Midnight Mass 2 will be done? What do we know about a possible sequel to Mike Flanagan's supernatural horror

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Will the cover of Midnight Mass 2 be done? What do we know about a possible sequel to Mike Flanagan's supernatural horror

The ending of #Midnight Mass he left some questions to the free interpretation of the spectators. Born from the mind and pen of Mike Flanagan, saw the light as a horror miniseries lasting just seven episodes.

The initial intention of the creator of #The Haunting of Hill House e #The Haunting of Bly Manor it is therefore to conclude the story with his own first season, but there are those who wonder if there can be no hope for the future.


From haunted houses and ghosts to vampires and mystical crises, in Midnight Mass Flanagan told the story of fictitious Crockett Island, where a small community welcomes the young man back Riley Flynn (Zach Gilford), an ex-convict who killed a girl while she was obviously drunk. In addition to him, the mysterious arrives on the island Father Paul Hill (Hamish Linklater) who, with his miracles, dangerously guides the few souls of the place.

The series ends, however, ambiguously and it is legitimate to wonder if Flanagan can change his mind, having clearly left a window open for a sequel. What do we know about a possible second season by Midnight Mass?

Midnight mass Midnight mass A community witnesses miraculous events and frightening omens after the arrival of a mysterious priest. From the creator of "The Haunting of Hill House". Open tab


The story of Midnight Mass is (theoretically) over

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He left old and sick for a trip to Jerusalem, on the spot Monsignor John Pruitt he meets a vampire who, by feeding on him, makes him a potential If you want to and, consequently, young again: the charismatic new priest of Crockett Island, Paul Hill, is just him. Absolute faith leads man to mistake what is a monster for an angel. Monsignor Pruitt then decides to take "the angel" with him to Crockett Island and share this incredible miracle. Slowly, Father Paul - by making the vampire's blood drink at mass - transforms the believers into potential vampires who, once dead, resurrect completing the transformation midnight mass - hence the title of the series - celebrated for Easter, Father Paul invites people to make a act of faith, drinking rat poison so as to die and gain eternal life by being resurrected. Too late, man realizes he is wrong, seeing all the evil in what he has done and understanding the truth behind it. Anyone who has not turned into a vampire is killed, while buildings and boats are burned to allow no escape for those who want to escape.Thanks to Riley's sacrifice first and to those of Erin Greene (Kate Siegel), of the sheriff Hassan (Rahul Kohli), of the doctor Sarah Gunning (Annabeth Gish) and Annie (Kristin Lehman) ed Ed Flynn (Henry Thomas) later, the continent seems to be spared from the plague: Erin, in fact - while she is dying - cuts the wings of the "first" vampire to prevent him from flying away and the others burn the remaining buildings and boats, so as not to allow the vampires to leave the island and protect yourself from the rising sun. Like the most famous vampires, these burn - to ashes - when exposed to sunlight, while the only ones to be saved are Warren Flynn (Igby Rigney) e Leeza Scarborough (Annarah Cymone) who, in a small boat, observe the destruction before leaving.

Will Midnight Mass 2 be done?

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It's clear that the ending of Midnight Mass does not tell us if the first vampire survived or not: he, in fact, left the island flying, but was he able to reach the continent before dawn? Another question left to the interpretation of the beholder is that on the future of Warren and Leeza: how will the two boys explain the events that took place on Crockett Island? Leeza tells Warren that she no longer feels her legs - the girl had started walking again, recovering from paralysis - so what does that mean? The simplest explanation - as explained by Dr. Gunning - is that the effect of the vampire's blood is wearing off and his is returning to normal. Although for some miniseries - like #Big Little Lies - the success convinced the authors to extend the project to two seasons, for Midnight Mass this would not be repeatable in the same way: just think that the heart of the series, Crocket Island and its inhabitants, in fact they do not exist anymore but, in the world of television and cinema, never say never!

Midnight Mass is available in streaming, on Netflix, from 24 September 2021.

Will there be a season 2 of Midnight Mass?

Midnight Mass was born as a miniseries consisting of a single season of seven episodes, but the finale leaves a window open for a second season.

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