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With the Netflix releases arriving from 5 to 11 December 2022, you begin to breathe in the scent of the magical Christmas atmosphere.

As for the TV series, among the best Netflix releases from 5 to 11 December, the first season of the Italian TV series arrives in streaming I hate Christmas with Pilar Fogliati in the title role.


Another highly anticipated title among the TV series is the second part of the first season of The Paper House: Korea, a South Korean remake of the Spanish television series of the same name.

We also advise you not to miss the film Points wedding, a romantic comedy directed by Argentine director Sebastián De Caro with Juan Minujín on the set together with actress and model Luisana Lopilato.

Among the Netflix original films, the new and highly anticipated animated adaptation of the children's story by Carlo Collodi stands out. The film Pinocchio sees Guillermo del Toro directing with the support of the talented Mark Gustafson for stop-motion.

Finally, we suggest the romantic movie Burning Patience. Directed by Rodrigo Sepúlveda and based on the novel by Antonio Skarmeta, Ardente Pazienza will take you into a poetic world of metaphors and verses in the company of Neruda.

In this article you will find the complete list of Netflix streaming releases for the week from 5 to 11 December 2022, with trailer, plot, cast and release date.

To consult all the Netflix releases of the month of December, we refer you to our complete article New Netflix releases: all the news of the month of December 2022.

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Point Wedding - Movie


Romantic comedy with a nod to technology. The original title of the film is Matrimillas, a term that combines the words "marriage" and "miles", like the bonus offered by airlines. The original title refers to a particular dynamic in love relationships, that is accumulating good deeds only to obtain a sort of credit for good behavior to be redeemed in exchange for benefits and favours.

The plot: A couple is going through a serious crisis. They consult specialists and seek help from friends to fix their relationship, but everything fails. Finally they find a strange solution: an app that adds and subtracts virtual "miles" based on the gestures they make towards each other. But what begins as a game turns into chaos and the obsession with racking up points spirals out of control.

  • Why see it: Marriage in Points is the perfect film for hopeless romantics. The plot revolves around a couple whose marriage has become boring and everything leads towards separation, yet neither of them is willing to give up

Actors and actresses who are part of the cast of the film Marriage to Watch:

  • Juan Minujín appeared in other Netflix titles such as 2016-2022's El Marginal and 2022's La ira de Dios
  • Luisana Lopilato in 2014 starred in the Italian television series A good season, broadcast in prime time on Rai 1

When does the film Marriage to points come out?

Among the upcoming Netflix releases from December 5 to 11, 2022, the film Marriage in Points is available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday, December 7.

Ardent Patience - Movie

Ardente Pazienza is the adaptation of the novel Il postino by Neruda (which in 1994 also inspired the film Il postino with Massimo Troisi) by the Chilean author Antonio Skármeta. Burning Patience is the first film made in Chile for Netflix. It is a love story centered on Mario, a young fisherman in love who dreams of becoming a poet.


The plot: Mario is a young fisherman and Pablo Neruda's personal letter carrier during his exile. Mario will be helped by the famous poet to conquer the beautiful Beatriz. 

  • Why see it: In a world driven by speed and by little attention to the most authentic feelings, a film like Ardente Pazienza can make us rediscover those emotions that deeply move us

Burning Patience Actors and Actresses to Watch:

  • Andrew Bargsted is a film, theater and television actor best known in the Chilean landscape. He made his debut in 2015 in the films Locas perdidas by Ignacio Juricic and You will never be alone by Álex Anwandter. He is also known for his participation in the 2021 My brothers dream awake TV series
  • Vivianne Dietz is a Chilean stage and television actress, known for her debut character Belén González in the 2017 TV series Wena profe

When is the movie Burning Patience coming out?

Among the upcoming Netflix releases from December 5 to 11, 2022, the film Burning Patience is available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday, December 7.

Pinocchio - animated film

Guillermo del Toro's film Pinocchio is a very particular reinterpretation of the classic by Carlo Collodi. The Blue Fairy takes on the appearance of a blue sphinx, the complicated father-son relationship between Geppetto and Pinocchio becomes absolutely central and the historical background is that of a fascist Italy. In addition to del Toro, there are also other top names: Pinocchio is filmed in stop-motion thanks to the talent of Mark Gustafson and the musical accompaniment is the brainchild of the French composer Alexandre Desplat.

The plot: In Mussolini's Italy, a poor carpenter named Geppetto mourns the death of his beloved son Carlo. Losing him drives him into deep despair. Geppetto thus decides to sculpt a new "son" from the trunk of a tree planted near Carlo's tomb. Jiminy Cricket, Blue Fairy, the Cat and the Fox, Candlewick, they're all really there.

  • Why see it: In many reinterpretations of Pinocchio, respect for the infantile target has faded the transgressive soul of the work. Del Toro's style is everywhere in this film. The atmospheres differ greatly from Disney-style adaptations, embracing darker situations. Pinocchio thus becomes a political fairy tale worthy of the film Pan's Labyrinth, also signed by Del Toro

The voice actors and voice actresses who are part of the cast of the film Pinocchio to watch:

  • Voice actors of the Italian version are Massimiliano Manfredi, Bruno Alessandro, Ciro Clarizio, Mario Cordova, Giulio Bartolomei, Tiziana Avarista, Stefano Benassi and Franca D'Amato

When does the animated film Pinocchio come out?

Among the upcoming Netflix releases from December 5 to 11, 2022, the film Pinocchio is available to stream on Netflix from Friday, December 9.

I Hate Christmas - TV Series, Season 1

The TV series I Hate Christmas, filmed between Chioggia and other small towns in the Veneto region, is the Italian adaptation of the Norwegian TV series Christmas with a Stranger by Per-Olav Sørensen. The Italian version is signed by Elena Bucaccio, Viola Rispoli and Silvia Leuzzi, directed by CRIC (Davide Mardegan and Clemente De Muro).

The plot: Gianna lied to the family telling them that she is in a stable relationship. Gianna is a thirty-year-old single who must find a partner within 24 days, before Christmas arrives. In this way she hopes to bring the poor victim to the family dinner so as not to disappoint mum and dad's expectations. But does Gianna really hate Christmas with the family or is it all a pose?

  • Why see it: I hate Christmas is a series that talks about loneliness before the holidays, but does so with a warning: the most important person to satisfy is ourselves

Actors and actresses who are part of the cast of the TV series I Hate Christmas to Watch:

  • Pilar Fogliati in the role of the protagonist Gianna. Fogliati is known for the dramas Un passo dal cielo and Cuori. More recently, Fogliati is also in the cast of the 2022 film Corro da te directed by Riccardo Milani

When is the TV series I Hate Christmas coming out?

Among the upcoming Netflix releases from December 5 to 11, 2022, the TV series Hate Christmas season 1 is available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday, December 7.

Paper House: Korea 1 - TV Series, Season 1 (Part 2)

Paper House: Korea is a 2022 South Korean television series, a remake of the Spanish television series of the same name. The TV series is written by Ryu Yong-jae and directed by Kim Hong-sun. Tense and engaging, House of Paper: Korea boasts a cast that also includes stars of Lost and Squid Game.

The plot: In a hypothetical future, the two North and South Koreas are unified after years of conflict. Thus a joint economic area with a new common currency was born. The Professor, a sharp-minded criminal and keen strategist, hires other pseudo-bandits and law-abiding people to carry out a robbery in the Korean State Mint. There won't be a few unexpected events, especially due to the friction between the characters in the gang.

  • Why see it: The Asian remake of La Casa di Carta (original title La casa de papel) manages to rework the original subject by adapting it perfectly to the peculiarities of Korean culture

House of Paper: Korea actors and actresses to watch:

  • Kim Yun-jin as the pragmatic Woo-jin. Yun-jin is already known for playing the character Sun Kwon in Lost
  • Park Hae-soo as Berlin. Hae-soo is famous for his role as Cho Sang-woo, also known as Player 218, in the recent TV series Squid Game

When is House of Paper: Korea TV series coming out?

Among the upcoming Netflix releases from December 5 to 11, 2022, Paper House TV Series: Korea Season 1 (Part 2) is available to stream on Netflix from Saturday, December 10.

Cover image from I Hate Christmas by Netflix

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