Minions 2: how Gru becomes very bad, the teaser trailer

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The end of summer 2020 will close with lots of fun thanks to Minions 2: How Gru Gets Despicable: the new Illumination animated film that will be in Italian cinemas from 27 August.

After the mini-trailer shown during Super Bowl 2020, Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for the sequel to the movie Minions (released in 2015), to tell the story of little Gru and how he became a villain!


Il trailer, who opens this article, shows the child Gru talking with the Vicious 6 (Evil 6), or the evil group that can give him "the bad name". The Evil 6 mock him because he is too young and does not yet have a real bad résumé, so Gru robs them of a precious stone and runs away.

To create a diversion, Gru entrusts the stolen goods to one of the Minions (Eight) but this is so attracted to a small stone with eyes glued on it that he exchanges the object given to him by Gru for the insignificant stone! So both Gru and the Evil 6 go in search of the precious green stone.

Below you can see the trailer in original language and hear the voices of the original voice actors, including Steve Carell (Crane) and those of the Wicked 6: Taraji P. Henson as the leader Belle Bottom, Jean-Claude Van Damme in the role of Jean Clawed, Lucy Lawless in the part of Nunchuck, Dolph Lundgren in the guise of Svengeance e Danny Trejo as Stronghold.


Universal Pictures has also released a poster, which you can see below:

Minions 2: How Crane Goes Despicable is produced by Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri and his collaborators Janet Healy and Chris Renaud. After the first chapter and Despicable Me 3, Kyle Balda returns to direct, flanked by Brad Ableson and Jonathan del Val. The film will be in cinemas from 27 August 2020.

Some curiosities about the trailer

The album that Gru rotates to enter the Lair of the Malvagi 6 is the single by Linda Ronstadt entitled You're no good from 1975. This is a cover of the homonymous song from 1963 sung by Dee Dee Warwick. In the trailer the song is not heard.


In the trailer, however, you can hear the songs Sabotage of the Beastie Boys and to follow You Can't Always Get What You Want of the Rolling Stones.

One of the evil wannabes, sitting waiting to do the interview, is reading the mythical American magazine Mad magazine and on the cover you can see the former president of the United States Richard Nixon. The cover of the magazine in question really existed and was published in January 1961.

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