House of the Dragon, another time jump is coming [TRAILER]

Author: Francesca Musolino ,
House of the Dragon cover, another time jump is coming [TRAILER]

The TV series House of the Dragon has reached its mid-season: the first season consists of ten episodes and on Monday 19 September 2022 the fifth episode was made available on Sky and NOW TV. In this first half of the season we have seen several time leaps between one episode and another in the series, but one of the longest and most novelty jumps is the one that will take place in the sixth episode of House of the Dragon in which the plot will be screened ten years later. 

All this is shown to us in the promo / trailer that anticipates what will happen from the sixth episode onwards: being anticipations, the video contains spoilers.


As can be seen from the trailer, over the course of this time span, in offscreen (events not shown in the series) there have been many changes not only in terms of the story, but also in the cast.

Passing of the baton for some actors

House of the Dragon - Olivia Cooke
Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower adult version

Up until the fifth episode of House of the Dragon, several characters in the series were children or teenagers and with the ten-year time jump that happens in the sixth episode, they inevitably grew up. For this reason, starting from the second half of the season, their role is played by other older actors.

One of the changes already announced from the beginning, as reported in our article The houses and the protagonists of House of the Dragon, is that of Rhaenyra and Alicent: the two respective current actresses, Milly Alcock and Emily Carey, are replaced by Emma D'Arcy e Olivia Cooke. Corlys' two sons and Rhaenys Velaryon also have a change of actors: Laena played by actress Savannah Steyn (and previously by Nova Foueillis-Mosé in a child version), gives the role to Nanna Blondell; Laenor played by Theo Nate (and child version by Matthew Carver) passes the baton to the actor John Macmillian.

New born and grown children

House of the Dragon - The Sons of Rhaenyra
Rhaenyra with two of her three children

In the first part of House of the Dragon, Alicent and Viserys have two children: Aegon who is three years old until the fifth episode and Helaena who is about one year old. In the trailer we see many grown-up children and even if for the moment it is difficult to distinguish them all, among them Aegon certainly stands out with his unmistakable blonde hair who trains with the sword, while his father watches him from the top of the castle. 

Also in the fifth episode of the series we witness the marriage between Rhaenyra and Laenor. Even if the two boys agree to maintain their former relationship and only make a facade union, Rhaenyra as the future queen must still continue the Targaryen dynasty with new heirs. In the trailer from the talks between Alicent and Viserys, it appears that Rhaenyra has even had three children over the past decade.


The only problem is that none of the children are blond and with the typical features of the Targaryen, although Rhaenyra is pure descendant of dragon's blood and Laenor is half so on her mother's side. Based on the prenuptial agreement between Rhaenyra and Laenor, being the latter homosexual it is clear that the Princess had extramarital affairs in order to be able to procreate heirs without arousing suspicion. But by betraying Valyrian blood, he has had the exact opposite effect and suspicions inevitably begin to circulate. In fact, in the trailer you can hear Alicent saying to Viserys at the 44th second:

Having one child like this is a mistake, having three is an insult.

The Queen intends that after the first born who is clearly not Laenor's son, from her point of view Rhaenyra should have had the good taste to stop.

The new Royal Council

House of the Dragon - Emma D'Arcy
Adult Rhaenyra sitting at the Council table

There are some news in the Viserys Council. Seated at the table with the men there are also Rhaenyra and Alicent who seem to make decisions like the Lords. From the speeches it is also understood that there are again problems at the Stepstones islands, the place that several years earlier Daemon had cleaned up from enemies by restoring trade by sea. In this regard, Alicent points out that since that time the islands have remained unprotected; therefore it was inevitable that sooner or later the problem would reappear.

Daemon and Laena

House of the Dragon - Laena and her children
Laena Velaryon with her children

In the fifth episode during the first celebrations for the wedding between Rhaenyra and Laenor, there is a certain rapprochement between Laena and Daemon. What at the time seemed to be an adventure of the moment, evidently turned into a real union: in fact, in the trailer we see Laena with a daughter next to her and another child that she carries in her womb. Following the 30th second, Laena tells Daemon:


We are the blood of Ancient Valyria.

It probably refers to the usual speech of heirs to the Iron Throne, as Daemon has always continued to have aims in this regard. But Corlys, Laena's father, also wanted his heir to the Throne as Velaryon.

In all this we also ascertain that Viserys is still alive after the illness he had during Rhaenyra's marriage and also Ser Criston, after his suicide attempt; both events shown in the fifth episode of the series.

House of the Dragon episodes are available on Sky Atlantic as reported the calendar of episodes of Sky and NOW TV.

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