House of the Dragon, why doesn't a character die compared to the books?

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House of the Dragon cover, why doesn't a character die compared to the books?

In the TV series House of the Dragon each episode is full of twists that continually overturn the plot. Especially because of the numerous time jumps that carry the story forward with a pressing pace, which puts the audience in front of several accomplished facts together in a short time.

For anyone who has read the George RR Martin novels from which the series is based, most of the events are predictable because they are faithfully reproduced on the screen. However, when this does not always happen, the surprise effect is also guaranteed for readers. In the sixth episode of House of the Dragon, there was the departure of some characters that had some differences compared to the books, as you can read in our article House of the Dragon, what happens in episode 6


With the seventh episode released today, October 3, 2022, history repeats itself: in this case, however, not only is it an unexpected twist, but also an epilogue that could lead to future changes to the original story; as this time the character in question did not have a different death from the books, but instead survived his paper destiny.

Spoilers alert! Click to reveal In the sixth episode of House of the Dragon, Laena decides to be killed by her dragon because due to the complications of her third pregnancy, neither she nor the child she is carrying would survive. In the seventh episode of the series, all the members of the families involved are gathered to celebrate her funeral ceremony. At nightfall and away from prying eyes, Rhaenyra approaches Daemon and the two have a confrontation during which the Princess recalls what could have been between them all those years ago; later they get overwhelmed by a night of passion. The next morning, Rhaenyra makes a decision that she believes is the best for both of them: she asks Daemon to marry her so that their union, as pure Targaryens, can strengthen their families and also act as a shield to Alicent's aims.

At the moment, however, the Princess is already married to Laenor, who despite not being in love with her has still tried to be a good father and a good husband as much as possible. Precisely for this reason Rhaenyra wants Laenor to be able to lead the life he prefers and decides to leave him free to choose just like her. The couple along with Daemon and Ser Qarl Correy, Laenor's current secret lover, stage Laenor's death so that the two men can flee elsewhere to live their life together, in the same way as Rhaenyra and Daemon remained. "both" widowers will be free to marry. 

After being hired by Daemon, Ser Qarl shows up at Driftmark in the Velaryon residence and begins a duel with Laenor after making false accusations: while one of the servants runs to call for help, on offscreen (scene that does not appear in the episode). two accomplices take advantage of this to throw another man's corpse into the fire and then leave. When the guards arrive along with Laenor's parents, they believe that the man with the completely burned and unrecognizable head is their son and that his killer has run away in the meantime.

House of the Dragon - Laenor Velaryon's fake death
The burned corpse of the man who is passed off as Laenor

In Martin's books, however, Laenor actually dies at the hands of Ser Qarl, brutally murdered during a furious argument between the two of them. In House of the Dragon theoretically Laenor should never return, as if his deception were to come to light, there would be serious consequences for everyone. But at the same time the fact of having kept him alive could indicate only a momentary disappearance of the character. Or more simply, this modification to the original story served to show the difference in humanity between Rhaenyra, who frees her husband to be truly happy elsewhere, and Alicent, who was about to gouge out a child's eye just as a matter of pride.

House of the Dragon - Laenor's Escape
Laenor leaves by sea with comrade Qarl

House of the Dragon is visible on Sky Atlantic with one episode per week, as per calendar of the Sky and NOW TV releases.


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Author: Frances Musolino ,
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During these time jumps that occurred in the episodes of the TV series House of the Dragon, there have been weddings and new births that are not always easy to locate. Furthermore some of the protagonists of House of the Dragon change actors more than once. An action necessary to justify the physical growth of the characters, which takes place precisely during the time jumps of House of the Dragon.

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