Who died in House of the Dragon? All the deaths of season 1

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In the first season of House of the Dragon several characters have died since the first episode, some main and others secondary. With all the different houses featured in the House of the Dragon series and the various time jumps between House of the Dragon episodes, let's take stock of the situation to remember in detail all those who left the scene already in the first season of the Game of Thrones prequel series.

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Aemma Arryn and Baelon Targaryen

House of the Dragon - Aemma lying in bed before giving birth

In the first episode of House of the Dragon, Queen Aemma is expecting a baby from her husband King Viserys I. At the moment of giving birth, the situation becomes complicated and the King is forced to choose between the life of his wife and that of his son. The only solution to at least save the child is to perform an emergency cesarean section.

Although Viserys implicitly condemns his wife to death, the child will also die like the mother a few hours after his birth. The little one is called Baelon after Viserys' father. Given the drama in which the whole event took place, the birth scene in House of the Dragon was widely criticized for images considered to have a strong impact for the public.

Craghas Drahar

House of the Dragon - Close up of Craghas Drahar with his mask

In the first episode of House of the Dragon during a council meeting, Ser Corlys Velaryon points out a major problem going on in the Strait Sea. Place where trade by sea also takes place through his fleet. Since the members do not consider that problem urgent, Corlys asks for Daemon's support to eliminate the Triarchy, headed by Craghas Drahar.

The latter is also called the crab feed because it kills the sailors and then leaves them to feed to the crabs that arrive on the beach. In the third episode of House of the Dragon it is revealed that three years have passed, during which the battle against the Triarchy is underway: in the end the soldiers have the upper hand and Daemon kills Craghas Drahar after bringing him out into the open.

Jerrel Bracken

House of the Dragon - Jerrel Bracken in the foreground with other characters behind

In the fourth episode of House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra travels to the Seven Kingdoms to sift through the marriage proposals she has received. On this occasion, the young Willem Blackwood appears in front of him. That being still a child, he is mocked by another contender, Jerrel Bracken. A fight breaks out between the two and Bracken gets the worst of it as he is stabbed to death in the fight.


Lady Rhea Royce

House of the Dragon - Lady Rhea on horseback

In the early episodes of House of the Dragon, it is revealed that Daemon is married to Lady Rhea Royce. Of the arranged nuptials that never went well with Prince Targaryen; and consequently he does not live with his wife and has never even consummated the marriage. In the fifth episode of House of the Dragon, Rhea riding her horse goes hunting near the Vale where she resides.

At this juncture Daemon arrives dressed in ordinary clothes and a hood on his head: he does not utter a word, but his mere presence makes his wife and even his animal nervous. Lady Rhea falls from her horse and is paralyzed with her back at which point Daemon picks up a stone from the ground and the scene is interrupted.

The moment when Daemon hits Rhea is not clearly shown, but the scene in question does not seem to leave any doubt. Especially since Daemon had reasons for wanting Rhea dead, as we explained in our article Daemon Targaryen in the fifth episode, who kills and why?.

Ser Joffrey Lonmouth

House of the Dragon - Ser Joffrey speaks to Ser Criston
Left Ser Joffrey Lonmouth trying to make an agreement with Ser Criston Cole

Princess Rhaenyra spends a night with her bodyguard Ser Criston Cole. For this reason, having lost her virtue, Viserys promises her in marriage to her cousin Laenor Velaryon to settle the matter between her relatives. However, Laenor is already in a relationship with Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, while Rhaenyra does not want to give up her teenage experiences. The two future spouses then decide to have a facade wedding, while privately continue to have extramarital affairs with whomever they prefer. 


In the fifth episode of House of the Dragon during the wedding banquet, Joffrey from the way Ser Criston looks at the Princess, understands that there was something between them. So he goes to the Knight to propose some sort of agreement. He points out that only the spouses and the two of them as lovers know about this secret and that it is better for everyone if the matter remains private.

Criston, who initially does not blink, later feels teased and hurt in his pride. This is because Rhaenyra had turned down her marriage proposal to marry Laenor, but she doesn't want to be faithful to her husband. Blinded by anger and resentment, Criston lashes out at Joffrey and brutally slaughters him to death.

Lady Laena Velaryon

House of the Dragon - Laena with her eyes closed praying to die

In the sixth episode of House of the Dragon during a ten-year time jump, Daemon meanwhile married Laena Velaryon with whom he had twins. Laena is expecting her third child, but just like Queen Aemma did, the pregnancy has complications.

Also in this case the Masters suggest a caesarean section. Laena at that point, he realizes that she that the baby would not have made it; and to avoid further suffering, she decides to end it. So she orders her dragon Vhagar to burn her with her flame: even though the animal initially doesn't want to know about it, he eventually carries out her command because he understands Laena's despair and pain. 

Ser Harwin Strong and Lord Lyonel Strong 

House of the Dragon - Collage with Harwin Strong holding his son and on the other side close-up of Lyonel Strong looking away
On the left Ser Harwin Strong holding his third son Joffrey, on the right his father Lyonel Strong

During the time jump that occurs in the sixth episode of House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra had three children. But they are not from her husband Laenor, but from her lover Ser Harwin Strong, the Captain of the City Guard. Since the children do not resemble Laenor, the truth soon comes to light also due to pressure from Alicent, who considers Rhaenyra's behavior a disgrace.

At that point Lord Lyonel Strong, Harwin's father and Hand of King Viserys, decides to leave his post and return with his son to their home in Harrenhal. Viserys, who is sympathetic, does not accept the man's resignation, but leaves him free to take his son elsewhere. Once there, during the night Lyonel and Harwin die from a fire that breaks out in Harrenhal's home.

The culprit is then revealed to be Ser Larys Strong, the respectful son and brother of Lyonel and Harwin, who has been Queen Alicent's confidant for years and acts in the shadows to favor her. In fact, with the death of the two men, Rhaenyra loses her lover while the King is left without the Hand of the Hand; a role that he can thus return to play as in the past Otto Hightower, Alicent's father. Larys himself also becomes Lord of Harrenhal.

Ser Vaemond Velaryon

House of the Dragon - Vaemond standing in the Throne Room surrounded by other people

In the eighth episode of House of the Dragon there is a time jump of six years, during which Corlys Velaryon returned to fight in the Strait Sea, because the Triarchy was reformed. The Lord is seriously injured and the chances of him returning home safely are slim. At that point, his brother Vaemond Velaryon begins to make claims for the succession to the Wooden Throne of Driftmark.

This despite the fact that at the moment on the Throne there is Rhaenys, the wife of Corlys, who takes her place. Furthermore, the Throne has already been assigned by Corlys himself to his nephew Lucerys: although the two spouses know that Rhaenyra's children are not Laenor's children, they still bear the surname Velaryon and therefore are considered their heirs.

Vaemond introduces himself to King's Landing to ask Viserys to assign him the Throne of Wood, as a pure Velaryon. But when the King reconfirms the decision he had already made, Vaemond gets nervous and heavily offends the King, the Princess and her children. At that point Viserys asks to have his tongue as punishment, while Daemon intervenes and directly cuts off his head with his sword.

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King Viserys I Targaryen

House of the Dragon - Viserys lying in bed dying

Since the first episode of House of the Dragon Viserys shows that he has health problems, initially attributed to some cuts caused by the Throne of Swords. The situation continues to worsen over the years, albeit gradually, while in the eighth episode we see the King who has now reached the end of his days.

Paddy Considine who plays the character, revealed that Viserys suffers from a particular form of leprosy: a disease that has weakened his bones and also induced premature aging; all accentuated also by the strong stress generated by the role of responsibility he holds. After a long suffering, at the end of the eighth episode of House of the Dragon Viserys he dies in his bed in solitude. 

Lyman Beesbury

House of the Dragon - Lord Beesbury points his finger with one hand and is leaning against the table with the other

After Viserys's death, in the ninth episode of House of the Dragon Alicent and Otto with the support of the Council, decide to elect Aegon, son of Viserys and Alicent, as the new king. Not all the members of the Council, however, agree, including the Master of Coin Lyman Beesbury; who has served the King for years and knows that this was not his will. In a fit of rage, Criston Cole bangs Beesbury's head on the table and kills him instantly. 

Lord Merryweather, Lady Fell and Lord Allun Caswell

House of the Dragon - Close-ups of Lord Merryweather, Lady Fell and Allun Caswell
Starting from the left Lord Merryweather, Lady Fell and Lord Allun Caswell

The Greens in their haste to elect Aegon as the new King before Rhaenyra finds out, they lock up the Red Keep and try to rally allies. Among those present at the appeal are Lord Merryweather and Lady Fell: both do not want to make perjury and therefore renew their loyalty to King Viserys and Rhaenyra. At that point Otto has them taken away by the soldiers to have them executed.

Also in the room is Allun Caswell, Lord of another house who had sworn allegiance to Rhaenyra. Immediately Caswell kneels like the others, to show loyalty to Aegon and avoid being killed. Once out of the room, Allun tries to get out of the Red Keep to go and warn the Princess of the ongoing betrayal. However, he is surprised by Larys Strong who has him immediately brought in the presence of Otto, who has him hanged.

Visenya Targaryens

House of the Dragon - Daemon and Rhaenyra standing by the fire
Daemon and Rhaenyra burning the body of their daughter Visenya

During the six-year time jump that occurs in the eighth episode of House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra and Daemon have two children and are expecting their third child. In the tenth episode of House of the DragonWhen Rhaenyra learns that her father Viserys has died and Aegon has been elected King, she feels ill and has a miscarriage. The child she carries in her womb is given birth already dead and before giving her the funeral, she is baptized as Visenya. 

Lucerys Velaryon


House of the Dragon - Lucerys standing still

In an attempt to defend themselves from the Greens, the Blacks led by Rhaenyra try to figure out who their allies are. In this situation, the Princess sends her two eldest sons, Jace and Luke, to the houses that are still neutral at the moment. Luke goes to the Baratheons but when he arrives on the spot, he finds King Aegon's brother, Aemond, who has already made a proposal to Lord Borros, who sided with the Greens. 

Aemond takes advantage of the meeting with Luke to claim a past wrong, due to which he had lost an eye. Luke tries to return home riding his dragon but Aemond chases him in flight: at a certain point the latter loses control of his dragon, which devours Luke along with his faithful winged friend.


House of the Dragon - Luke flies on his dragon Arrax

Arrax is the dragon of Lucerys "Luke" Velaryon. After accompanying his knight to the Baratheons, a storm is underway and the animal becomes nervous and does not respond well to Luke's commands. For this reason, while they are chased by Aemond riding Vhagar, one of the largest specimens ever, Arrax launches a blaze towards the enemy. Vhagar gets nervous and in turn no longer listens to Aemond's orders, so he ends up killing both Arrax and Luke. Arrax is the first of the dragons from House of the Dragon to die in the series.

The complete first season of House of the Dragon is available in streaming on Sky and NOW TV. Starting February 14, 2023, the first season of House of the Dragon will also be available in a Home Video version.

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