Netflix, the news of June 2020: Thirteen 4, Curon and Da 5 Bloods are out

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Cover of Netflix, the news of June 2020: Thirteen 4, Curon and Da 5 Bloods are out

Netflix prepares to welcome many news a June 2020, both in terms of movies and TV series. If the May has enriched the catalog with Hollywood, original series by Ryan Murphy, e The Eddy, musical miniseries from the director of La La Land, among the most anticipated titles of June are the fourth season of Thirteen e From 5 Bloods - Like Brothers.

In addition to the new Spike Lee film, which tells the story of four African American veterans returning to Vietnam, among the original films it is worth mentioning Eurovision Song Contest: the story of the Fire Saga, centered on the Icelandic couple of musicians Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Ericksdottir who participate in the most important competition in the world.


As for the TV series produced in the house, apart from Thirteen 4 which will resume telling the events after the death of Bryce Walker, June 2020 brings the second season of The Politician, centered on the young Payton who dreams of becoming president of the United States.

Among the brand new shows that debut in streaming with a first season there is instead The Woods: Polish thriller based on the novel Summer of Death, follows the story of a Warsaw prosecutor who has never completely overcome the mysterious disappearance of his sister twenty-five years earlier. The man's hopes are rekindled when he discovers that another person's disappearance seems to have some connection with his family tragedy. Another important news is Cure, an Italian production set in South Tyrol where mystery, legend and reality come together to give life to an incredible journey of self-discovery.

Documentary fans can rely on Lenox hill, which offers an intimate look at the indispensable work of four doctors at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, e The spelling of a dream, on the tendency of Indo-American citizens to excel in the Scripps National Spelling Competition since 1999.

On the animation front, Netflix is ​​preparing to welcome the first two sagas of One Piece, but also A Whisker Away, the second feature film by Studio Colorido centered on a girl who, in order to get close to her flame, ends up transforming into a cat.


Below you can see the complete list of the new releases of June 2020 on the platform (the most relevant titles are in bold). The catalog is constantly updated. 

Netflix original TV series

TV Series

Animated series and animated films

Netflix original movies


Documentaries and reality shows

Stand-up and comedy

Coming Soon on Netflix in July 2020

What content is Netflix announcing for July 2020? At the moment the second season of The Umbrella Academy, the successful original series based on the graphic novel of the same name by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bà. New episodes will be available from July 31. To give the announcement a video that recreates one of the symbolic scenes of the first season, in which all the protagonists are in their respective rooms and start dancing to the sound of music.

Fixed for 10 July the release of the film The Old Guard, action thriller starring a group of immortal mercenaries led by Charlize Theron. After going unnoticed for thousands of years, hiding their ability to resurrect, the fighters meet a new person with the same power.


The Old Guard The Old Guard Just when they discover a new immortal, four warriors who have been protecting humanity for centuries come under fire due to their mysterious powers. Open tab

Ju On: Origins, prequel series to the story told in The Grudge, will be available on Netflix from July 3. The plot will revolve around the paranormal investigator Odajima, called to discover the truth about what happens in the apartment of television star Haruka Honjo. The woman, in fact, in the middle of the night hears disturbing footsteps in the rooms of her home, and the detective will have to investigate to understand the origin of the evil.

To keep up to date on new releases and the schedule of the Netflix platform, you can consult the catalog Thu.

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