New Prime Video Releases: What's New This Week [December 5-11, 2022]

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In the week of December 5 to 11, 2022, interesting content can be found on Prime Video. Subscribers to the platform will be able to see a romantic comedy, a film that narrates the adventures of a very particular teenager, two anime films from the Hunter X Hunter series and a special with Luca Argentero.

If you want to know what's new for the week of December 5 to 11 on Prime Video, you can read all the information in this article. You can find the Prime Video content releases below:


Who Framed Santa Claus? - Movie

Among the new releases this week on Prime Video is the film Who Framed Santa Claus?, directed by and starring Alessandro Siani. Together with the Neapolitan comedian in the cast there are also Christian De Sica, Diletta Leotta and Angela Finocchiaro.

The plot: Santa Claus welcomes Gerry Catalano, a scam specialist, among his North Pole workers. But Gerry was introduced by the elf Romeo, who, due to an alliance with the competitor company Wonderfast, wants to derail the noble enterprise of Santa Claus.

  • Why see it: If you love comedies with a Christmas setting, you can't miss the opportunity to see Alessandro Siani's interpretation.

When does Who Framed Santa Claus come out?

Among the news of the week of December 5 to 11 on Prime Video, Who Framed Santa Claus? goes out the 5 December.

Dad's Girlfriend - Movie

Massimo Boldi and Simona Ventura are the protagonists of the film Dad's girlfriend, released at the cinema in 2008.

The plot: Barbara and Matteo are a happy couple who live in Miami and Barbara is pregnant. The two are joined by Matteo's father and Barbara's mother, whose name is Angela. When the baby is born, Angela will have to reveal a secret.

  • Why see it: If you love Massimo Boldi and cinepanettoni, this is the film for you!

When does Daddy's Girlfriend come out?

Among Prime Video Releases Coming December 5-11, 2022, Comedy Dad's Girlfriend Out Monday December 5 2022.


The Christmas Castle - Movie

Castle Christmas is a 2019 Christmas romantic comedy set at the Shakespeare Chateau, Missouri.

The plot: Margot is an established pianist and returns to her parents' house to spend the Christmas holidays. As she rediscovers her passion for music, she meets Jackson aka her ex boyfriend.

  • Why see it: if Christmas is the right atmosphere for you to experience romance, in this film you will find just what you are looking for.

When does The Christmas Castle come out?

The romantic film The Christmas Castle is released on the Prime Video streaming platform the 5 December.

Easter Sunday - Movie

Easter Sunday is a comedy film starring Jo Koy, based on her real life experiences.

The plot: Koy plays Joe Valencia, a comedian struggling to establish himself in the sitcom world. One of his auditions turns out to be a disaster and, as if that weren't enough, makes him miss an important meeting that takes place in his son's school. To make up for it, he decides to take the whole family on a vacation to Dely City, California.

  • Why see it: because laughter is good for the spirit and Easter Sunday is a really funny comedy.

When does Easter Sunday come out?

Among Prime Video's week of December 5-11, 2022 releases, Easter Sunday drops the 5 December.

Is this the life I dreamed of as a child? - Special

Luca Argentero tells the stories of three Italian excellences, who have distinguished themselves in the world of sport. After the success of the theater show, Is this the life I dreamed of as a child? also arrives on Prime Video between the December releases.

Argentero is also part of the cast of Celebrity Hunted season 3, a series also available on the Prime Video platform.

The plot: Luca Argentero says that as a child he dreamed of becoming a great sportsman. Things went differently, but Argentero uses his personal experience to tell the stories of three very different great sportsmen. We are talking about Luisin Malabrocca, Walter Bonatti and Alberto Tomba, famous for very different sports which are respectively cycling, mountaineering and skiing.

  • Why see it: For those who love sport, it is a wonderful opportunity to listen to the fascinating stories of these characters, who, despite being different from each other, have all left a mark in the history of Italy.

When it comes out Is this the life I dreamed of as a child?

Among the Prime Video releases arriving from December 5 to 11, 2022, the special Is this the life I dreamed of as a child? is available to stream on Prime Video from Tuesday December 6 2022.


The Bad Guy - TV series

In December on Prime Video there is the novelty The Bad Guy, a TV series produced in Italy. Luigi Lo Cascio and Claudia Pandolfi are the protagonists of the TV series The Bad Guy (in Italian: The Bad Guy), a drama that also has elements of the comic and the grotesque. This new title follows the story of Nino Scotellaro, a magistrate who has spent his life fighting against the mafia.

The plot: Incredibly Nino, a magistrate by profession, ends up on trial as an alleged mafioso and is convicted. The protagonist agrees to serve his sentence, but will use the time he has to spend in prison to develop a plan of revenge against the state, abandoning the faith in justice that had always accompanied him.

  • Why see it: The TV series The Bad Guy is a candidate as the representative of the Italian flag in the world of serial entertainment. Could The Bad Guy be the TV series that brings the name of Italian productions to the top in the world?

When is The Bad Guy coming out?

The TV series The Bad Guy is released on the Prime Video streaming platform on December 8, 2022 with its first three episodes. The other three will be available on December 15th.

How many episodes does The Bad Guy have?

The Bad Guy TV series consists of six episodes.

A Gift from Tiffany - Movie

The romantic comedy of misunderstandings returns to the screen, starring Zoey Deutch. The actress is known to the general public for her role as Infinity in the TV series The Politician.

The plot: Rachel stays with Gary while Ethan stays with Vanessa. The two couples don't know each other but an unexpected meeting between Gary and Ethan in a famous Manhattan jewelry store changes their lives. In fact, an exchange of their gift bags leads Rachel to meet Ethan and to establish an unexpected connection with him.

  • Why see it: If you love romantic comedies based on misunderstandings, this is the film for you.

When does A Gift From Tiffany come out?

The film A Gift from Tiffany's is released on the Prime Video streaming platform Friday December 9 2022.

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Hawa - Movie

Among the news of the week on Prime Video is a heartwarming French film with a very particular leading actress. The film is called Hawa and the lead actress is Sania Halifa.

The plot: Hawa is 15 years old and lives alone with her sick grandmother. Her dream is to be adopted by a famous woman who she greatly admires.

  • Why see it: because the story of this young teenager looking for affection is very fascinating. Hawa has such a distinctive look that it will definitely make an impression.

When does Hawa come out?

Among the releases of the week of December 5 to 11, 2022 on the Prime Video platform, the film Hawa is released the 9 December.

Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge - Animated film

If you are a fan of the Japanese animated TV series Hunter X Hunter you are probably waiting with trepidation for the two films produced in 2013 or Phantom Rouge and The Last Mission. Both films are released in the week of December 5 - 11, 2022 on the Prime Video platform and in chronological order the first to see is Phantom Rouge.

The plot: The four protagonists are Killua, Gon, Kurapika and Leorio. They have to face the dangerous enemy Omokage, who used to belong to the Kuruta Clan but is now part of the criminal organization Phantom Brigade.

  • Why see it: Japanese anime fans can't miss the Hunter X Hunter saga!

When does Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge come out?

The animated film Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge is released on the Prime Video streaming platform Saturday December 10 2022.

Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission - Animated film

After watching Phantom Rouge, Prime Video subscribers can continue with the next animated film in the saga, namely The Last Mission. This film was also released in Japanese cinemas in 2013, like the previous one.

The plot: Leorio is attacked and injured by mysterious men. Killua and Gon discover that there is a new Hunter Association group using the evil power called On. Will the heroes be able to stop the group of villains known as the Shadow?

  • Why see it: after watching Phantom Rouge, it's a pleasure to continue with the next movie immediately!

When does Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission come out?

Among the releases of the week of December 5 to 11 of Prime Video, the animated film Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission is expected Saturday December 10.

Cover images from The Bad Guy and A Gift From Tiffany produced by Amazon Studios and Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge produced by Nippon Television.

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