Many special guests have always populated The Tonight Show

Author: Luke Nebbioli ,

Ladies and gentlemen here is the #The Tonight Show with #Jimmy Fallon that the September 19 will land on FOX just 24 hours after US airing.

This talk-show presents itself, as it has attracted millions of viewers in America since 1962, with over 500 episodes aired and 6 Emmy Awards won.


What else to add? Since 2014 the management has passed to the eclectic and charismatic Jimmy Fallon, a true master of laughter.

In each of these episodes, illustrious guests of the caliber of Obama, Madonna, Will Smith and many many others.

If you think you are listening to the same monotonous interview, you are very wrong, Jimmy Fallon knows how to bring out the comic side of each person sit in that comfortable chair to your right.

Outline funny comic curtains and extravagant gags that will get you more than a smile.

Make a note on the calendar that from 19 September, from Monday to Friday, at 22.45 you cannot make commitments because they are waiting for you #Jimmy Fallon and his wonderful hosts.


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