Kevin Bacon puts on a show on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show

Author: Luke Nebbioli ,

The Tonight Show with #Jimmy Fallon has always given splendid pearls of comedy thanks to his really imaginative sketches.

Luckily for you NoSpoiler fans this fun show, which is having a big success in the States, is coming to FOX Monday to Friday from 19 September at 22.45pm 24 hours after airing in the USA.

The protagonist of one of the last skits of the histrionic talk show was an old acquaintance of FoxCrime, Kevin Bacon, the brave #Ryan Hardy di #The Following.

Kevin had to unleash his rock side to represent, indeed reinterpret, at best one of the hits of the rock genre of 1989: Free Fallin by Tom Petty.

Of course, Fallon's genius couldn't just bring it back, he had to parody it in the best way eliciting laughter from the audience in the studio and at home.

The protagonist of the song, in this ironic version, will no longer love "her mama"but he will love"the horses", horses.

Is it better the serious Bacon or the light-hearted one? The choice is difficult ...

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