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2022 promises to be like a very special year for the Japanese animation world. The animated series announced so far are so many and among these there are great returns and absolute novelties highly anticipated by fans. In fact, we move from the last part of the final season of The Attack of the Giants to the return of My Hero Academia with an important sixth season towards the autumn, until the arrival of some highly anticipated series such as Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family. Surprisingly, 2022 will also see the return from the past of some historic anime, with the arrival of a new animated series dedicated to Lum and an animated film dedicated to Slam Dunk. Obviously the new year will almost certainly reserve too new pleasant surprises, which we do not yet know, coming in the coming months, but the titles planned so far are already many and all very valid. So let's find out which are these long-awaited new souls arriving for the year just arrived.



The Attack of the Giants: the final season

About a year ago the fourth and final season of The Attack of the Giants debuted, close to the release of the last chapters of the manga of Hajime Isayama. In April 2021 the last chapter was released and at the same time study Map, new studio to deal with the animated series, took a break to be able to work on the last part of the story. These days finally begins the last part of the fourth season, which should bring fans of the animated version of the manga to the shocking ending already seen in the comic. The series, which he did the history of Japanese animation over the past 10 years, will finally come to its conclusion; therefore all that remains is to wait with trepidation for the arrival of the final word for the events of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and all the other characters so dear to the fans.

spy x family

Born in 2019 as a manga in digital format on the online magazine Shonen Jump +, the work of Tatsuya endo it soon became one of the most popular of the Shueisha publishing house, so much so that the sales of the first volumes were in no way inferior to the series featured in the historic print magazine. With such success it was assumed that Spy x Family would also arrive in an animated version, sooner or later. Last year the release of the anime was confirmed and now we finally have a date too: Spy x Family will arrive in Japan in theApril 2022.

The story of this funny comedy has a very special family as its protagonist. Lloyd Forger, known by the codename Twilight, he is an excellent spy, among the best in his country. One day he is entrusted with a very complex and delicate mission: to infiltrate an enemy country and here discover the plans of an important warmongering politician. To succeed in her assignment, however, she will have to create "a family" as a cover. Amidst various vicissitudes Loid will adopt from an orphanage Anya, a five-year-old girl who can read minds, and will take as a wife Yor, apparently a normal employee of the city hall, but in reality a fearsome hitman known as thorn princess. Loid and Yor are not aware of their partner's secret identity, only Anya knows the truth, thanks to her special power. The series will revolve around the fun adventures of this unlikely family and we can't wait to see the vicissitudes of Lodi, Yor and Anya also in an animated version.

My Hero Academia Season 6

Announced last Jump Party of December, we already know that the sixth season of My Hero Academia is scheduled for next fall; promises to be very important, in fact it will adapt one of the most anticipated manga sagas, the war against the Liberation Front of the supernatural. This part of the story will involve practically all the Heroes known up to this moment in a battle against the new army of villains, now commanded by Shigaraki after the merger between the Union of Villains and the Liberation Army of the Superpowers previously led by Ri -Right. One of the most important moments in the history created by the mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, which will lead the way towards the final saga of the opera. The author himself has made it known, always during the Jump Festa, that the manga could even end in about a year, if all goes well. This portends that even the anime will be able to see, within a couple of years, the arrival of its final season.

Chainsaw man


One of the most anticipated anime of the year, based on a famous Shonen Jump manga. Chainsaw Man was made by Tatsuki fujimoto and the first part of the manga ended at the end of 2020. During the last Jump Festa, the author announced the start of the second part for the summer of 2022, in the meantime, however, at an unspecified moment of this new year. , the anime will also arrive, which already from the first trailers seems to have very high quality animations. In fact, at the realization of this series we find Study Map, already famous for adapting Jujutsu Kaisen and the fourth season of Attack of the Giants, and we can't wait to see their work on Chainsaw Man.

The story has as its protagonist Denji, a young homeless orphan living in a world where humanity's fears come to life in the form of creatures called "Devils". Denji, in wandering about him will make friends with pochita, a kind of dog that is actually the material form of the Chainsaw Devil. For a living, the two will start hunting Devils for the Yakuza, but one day the Zombie Devil takes possession of his employers who, transformed, kill Denji. The latter then makes a pact with Pochita, who replaces the boy's heart and transforms him into a hybrid between human and devil. In this form, Denji manages to eliminate the Devil Zombie; he is then recruited by Running away, a government official who is in charge of exterminating the Devils to maintain order and protect the population. Denji will thus begin his adventure as a hunter of Devils together with many other colleagues, human and non-human. The ultimate goal will be to eliminate the terrible Devil Gun, personification of fear of firearms and responsible for a massacre unprecedented in history.

Made in Abyss season 2


After a long wait, the second season finally arrives also for Made in Abyss, an anime that has obtained a fair amount of popularity thanks to a fascinating story and the strong contrast between the topics covered and the design of the characters. In fact, the first season came in 2017 and since then only two animated films have been released. The new season will be titled Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun and will come at an unspecified time of 2022.

The story of the anime has as a protagonist Riko, a young orphan who lives in the city of Orty, close to an immense and seemingly bottomless chasm called theAbyss. This place is the only corner of the world that has remained unexplored, and inside there are relics of inexplicable nature and mysterious creatures, often even dangerous. No one knows the origin of the Abyss and, although it is very dangerous to venture there, there are many adventurers who try to explore it, often never returning to the surface. Riko dreams of becoming a great explorer just like her mother, a very famous prospector who never returned to the surface. Riko, after receiving a mysterious message coming right from her abyss, is convinced that her mother is still alive and, as she ventures into the first level, she meets Reg, a robot with the likeness of a child who remembers nothing of his past. Reg will decide to accompany Riko on her journey into the depths of the Abyss.



Known in Japan under the name of Urusei Yatsura, more than 40 years after her birth by the "queen of manga" Rumiko Takahashi, back in animated form Lum, the fascinating alien who entered the history of Japanese animation. At the beginning of 2022, confirmation arrived that Lum will see a new animated adaptation by David Production (best known for the adaptation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure), arriving in the present year. The new anime will be broadcast for approximately one year and will see adapted a selection of the best stories from the original manga. Waiting for further updates, at the moment only a short teaser is available, in which we can admire Lum in his new graphic format


For lovers ofhorror one of the most famous works of the master of horror arrives in an animated version Junji Ito. Uzumaki is one of his most disturbing and successful stories and we already know it will be adapted by Drive studio, which, from what is shown in the first teasers, will maintain a visual style extremely faithful to the original manga, so much so that the series will be in black and white. The story of Uzumaki is set in a small town on the Japanese coast called Kurouzu-cho, which many refer to as a cursed city. The evil that inhabits it takes the form of a mysterious spiral that begins to affect everything, including people: these slowly undergo horrendous mutations and end up going crazy. Kirie Goshima, together with her boyfriend Shuichi Saito, worried about this inexplicable evil, decide to leave the town, but doing so will prove to be more difficult than expected.

The anime was originally slated for late 2021, but has been pushed back to October 2022, when it debuts on Toonami. In total it will consist of 4 episodes. Apparently, the author of the original manga himself, Junji Ito, will dub a character from the animated series and this only increases our curiosity.

cyberpunk edge runners

CD Projekt RED / Studio Trigger
Cyberpunk Edgerunners Netflix Studio Trigger

Announced in 2020 ahead of the release of the CD Projekt RED, Cyberpunk Edgerunners is an anime based on the atmosphere of the famous role-playing game and will be produced by Studio Trigger, famous for its unique animation style, capable of emphasizing action scenes and making them over the top. We don't know much about Cyberpunk Edgerunners yet, other than that it's slated for 2022 exclusively on Netflix. The show should consist of 10 episodes and will have as protagonist a street boy who has decided to become an Edgerunner, that is a sort of mercenary, to be able to survive on the dangerous streets of Night City, a city that has also been the setting for the Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

Dragon Ball Super: Superhero

2022 will also be a year of great cinema debuts for several important animated projects. The first to arrive will be Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, which will debut on Japanese cinemas next April 22 2022. The story of the new film will see the Red Ribbon return as an enemy, with two new androids, Gamma 1 and 2, programmed to eliminate Goku and his friends. This time it seems that much more space will be given to the supporting characters of Goku and Vegeta, as can be seen from the trailers that highlight especially Piccolo and Gohan. This film, produced as always by Toei Animation, will be the first of the Dragon Ball franchise made entirely with 3D technologies.

One Piece Movie: Red

Next year will also see the return of a new One Piece film, after One Piece Stampede, released in 2019. After 3 years we will therefore have a new film, which once again sees the direct collaboration in the drafting of the plot and character design of Eiichiro oda, author of the original manga. At the moment the details on the new animated film are few; we just know that Shanks will have a very important role in the story, since the Red of the title should refer to his nickname, that is Shanks the Red. One Piece Film: Red is currently slated to hit Japanese theaters for August 2022. We just have to wait for further news on this awaited film.

Slam Dunk The Movie

The third animated film to wait with bated breath in this 2022 is undoubtedly Slam Dunk, dal historical manga dedicated to basketball made by the genius Takehiko Inoue. Surprisingly, the mangaka himself will personally direct the entire film, a very rare event in the world of Japanese animation. Slam Dunk had already received an animated adaptation in the 90s: the animated series that was broadcast from 1993 to 1996, also arriving in Italy. Since the end of the anime, nothing has been seen, in the animated version, dedicated to the manga, therefore for fans of Hanamichi sakuragi and of the Shohoku this will finally be an opportunity to see the beloved characters take on a new life. For the moment we know that the film is expected to arrive at end of 2022, but it is not yet known if the story will be unedited or if it will retrace the events of the original manga.

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