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In the first four episodes of House of the Dragon, between time jumps and various dynamics finally came the moment of the wedding of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, whose ceremony took place in the fifth episode of the series. 

Where were we

After the death of Queen Aemma and the last child she gave birth, King Viserys decides to proclaim his daughter Rhaenyra as his heir to the Iron Throne and future queen. Later Rhaenyra turns eighteen and is of marriageable age, but she does not want to fulfill her duties as a sovereign. After some discussions with Viserys, the father and daughter finally decide that Rhaenyra can choose for herself who she wants to marry.


Later, however, the future queen is circumvented by her uncle Daemon who shows her carnal pleasures to lead her into temptation: the girl, taken by the excitement of the moment, ends up having sexual intercourse with her bodyguard, Ser Criston Cole, with who loses the so-called virtue (his virginity). Viserys, in order to avoid a scandal and prevent her daughter's actions from becoming public knowledge, decides to marry her to her cousin Laenor Velaryon; a marriage that combines business with pleasure, bringing benefits also to the Kingdom and to the whole family.

What happens in the fifth episode

In the fifth episode of House of the Dragon, Viserys and Rhaenyra come to Driftmark from the Velaryons to arrange the wedding. The future spouses spend a few hours together and since neither of them is in favor of marriage, they decide to find an agreement. Laenor is in a relationship with Ser Joffrey Lonmouth with whom he is in love, while Rhaenyra wants to continue experiencing her without the constraints that revolve around arranged marriages. Subsequently they all gather at King's Landing to kick off the celebrations that will last a week: however, things are different, as the refreshment will be ruined by various factors, including a tragic death.

The discovery of Alicent

Alicent after speaking with Ser Criston, discovers that Rhaenyra has lost her virtue with him. Previously the Queen and Viserys had both believed in Rhaenyra's good faith and not the rumors reported by Otto, Alicent's father. Consequently this leads to the removal of the man from the role of Hand of the King with subsequent removal from the Kingdom. 

Embittered by the fate of her father for whom she feels partly responsible, Alicent shows up late during the first wedding banquet of the future spouses when all the guests are already present and with her entry she interrupts the King's speech. dressed in green, the color of her house that is worn when there is a declaration of war. This is a clear message of challenge for Rhaenyra but also for Viserys himself, who to protect her daughter has removed her faithful knight Otto who had instead told the truth.


Ser Criston torn between honor and anger

Later, while the celebrations continue with dances, from some looks and attitudes Ser Joffrey manages to understand that it is with Ser Criston that Rhaenyra has intimate relationships and therefore decides to speak with the knight to clarify their positions. Shortly before, Joffrey had explained to Laenor that he and Rhaenyra know each other's secrets and therefore neither of them should talk; otherwise if they sink, they sink together. Later Joffrey decides to make Ser Criston understand the same thing, telling him to keep the secret in turn as only the four of them are aware of it.

Ser Criston turned out to be a man of honor. The night spent with Rhaenyra makes him delude himself that he can become the girl's companion, but the Princess does not see her in the same way and she prefers to have him only as her lover. Consequently, when Ser Joffrey reveals to him that he knows the whole situation, Ser Criston experiences that moment as yet another mortification; so he loses his head in anger and lashes out at the boy killing him mercilessly.

Viserys and Ser Criston on the verge of death

Despite all that has happened, the preparations for the wedding must continue and later Rhaenyra and Laenor get married: but just at that moment, Viserys collapses to the ground. The King had been sick for some time after taking a kind of infection due to the cuts suffered by the Iron Throne; a disease that has continued to progress slowly but subtly and with the long journey to Driftmark, his already tried physique has weakened even more.

In the final minutes Ser Criston decides to commit suicide because he tarnished his honor and betrayed the oath he made as a knight, but just at that moment Alicent arrives who calls him and distracts him from his attempt. This closing scene speaks volumes, as they were both betrayed and hurt by the same person, Rhaenyra; and to protect her, they ended up hurting others.


Instead of punishing or executing him, Alicent kept it a secret that Ser Criston had sexual intercourse with Rhaenyra. And this gesture, combined with the resentment towards the Princess, could be the input for a new alliance between the two characters.

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