At the court of the Minions: photos from the Despicable Me 3 premiere in LA

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Cover of At the Court of Minions: the photos from the premiere of Despicable Me 3 in LA

The Minions Mania is back and more alive than ever (if it ever faded in recent years, actually). Expected in US cinemas from June 30 and in Italian cinemas from August 24, Despicable Me 3 / Despicable Me 3 it is certainly one of the most anticipated films of the season and the production company Illumination has rightly aimed high. The new chapter of the saga intends, in fact, to tell a new adventure of those strange yellow creatures who, between ingenuity and a good dose of unexpected events, have effectively entered the international pop imagination.

Despicable Me 3 / Despicable Me 3: the Los Angeles premiere
Los Angeles: Despicable Me 3 / Despicable Me 3 premiere

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the Los Angeles premiere has mobilized stars and starlets from the ocean, flocked in good numbers to the court of Gru, Lucy & Co. Bob, Stuart and Kevin who did not escape the usual photos with fans, young and old.

Curiosity: due to the high temperatures expected for Saturday 24 June, the day of the US premiere, the production has expertly fielded two groups of Minions, in order to guarantee shots for everyone without straining too much those who were under the heavy costume.

Los Angelese: Despicable Me 3 / Despicable Me 3 premiere
The Minions on the yellow carpet at the Despicable Me 3 / Despicable Me 3 premiere

The word (with joke attached) to the writers

Regarding the presence of the Minions and the fact that, inevitably, they end up stealing the show from the other characters, the writers Ken Daurio e five paul they joked telling The Hollywood Reporter that “there won't be anything in the film, I'm sorry to have to reveal it: didn't you know? They only appear in a couple of scenes, but in the background! ”.


Ultimately we reiterated that Minions and Cranes need each other. - Kyle Balda

In order to avoid moments of panic, it is Daurio reassured the audience on the essential presence of the adorable mangiabanane: “In this film there is the funniest scene ever shot with the Minions, the best of all three films so far! And then they end up in prison, you can imagine the fun! "

Gallery: Despicable Me 3 / Despicable Me 3 premiere in Los Angeles

Despicable Me 3: the stars on the yellow carpet

To parade together with the Minions on the yellow carpet of Los Angeles here, then, Steve Carell (Gru / Dru - the twin brother of whom the protagonist never knew anything), Kristen Wiig (Lucy) e Trey Parker (former child prodigy Balthazar Bratt) along with Miranda Cosgrove (Margo), Dana Gaier (Edith), Nev Scharrel (Agnes), Jenny Slate (Valerie Da Vinci).

Super photographed too Pharrell Williams who, accompanied by his wife, attended the premiere as the author of the soundtrack. The superstar signs, in fact, for the third time the music of Despicable Me 3 - Despicable Me 3, producing all the tracks and themes of the animated film which in this new chapter sees sixteen songs, of which five unreleased by the same Pharrell and some hits that have marked world music.


After the screening, everyone atafterparty where Hollywood stars danced inspired by the bad Balthazar and amused themselves between Ferris wheels and carnival games. It was just the beginning of the fun: now only the audience is missing.

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