of the story given that the Straw Hat crew is facing two of the Four Emperors together with numerous allies, namely Kaido and Big Mom. Eiichiro Oda himself said that once this saga is over, the anime will enter the final part of its history, even if it is likely that it will still take another 4 or 5 years to see the conclusion, again according to what the author himself said. The Country of Wa Saga will almost certainly come to its conclusion in 2022, and we can't wait to finally enter the final saga of the opera. In the meantime, however, a new important announcement has arrived.

One Piece Red, the new animated film arrives

Taking advantage of the important milestone of reaching 1000 episodes, the arrival of a new animated film dedicated to One Piece was also announced. The title of the new film will be one piece red, a short teaser trailer of just 30 seconds showed us some details about the new film, which will have at the center of the story a new female character who is presumed to be a singer, and, as seen from the end of the teaser, Shanks will probably have a very important within the film. On the other hand, it is no coincidence that the nickname of the famous pirate is "the Red".

Eiichiro oda revealed with a message to be involved in the first person in the writing of the story and in the design of the new characters of the film, just as happened with Gold and Stampede, the two previous films. The new film will be directed Goro Taniguchi, famous for being the director of Code Geass and other major anime. Oda recalled in his message that the first animated incarnation of One Piece, an OAV with an unpublished story released before the official anime, had been directed by Taniguchi himself, who said he was honored to be able to return to work on One Piece. The film is currently scheduled for the next August 6th in Japan, and for the moment we will have to wait for more information on the history of One Piece Red.

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