HollyBlood on Netflix stages the Twilight parody

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The HollyBlood movie is a Netflix original production made in Spain. It is a comedy for teenagers that has very little horror.

The protagonists are students of a school where they had fucked some pupils years before. While the mystery remains unsolved, the local kids are very fascinated by vampire stories, especially since a film called HollyBlood is in vogue.


The girl protagonist is Sara who is convinced that she can find a real vampire to convince him to turn her into an undead, while Javi - in love with her - makes her believe that she is the famous vampire over a hundred years old Azrael, whom she is looking for.

By a series of lucky coincidences, Javi manages to make Sara believe she is Azrael, but in the meantime the real vampire starts following them. In addition to them there is also a boy, Diego, convinced that he can be a vampire slayer, who also tries to be popular on social media.


Javi and Sara's love affair begins on the night of the HollyBlood premiere. Although few scenes are seen, it is clear that this film presents itself as a rather poor parody of Twilight in which a werewolf and a vampire compete for the love of a girl. Outside the cinema, Javi luckily manages to save Sara, who was being crushed by a scaffolding. From here begins their relationship, however, built on a lie.

Is HollyBlood worth seeing or not?

Hollyblood - the protagonists of the film

The script of the Netflix movie is very classic and even if you try to offer the audience a non-trivial ending it cannot stand out from other bad vampire movies. These creatures of the night are represented in the most classic way possible but in reality they have no important role in the Netflix movie. Their existence is only useful for developing the plot between Sara and Javi.

So if you plan to see a horror movie, HollyBlood is not for you. If, on the other hand, you want a light, adolescent film with some funny jokes, mainly due to the YouTuber hunting for vampires, you can watch HollyBlood available in the Netflix programming.

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Nice but quite banal and not at all original.
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