What happens in House of the Dragon's time jumps?

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The TV series House of the Dragon promises to be a very ambitious project, as it is born mainly to tell the story of the Targaryens, one of the most important and largest families in George RR Martin's novels. But above all, it must tell a story that is set about two hundred years before the timeline of the Game of Thrones series: consequently, in order to narrate what happens in this vast period, some time jumps to tighten the time and show only the main events of the story.

In the first season of the series, there are several time jumps in which significant changes occur for the purposes of the plot, which has entered the heart of the events. not only related to the Targaryen family, but also to those of the other houses that revolve around you. To better summarize the evolution of these steps, below you will find a list of all the time jumps present in House of the Dragon from the first episode onwards, which will be updated from time to time as necessary.


Warning: Here are spoilers about the House of the Dragon episodes.

House of the Dragon season XNUMX time jump list

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Viserys and the removal of Daemon

House of the Dragon - Daemon Targaryen

In the first episode of House of the Dragon, Queen Aemma is seen expecting a child from King Viserys, but during the birth, things get complicated. Forced to choose between the life of his wife and that of his son, Viserys chooses the latter; but a few hours after his birth, even the child, who was given the name of Baelon, ends up dying. After this terrible tragedy, Viserys discovers that his brother Daemon had been in one of the pleasure houses to party, making fun of little Baelon's death in a macabre way.

At that point the King, already tired of his brother's behavior for some time, decides to expel Daemon from the Kingdom. In the second episode of the series during some conversations between the King and the members of the Council, it is pointed out that Daemon has been living in Dragonstone for six months now after Viserys' departure.

The battle against Craghas Drahar

House of the Dragon - Craghas Drahar 2

In the second episode of House of the Dragon, Corlys Velaryon is angry because some of his ships have been damaged: always six months earlier, had already pointed out to the same Council that the situation of commercial exchanges in the Strait Sea was suffering some inconveniences; but in this context, no one felt that it was appropriate to take action in this regard. After discovering that the cause of all this is the "feed-crab" Craghas Drahar, Corlys heads to Dragonstone to enlist Daemon's help in saving his fleet and maritime trade.

The alliance between Daemon and Corlys

The third episode of House of the Dragon begins with the battle at the Stepstones islands of the Strait Sea, proving that Daemon has finally decided to help Corlys against the "feed crabs". However, things are not going very well for the two allies, because we immediately notice a situation of tiredness and tension, where not everyone is able to agree on what to do.


Also through the talks between Viserys and the members of his Council, we learn that It's been three years since Daemon and Corlys went to the Stepstones to eliminate the enemy; given the poor results and the time elapsed, in the end Viserys is convinced to send help to his brother, because despite everything he does not want anything bad to happen to him.

The marriage with Alicent and the birth of Aegon

After Viserys becomes a widower, in the second episode of the series his Counselors try to persuade him to take a new wife, to continue the dynasty and prove the worth of his house. In the end Viserys decides to ask Alicent Hightower as a wife because, after the death of Queen Aemma, he had begun to pleasantly spend time with her girlfriend, with whom a certain affinity begins to be born. In the third episode of House of the Dragon, the couple turns out to be already married: Alicent gave Viserys a firstborn, who is baptized with the name of Aegon II and has already two years, while in the meantime the young woman is expecting her second child and is now close to giving birth. 

Daemon returns to King's Landing

House of the Dragon - Daemon and Rhaenyra

In the fourth episode of House of the Dragon another time jump occurs: as can be understood from several events shown during the episode in question, another year has passed compared to where the previous episode ended.


Second son of Alicent and Viserys

In the third episode we saw Alicent Hightower who, after marrying King Viserys and giving him a first heir, was expecting a second child and now about to give birth. In fact, this time we see that the young Queen is no longer pregnant, but she has her second child Helaena in her arms, who is probably about a year or so older than her.

Rhaenyra traveling to the Seven Kingdoms

Also in the third episode of House of the Dragon, after a discussion between father and daughter where each explains their reasons to the other, Viserys and Rhaenyra eventually find a point in common: having reached the age of majority, the Princess will have to marry as by tradition, but nevertheless it may be she herself who chooses the future husband. In the fourth episode we therefore see Rhaenyra who is around the Seven Kingdoms to evaluate marriage proposals; but at some point she gets tired of unsuitable suitors for one reason or another, she decides to stop her tour and go home.


While talking to Ser Criston, her bodyguard, the latter tells Rhaenyra that her father will probably disagree with her coming home. two months ahead of schedule. Although it is not quantified how long they have been traveling, it is clear that the girl had to have a certain amount of time to be able to travel all the Kingdoms and all the houses.

Daemon becomes King of the Strait Sea

But the decisive proof of how much time has passed between the third and fourth episodes, is provided by Daemon. Once he too returns to King's Landing, he tells his niece Rhaenyra that in four years has matured a lot. As specified in the second time jump between the second and third episodes of House of the Dragon, Daemon and Corlys had been in battle for three years before defeating Craghas Drahar and not for four.

This then suggests that once the war was over, Daemon stayed there for another year to sort out the last few things or simply to make sure there were no more enemies scattered around the territory, despite the death of the "feed crab". . When Deamon appears before Viserys, in fact, he wears a modest crown and tells his brother that he has been proclaimed King of the Narrow Sea, as he has completely cleared the area of ​​the Triarchy and has obtained the gratitude of the local population. 

The Targaryen dynasty

House of the Dragon - King and Queen Targaryen

Between the fifth and sixth episodes of House of the Dragon, which also marks the mid-season finale of the series, the biggest time jump of those previously shown occurs as the plot is carried forward by a full ten years. Period during which there have been several changes, as we have explained in detail in our article House of the Dragon, what happens in episode 6.

Aegon II, Helaena and Aemond

Although this time the confirmation that ten years have passed is given by HBO, while in the series the time elapsed between the fifth and sixth episode is not quantified, just look at the various children to understand that the narrative arc has made a significant leap forward compared to the previous ones. Aegon, the first child of Alicent and Viserys was three years old in the fifth episode while the little Helaena about a year and a half: also during this decade the couple had another child, Aemond who is a little younger than the brothers. The parents themselves have changed: Viserys is noticeably much older, while Alicent, who was just seventeen when she marries the King, is now a grown woman. Precisely for this reason also the actress Emily Carey who plays the character, for narrative needs has been replaced by Olivia Cooke.

Jacaerys, Lucerys and Joffrey

In the fifth episode, the wedding between Rhaenyra and Laenor, also little more than teenagers at the time, is celebrated. In the sixth episode Rhaenyra is giving birth to her third child, who is later named Joffrey by Laenor in memory of his late partner Ser Joffrey Lonmouth. The other two children of Rhaenyra, on the other hand, Jacaerys and Lucerys, are shown already grown up and considered the time jump of ten years, they have an age ranging from ten years downwards. As for Alicent, also for Rhaenyra and Laenor there is a change of actors: Milly Alcock is replaced by Emma D'Arcy while Theo Nate by actor John Macmillian.

Laena, Rhaena and Baela

During the celebrations for the wedding of Rhaenyra and Laenor, Daemon and Laena, sister of the future bridegroom, have an understanding. With the time jump of ten years we see the married couple with two twin daughters, Rhaena and Baela and a third on the way. Laena, who in her first meeting with Daemon was a little girl, in turn has become an adult woman and a mother just like Alicent and Rhaenyra. Consequently, a change of actress takes place for her too, passing from Savannah Steyn to Nanna Blondell.

The union between Rhaenyra and Daemon

In the seventh episode of House of the Dragon, the Targaryen and Velaryon families are reunited to celebrate Laena's funeral. On that occasion, after so many years away, Rhaenyra and Daemon meet again and the spark already ignited when the Princess was a teenager is triggered. Daemon has just become a widower while Rhaenyra has lost the real father of her children, Ser Harwin Strong, who died in the Harrenhal fire caused by his brother Larys.

Rhaenyra at that point decides that the best thing for everyone to do is unite the houses with their own blood and proposes to Daemon to marry her. In order to carry out this marriage, in agreement with Laenor who is still the husband of the Princess, they stage the murder of the latter with the help of her lover Ser Qarl. Rhaenyra and Daemon thus celebrate their union in the presence of their children and with the Valyrian ritual.

In the eighth episode of House of the Dragon it is revealed that others have passed six years from those events. During that time Rhaenyra had two children with Daemon, Aegon III and Viserys II, and is expecting a third child. In the meantime, it is noted that also the three children of Alicent and King Viserys have grown again and also their eldest son Aegon II has married his sister Helaena, already betrothed in the previous episodes. In all this, King Viserys has now reached the end of his days due to the progress of his illness in conjunction with his old age. After a dinner in which he finally has his whole family beside him, with the hope that their disagreements have all been contained, he goes off peacefully.

What happens in House of the Dragon's time jumps? This article is constantly updated.

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House of the Dragon, the summary of the first season

Read to remember all the main events that happened in the first season of the TV series House of the Dragon.
Author: Frances Musolino ,
House of the Dragon, the summary of the first season

The first season of the TV series House of the Dragon concludes after ten episodes loaded with content, mainly inserted through gods time jumps between one episode and another of House of the Dragon. This of time jumps is a narrative device that allows you to briefly tell long events in the story, showing only the essentials on the screen.

During these time jumps that occurred in the episodes of the TV series House of the Dragon, there have been weddings and new births that are not always easy to locate. Furthermore some of the protagonists of House of the Dragon change actors more than once. An action necessary to justify the physical growth of the characters, which takes place precisely during the time jumps of House of the Dragon.

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