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NoSpoiler is constantly growing and is looking for new newsers to add to its staff. If writing TV series and / or movies is your passion or it is already your job and you want to collaborate with NoSpoiler, apply via the Google Form, which you find HERE.

The newser we are looking for will take care of the daily writing of five news items (minimum 300 words) concerning the world of cinema and TV series.


The role will be filled from home: all you need is an Internet connection and a terminal (computer, laptop, tablet) to access the portal and write the news.


A period of training and regularly paid trial is foreseen, at the end of which the insertion in the editorial office will be evaluated.

If you think you have the right requirements to be a newser on and you want to test yourself, apply now.

Attention: sending the application does not automatically give access to the test.

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Here's how the theme song for The Walking Dead has changed

Read on to see what changes there have been to the opening theme song for Part Three of The Walking Dead Season Eleven.
Author: Francesca Musolino ,
Here's how the theme song for The Walking Dead has changed

Longtime fans of The Walking Dead are accustomed from the start to noticing the changes that have taken place over the years in the opening theme of the TV series. An iconic symbol of this gradual metamorphosis is undoubtedly to be associated with the so-called logo, that is the title of the series that punctually appears at the end of the initials; and that with the passing of the seasons, it has slowly deteriorated a bit like the apocalyptic world, except from time to time "flourish" always at the same pace with what happens in the plot.

Since season nine of The Walking Dead which marked a change in several aspects, including the release of the protagonist and the inclusion of some notable time jumps, the opening theme of the series has been completely changed and compared to the previous one, it has maintained only the Bear McCreary soundtrack. In view of the third part of season eleven, which establishes the last eight episodes of the series, this acronym has been partially renewed starting from episode seventeen which opens this last block.

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