Maggie Gyllenhaal on James Franco in The Deuce: 'We took the allegations very seriously'

Author: Giulia Greco ,

Maggie Gyllenhaal, colleague of James Franco on the set of the television series The Deuce - The way of porn, broke the silence after allegations of sexual harassment leveled against the interpreter of twins Vincent and Frankie Martino on the HBO show.

Interviewed on the radio by Sway Calloway, host of the program Sway in the Morning, Maggie Gyllenhaal answered for the first time the questions that were asked about the situation.


How do the accusations affect the relationship that the actors have established on the set of the series? How does one behave in such a circumstance? Did Maggie Gyllenhaal choose to ignore Franco? Are the two still talking?

To questions of this kind, Gyllenhaal, who produces the show she stars in, replied:

I can't ignore it. I feel I have a responsibility not to be able to do it.

When the allegations surfaced, we took them very seriously. We spoke to every woman on the cast and crew to see if they felt comfortable with James and they all said he was always very respectful of them.

While trying to figure out how to deal with such a scandal, Gyllenhaal said she also had to consider the theme around which the TV series starring James Franco revolves.

The Deuce, in fact, tells of the dawn of the sex trade industry in New York in the XNUMXs.

According to Maggie Gyllenhaal is a series that could not be more in step with the times.

An important part of our show is misogyny. Let's talk about those who have sex for business, let's talk about inequality in the entertainment world.

Precisely for this reason the decision was made not to interrupt filming of the TV series.

I want to keep telling this story, I want to play Candy and dig deeper to understand what it really means for a woman to deal with the things that everyone is talking about.

Closing the doors would be the wrong move.

 Despite this, Maggie admits that she is naturally in favor of the idea of ​​taking action against those who assault women.


Up until now, James Franco has been accused of sexual harassment by five women. To them was added the voice of actress Busy Philipps, whom the actor met on the set of Freaks and Geeks, and who, in his book “This Will Only Hurt a Little”, defined Franco as a real bully.

The actress wrote that, while filming an episode of the series that aired on NBC from 1999 to 2000, James Franco would have attacked her squeezing her wrists and yelling at her before throwing her to the ground.

Busy Philipps also wrote that the actor apologized to her the next day, after the intervention of the executive producer of the TV series, Judd Apatow.

Franco would have justified himself by saying that he had overreacted seeing his character being treated very badly.

Neither James Franco nor his spokesperson commented on Busy Philipps' disclosure.

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