House of the Dragon, who are the Greens and the Blacks?

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The first season of House of the Dragon is almost drawing to a close and between a time jump and another, the foundations of the great battle for the Iron Throne have been laid. A no holds barred war known in George RR Martin's books as The Dance of the Dragons, as it essentially unleashes within the Targaryen family. But that will inevitably also involve all the other houses present in the Seven Kingdoms, which inevitably will have to decide which side to take.

In this regard, at this point in history some alignments are born: i blacks and Verdi. But who is part of these two factions? During the House of the Dragon episodes already broadcast, it was possible to get a precise idea of ​​who the two rivals are and what their allies are.


Following are spoilers on the episodes of House of the Dragon.

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The Greens

House of the Dragon - Alicent and the Greens

As shown at the beginning of the series, the current King Viserys I Targaryen has chosen his daughter Rhaenyra as his successor. A decision that not everyone has appreciated since it is a female heir, although the members of each house have nevertheless sworn allegiance to the future queen. Consequently, several problems were inevitable even before the accession of the Princess to the Throne, especially due to Queen Alicent Hightower, second wife of Viserys, who after giving a firstborn male to the King, began to have of the claims on the throne for his son. 

A situation that has evolved over time also for a speech of jealousy, since once the two women were great friends. While after Otto, Alicent's father, is chased away by Viserys to protect Rhaenyra despite her lies, the Queen begins to harbor her first disagreements for her. For this reason, during the wedding between Rhaenyra and Laenor Velaryon, Alicent shows up at the wedding banquet dressed in green like the color of her House, the Hightower, thus setting stakes and implicitly declaring a warning of war. A color that, as shown in the course of the story, he decides to keep for the clothes of his children as well, although they are Targaryen on his father's side. When Rhaenyra begins to have children who turn out to be the result of betrayal, Alicent even more demands that Aegon inherit the Throne as the King's firstborn and pure Targaryen. 

The allies of the Greens 

But Alicent is not the only one to be angry with Rhaenyra for past past: among these in fact there is Ser Criston Cole, former bodyguard of the Princess who after the latter's refusal to a wedding proposal, swears fidelity to the Queen . Clearly Alicent is also being supported by the whole Hightower house, as her uncle reminds her during Rhaenyra's wedding when he sees her coming to her dressed in green. Plus, with Otto Hightower reprising his role as Hand of the King after Lyonel Strong's death, having his father by his side is an added bonus for Alicent. Especially because he has always been the first to have aims on the Throne and he plagiarized her daughter to be able to get her to marry Viserys, after the man becomes a widower. Alicent's own children are also on her mother's side, because she essentially put the same pressure on them that she received in her time from her father, to aim straight for the Throne.

Last but not least we find Ser Larys Strong, who after having his father and brother killed by fire, became Lord of Harrenhal. And since he was previously a confidant of Alicent, with his new title he can also guarantee her the support of her entire House.


The resources of the Greens

The Greens have few dragons on their side, Aegon's and Helaena's, but at the same time they have two aces up their sleeves. One is Vaghar, the dragon of Laena Velaryon who after the death of the woman, in the seventh episode is claimed by Aemond Targaryen; a specimen that is the largest and strongest among those in circulation and which is added to that of the brothers. While another point in their favor is to live in the Red Fortress, where the Iron Throne is located and which they will protect at all costs when Viserys passes away.


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The Blacks

House of the Dragon - Rhaenyra and the Blacks

The Targaryens wear red and black clothing, consequently in history they are classified as the Blacks to differentiate themselves from the Greens as opposing factions. As rivals of Aegon and Alicent, there are Rhaenyra and Jacaerys because the Princess is entitled to the Throne as she was chosen as the direct heir of King Viserys; and after her, her children will continue to pass it down from generation to generation. Although as revealed in the episodes the children are not Laenor's children but Harwin Strong's, House Velaryon supports Rhaenyra because her children still bear their father's surname. In addition, the Velaryons are descended from the Valyrian civilization like the Targaryens and thus side with their people.

This house is an excellent ally as Lord Corlys is one of the richest men on the continent and also has the sea fleet on his side. In addition to this, with the marriage between Daemon and Rhaenyra, there are further advantages for the latter: Prince Targaryen has also acquired the title of King of the Strait after his victory at the Stepstones Islands; but he currently resides in Pentos where the local Prince Reggio Haratis offered him part of his wealth in exchange for protection.

Finally, the Targaryens boast five dragons and Rhaenyra's family has moved to Dragonstone, where there are several free specimens that you can tame and add to those you already own. 

The neutrals 

House of the Dragon - Alicent struggles with Rhaenyra

In the part of the story shown so far, the direct alignments of all the characters, such as those of the members of the Council of the Kingdom, have not yet been revealed. There are also to consider those who have sworn allegiance to Rhaenyra, after she is proclaimed by her father to be the direct heir to the Throne, who if they are men of honor will not abide by their word. While among these there could still be those who were not in agreement with this choice of a female heir and who therefore, at the cost of breaking the promise made in front of the King, will seize the ball to row against the future Queen. Whatever happens, the Greens or the Blacks will have other people on their side; and often even just one vote can make a difference.

House of the Dragon is visible on Sky Atlantic with one episode per week, as per calendar of the Sky and NOW TV releases.

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