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Streaming platform Lionsgate+ prepares for its subscribers a December full of Christmas-themed movies, as well as an original series set in Europe and the release of various other titles. Here are all the new releases of the platform for you.

If you're new to the Lionsgate+ streaming platform, chances are you missed a recent name change. The Starzplay platform has become Lionsgate+ starting from 29 September 2022.


Apart from this name change, nothing has changed for the streaming platform, which with its new name Lionsgate+ offers various interesting releases to the subscriber public in December 2022. Action, superheroes and Christmas atmospheres are the protagonists among the various Lionsgate+ releases of December. In addition, subscribers can find a very famous and award-winning musical: Les Misérables.

Younger Lionsgate+ audiences may be interested in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, starring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Lionsgate+ December offers outings suitable for the whole family and also to get into the mood of the Christmas holidays.

Original Lionsgate+ TV series

Unoriginal Christmas movies

Other non-original films

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What we didn't say

The TV series What we didn't say is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Marc Levy. The writer also wrote the script for the series and was joined by Miguel Courtois, co-writer and director. The TV show to be released in December on Lionsgate+ is a bittersweet comedy with elements of drama, a father and daughter's adventure about first loves and second chances.


The protagonist of the original Lionsgate+ series What we didn't tell each other in the role of Michel is the actor Jean Reno, well known to the public for the films Nikita, Léon and The Da Vinci Code.

The plot: Julia Saurel has a difficult relationship with her father Michel. Just three days before her wedding, a phone call from her announces that her father will not be able to attend the wedding, due to an insurmountable difficulty: he is dead. The day after her funeral, Julia receives an incredible surprise: an android exactly like Michel, who explains to the astonished girl that he contains memories of her parent. 

When does the TV series What we didn't say come out?

The TV series will be released exclusively on the Lionsgate+ platform on December 15, with the first three episodes. New episodes will be released every Thursday.

How many episodes does the TV series What we didn't tell each other have?

The TV series What we didn't tell each other to be released in December on the Lionsgate + streaming platform consists of 9 episodes.

The cast of What we didn't say

  • Alexandra Maria Lara plays Julia Saurel
  • Jean Reno as Michel Saurel
  • Alex Brendemühl as Tomas
  • Ben as Adam
  • Marc Levy plays Robert
  • Christian Charmetant as Christian

What we didn't say poster

Lionsgate +
What we didn't say | poster

A wedding for Christmas


Among the Lionsgate+ releases for December 2022, A Wedding for Christmas is a film by the Hallmark television channel, which over time has specialized in romantic stories set during the Christmas period. 

A Wedding for Christmas, due out on Lionsgate+ in December, is directed by John Bradshaw and stars Jessica Lowndes and Christopher Russell as Brie and Eddie, respectively.

The plot: Brie is an arts executive working in the advertising world. The girl gets the job of supervising a wedding-themed photo shoot for the cover of a major magazine. To accomplish her task, however, she must work closely with her ex-boyfriend Eddie.

When does A Wedding for Christmas come out?

Among the releases of the Lionsgate+ streaming platform in December, A Wedding for Christmas is available from1th December.

The country of Christmas

Another Hallmark-branded film is released in December on the Lionsgate+ platform. We are talking about Christmas Village, with the actor Luke Macfarlane as the protagonist. Macfarlane is known to the general public for his role as Scotty in the TV series Brothers & sisters - Family secrets. 

If you love stories of women with demanding jobs who find themselves leaving for smaller towns with a calmer climate, this is the film for you, releasing in December on the Lionsgate+ platform.


The plot: Julie works in marketing in New York and is a successful woman. An unexpected inheritance leads her to the so-called Christmas village, a themed village built on a farm. Will Julia fall in love with the party atmosphere and the charming lawyer Tucker?

When does Christmas Town come out?

Christmas Town comes out the1th December on the Lionsgate+ streaming platform.

Christmas Wonderland

The third Christmas film offered on the Lionsgate+ platform in December is also produced by the award-winning company Hallmark. A romantic comedy that tells the story of a woman torn between a big city and a small town.

The plot: Heidi is the curator of an art gallery and must return to the small town of her birth, Pleasant Valley, to babysit her grandchildren. Once in the town, she comes face to face with Chris, her great love from high school.

When does Christmas Wonderland come out?

The movie Christmas Wonderland comes out on1th December on the Lionsgate+ streaming platform.

Les Misérables

The musical Les Misérables is a 2012 film with an all-star cast, including famous actors Hugh Jackman, Russel Crow, Eddie Redmayne, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway. The latter thanks to this film won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The plot: In 1815 Jean Valjean was released from prison. Branded as a dangerous individual, a series of events will lead him to want to change his identity and take the name of Mr. Madeleine.

When does Les Miserables come out?

The first day of the month in December, the famous musical Les Misérables is released on the Lionsgate+ streaming platform. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Among the December releases on the Lionsgate+ platform, the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a light-hearted and entertaining work, very suitable for adolescent and young audiences.

A possible sequel to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World could be made following the idea of ​​actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays the role of Ramona Flowers. In the meantime, Lionsgate+ subscribers can enjoy the original film, very brilliant and full of epic fight scenes.

The plot: Scott Pilgrim is 22 years old, plays bass and when he meets the mysterious Ramona Flowers he falls head over heels for her. There's only one problem: Ramona's seven evil exes have formed an alliance and Scott will have to fight them!

When does Scott Pilgrim vs. the World?

Among the December releases Lionsgate+, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World comes out on1th December.


The first film dedicated to the gigantic green-skinned superhero dates back to 2003 and was directed by Taiwanese director Ang Lee. If you love superheroes, don't miss this release among the Lionsgate+ news in December!

The plot: Young scientist Bruce Banner inherited a unique combination of genes from his father. When he is subjected to a large dose of gamma rays due to an accident, his body undergoes an unexpected change.

When is Hulk coming out?

On the Lionsgate+ streaming platform, the film dedicated to the superhero Hulk is available from1th December.


The action film Ultraviolet enriches the catalog of December novelties on the Lionsgate+ streaming platform. It stars the charismatic Milla Jovovich as Violet Song Jat Shariff.

The plot: In the near future a virus has infected a slice of the planet's population, transforming them into "hemophages" or beings that feed on blood like vampires. Violet is one of them and she has to protect a child, which could be a living bioweapon.

When does Ultraviolet come out?

The action film Ultraviolet is released on the Lionsgate+ platform on December 1st.

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