Netflix, password sharing: the new rules

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Netflix cover, password sharing: the new rules

[UPDATE] Warning: there is an update that we tell you about in the article entitled Password sharing, Netflix backs down and admits the mistake.

As has already been announced, Netflix will end shared accounts in 2023. What all subscribers are probably wondering is what will happen to those who share a Netflix account, how to continue sharing the Netflix subscription and above all when the new Netflix laws come into force.


First of all, Netflix has not yet communicated the exact date on which the new password sharing laws will take effect. But it seems clear that the end of shared passwords is near.

Each Netflix account will have a primary location

Netflix describes how it detects household devices

The first Netflix revolution is that the American streaming service will establish for each account what is the main position of the subscription and therefore what is the household.

Since it is possible to watch Netflix with your subscription even when you are away from home, Netflix however wants to know exactly which "home" the account used refers to.


To establish the main location of your subscription, Netflix will learn some information about the IP address (i.e. the address that basically identifies the devices connected to your home connection), the ID (i.e. the identifier) ​​of the devices you use to view Netflix and the type of activity there is on that account.

So in short: the internet account that generates the most streaming traffic will be identified as the "top location".

All other devices in the same household will need to be associated with the primary Netflix account and connect to essentially the same internet network. This way you can continue to watch the streaming service.

Netflix may block some devices

The main position determined by the access data to the streaming service of the big red N must be active, i.e. it must actually be used to watch Netflix TV series and movies. This will need to happen at least once every 31 days.


Otherwise Netflix could lock the device.

How can you watch Netflix outside the home?

When you are away from home and want to watch Netflix from your mobile phone or tablet, you can do so but the device must have previously been associated with the main location.


If the device will be blocked because it has not been used for more than 31 days to watch Netflix or because it has a different IP, then you will need to request a Netflix unlock code that lasts for 7 days.

However, the unlock code may not be granted to those who are not part of the family unit, who regularly use the main position.

How do you watch Netflix away from home for more than 7 days?

Netflix explains how to use the unlock code

The unlock code, also called temporary access code, may also be requested if you move to another home for a temporary period. For example, if you move to a holiday home by the sea or in the mountains, you can ask for this unlock code.


In this case, when requesting the code, you must specify the need to watch Netflix for more than 7 days away from home.

Stop sharing passwords: the unresolved questions

Currently, February 1, 2023, Netflix has not yet communicated from what date all this will be in place and has not even explained some points well.

Some of the questions that arise spontaneously are:

  1. If more than one IP is using the account consistently, which one will be identified as the primary one?
  2. If you use a VPN (here are the best VPNs to watch Netflix) or a tool capable of hiding the IP address what happens? How does Netflix find the main account?
  3. How many devices can I have associated with the main account?

We will keep you promptly updated on the next news!

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